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SIMGallery is the TRUE community-driven gallery. Integrated seamlessly with JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder, and JomWall - JS, ES, CB, JW - it allows your users to create and manage their own albums, photos and videos. SIMGallery mirrors the gallery feature of Facebook EXACTLY! Browsing is as easy as using the arrow keys.

Key features:
- Supported media: Photos, Profile Pictures, Videos, Wall photos/videos
- Upload/link videos
- Remote storage (Amazon S3)
- Advanced access settings
- Multiple profile pictures management (optional)
- Categories (optional). Search albums/photos based on categories
- Tag media, post comments, like media, like comments, report media, set photo as profile picture, download photos, set access levels etc etc
- 3 different types of tags: tags of users, custom tags, and keyword tags (that can be set in the configuration). If you have keyword tags set, users can search for media based on these tags.

Combine categories with keywords for a truly powerful community gallery! Eg. Categories: Houses, Condos and Apartments; Keywords: 2-room, 3-room, refurbished, new. SIMGallery will now display meaningful search results. Allows you to run specific themed websites for real estate, pets, model agency, photography etc or just general community. The sky's the limit!

SIMGallery can be used standalone without the need for JS/ES/CB/JW. However, if you're integrating with them, there are 2 levels of integration:

Level 1) Post new activities on JW/ES's wall, JomWall, and CB Activity. Also post notifications for JS and ES users. SIMGallery will remain its own separate gallery, while your users will still be able to use JS/ES's gallery. Useful if you need a community gallery with category features.

Level 2) SIMGallery will completely take over JS/ES's photo and/or video gallery (ES does not have videos, so SIMGallery fixes that). All links to JS/ES's gallery will be redirected to the relevant SIMGallery links. SIMGallery will automatically create a new Wall Photos album for every user and display wall photos in them! Your users can continue to post wall photos or videos on JS/ES, and they will be linked to SIMGallery.

SIMGallery allows admins to set 2 types of user group permissions:

1) Admins - able to browse all media in the frontend regardless of the media's access level. They can also delete media in the frontend.

2) Media - Media users can create albums and upload photos/videos. Instead of all registered users, you can limit this to particular user group(s).

SIMGallery comes with 4 modules: the Albums module, Photos module, Videos module and Ranking module. These modules are super highly configurable, and the Ranking module even allows you to run contests on your website.

It also comes with JS, ES and CB plugins that will display a user's latest albums, photos or videos on their profiles.

It's IMPOSSIBLE to describe everything here! Please check the documentation for full description.

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Reviews: 1
Please note, the above review of Simgallery does not reflect the software or quality of service.

The webhosting provider was unavailable for 10 hours due to a Large Ddos attack on the network. This has been rectified now and security measures have been put in place to stop this issue from happening again.

We hope you enjoy this joomla extension.
Reviews: 53
I just purchased this component and the first time my customer tried to use it, they couldn't. The reason is this product communicates with the IONO licensing server (which I suspected) and if the authors site is down (which it is right now), your gallery is offline.

Until this licensing server tie-in is removed, this product has a lot of risks for production servers. I know this author is fearful his software is going to be compromised but, putting legitimate customers site at risk of not working is a poor business decision. I would look at another solution if this is unacceptable to you.

I will have to start looking for another solution again and that's too bad since this plugin integrates so well with CB and has some good modules. Another upside to this product is the uploader, which is first class! I will also check on refunds.

What led me to figure this out is my customers site started getting the dreaded IE7 Cannot open site XXX errors. When I went into the component in the admin, I thought it was a corrupted key.php error so I deleted the key.php from the server as the instructions on the site says to do.

"Everytime you update your license key, or update your domain/IP, you may have to delete the key.php file to continue. key.php located in /components/com_simgallery/"

This is what I did and not I get the error:
SIMGallery License Error: Unable to communicate with iono (i.e. I verified this by digging into the server logs.

As of this writing, the authors server is still offline and so is my customers gallery.
Owner's reply

This happened because my host was under ddos attack and was down for 16 hours. This is also the first time and only time such an unfortunate incident happened, and I am currently looking at other hosting options.

Do note that the license checking process is done only once every 10 days, so there is actually little chance of it occurring.

I am disappointed that you hadn't tried to contact me directly, instead of opting to write in a review for a problem that wasn't my fault. In any case, such incidents are pretty rare, and the host has already looked into the matter.

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