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Rokin Gallery Component

The Rokin Gallery is a Joomla image gallery that displays images stored on your Google Picasa Web Gallery, Flickr or images located on your website. Rokin Gallery is a flexible solution and is easy to setup and maintain. Rokin gallery is build up by modules (Extension/addon's) which you can install and use with the click of a button to suite your likings with an easy to use interface.

Rokin Gallery now comes bundled with all developed add'ons available so no longer seperate installs!

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Reviews: 6
it looks great, and i'm really impressed for the reviews of this extension, but i cannot use it well for flickr and i cannot find enough infos in the documentation page...
I also tryed to contact the developper, but the mail form in his website does not works properly and so this is the only way i can use to contact him...
Reviews: 4
this is extension is good since it is free. it fetch all my photo from picasa and i am happy with that, Thankz to developer for this nice work.
but i have encounter a problem with the lightbox thing when i click on picture it open two times in lightbox one after another overlapping each other.
Reviews: 1
Very good plug-in and it is obvious the developer has put in a great deal of work but I don't see how it could be used for group photo galleries. This is not a live feed and the administrator needs to manually go in and "refresh" to include new photos. so if one of the group member uploads photos to the group web album they would need to wait until the administrator remembers to refresh...
Reviews: 2
Many thanks for making this excellent component freely available. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. I have been using it on two non-profit sites for the past 6 months and it works very well. I display Picasa and Flickr galleries with no problems.
Reviews: 1
Hello this componet is great , but I have one sugery, it is that the component load images with extention .jpg but if the image have extention JPG (Upper) it don't load. I solve changing the file adm_local_file_gallery.php add a the array in lines 43 and 55 ".JPG"

PD : Sorry for mi bad english :( Gracias :)
Reviews: 2
to connect a photo gallery Picasa is perfect
Reviews: 1
I really enjoy this component. I would very appreciate if there would be possibility to select one Picasa gallery as a component target. It would be great if i could set e.g. 2 different galleries under two different menu items.
However - thank you for many time spending on development :)
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review, this is possible check the FAQ's here

Reviews: 1
This is a very powerful extension and the installation was going very smoothly.

I especially like the Lightbox Slide Gallery with its flickr-like style, also for integrated picasa galleries. Of course, the gallery overview could be improved by not relying on the simple view with the blue background...
But more importantly, I am missing the picture captions (comments)... Any updates expected?
Owner's reply

Some views do support captions but not all. There is a comments addon but does not support the comments from picasaweb, this might be a good addon on for a future release. Updates are expected but I don't think it will be released this year, hopefully as early as 1st qtr 2010. It is a major release with a lot more core functionality like search, paging and image size all in the core so not for each individual addon. Also each addon can be used on every level in the gallery(ie gallery album photo stage). Thanks for the review. Kind Regards Alex Jonk

Reviews: 3
Easy to install and works great. I gave it a good and not great because you cannot search photos and the design is pretty weak. But That may not have been the emphasis of this extension.
Reviews: 1
The Gallery works perfectly.
To bad private albums are not supported by default but there are 2 options in which you can use them.
1 is a workaround and 1 is a code change.

Make you album public in picasa, load the gallery in rokin. Put the album on private in picasa.
You album will show in joomla because rokin is using the file links they are the same when a album is public or private.

The Code Change:
I made a change to the code that it can read private albums.
But there are requirements:
Zend Framework/Libraries must be installed on the server.
You must add the password of you gmail acount to after the username with a | in rokin like this: [user]|[password]

So when you are the only one that has access to admin console you can use this.
What my code change does it uses the zend libraries to connect to picasa.
I did not have time to make the passwordt hidden in some other way.

If the original maker of rokin (Alex Jonk) want the code please let me know, I'll send it to ya.
Reviews: 3
After years and years of joomla'ing I've never been so astonished by an extension as this one. Ten thumbs up, works out of the box, easy to install, fetch the manual, get things done & working.

Thumbs up!!!! (Dutch: meesterwerk!)
Reviews: 3
Works well out of the box and its easy to setup. I need to spend some more time with it to learn how all the features work but overall I'm happy with it.
Reviews: 3
This comp works great! if you don't want to host images on your server, use picasa and install this comp, then add the sub-extension for photo comments, and you'll have a photo gallery on your website.

Works like a charm. Thanks!
Reviews: 3
Had high hopes for this module especially with all the positive reviews. Installed it on a clean install of Joomla after having no luck with my development site. Same result .... completely white page.... Several other users in the forums have had a similar result. We have all logged forum requests over the last 2 months with absolutely no replies, even from other users. The community around this product seems to have gone elsewhere..... Such a shame as there is no competitor to this component....
Owner's reply

Sorry you had a bad experience with the support. Because of the amount of messages on the forum I'm not in a position where I can help everybody. I would not be able to breathe if I did so. If you want help other than from the community, either contact me through the contact form or even hire support if it's not fast enough for you likings. But an experience is an experience, thank you for sharing yours. Kind regards Alex Jonk, Pageworks

Reviews: 4
Running a community website, looking for a Photo Gallery and this has lots of additional features all in the one box so to speak.

Had to manually install CoolIris 3D Wall albums Addon then drop crossdomain.xml file into public_html directory. ( Code provided in first time access to 3Dwall )

Very easy to configure and have to say a big Dank u wel to the Page works guys for making this available.
Reviews: 4
this is exactly what I was looking for.

interfaces with google's picassa web galleries withe se. The back end interface is great, and it is well worth your while to get the cool wall working. It runs surpisingly fast.

the extensions are usefull, unfortunately not too many of them work in conjunction with the cool wall flash feature. i am really impressed with this extension.
Reviews: 2
Best option available until now to show your Picasa webalbums on your Joomla website. The Jondesign slider subextension is the most elegant option here to display the pictures. Drawback: this subextension takes some time loading and isn't configurable (for example autoplay, backgound color etc).
Actually I'm anxiously waiting for a similar bridge to picasa webalbums with a Flickr-style slider...
Reviews: 1
I downloaded for my personal site, even though I had to manually upload the extensions, it was wasy and just plain worked...looks great!
Reviews: 5
This is such a well written component. I'm very impressed with the ease of installation and configuration. The speed of image display is exceptional. Then, to top it off, the creator has made the component modular so it's easy to add additional features as desired. Super work!
Reviews: 3
if you dont want big spaces to clutter on you website because of your high resolution photos... in pair with the picasa by google, this component is the best solution available to joomla. looking forward for the future improovements!
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