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DatsoGallery help you to quickly and without much effort create a multi-functional photo gallery with ability to sell pictures via PayPal. Component incredibly simple and easy to use with a pleasant interface. The component contains variety of useful functions, such as:

- Fully responsive!
- Ability to sell photos directly from the gallery via PayPal
- Ability to translate title/description of categories/images directly from a component "Good-bye Joomfish, hello native language translator!"
- Unlimited categories/subcategories
- Joomla! ACL support
- Members categories (users can create their own categories in front-end)
- Custom color management
- Auto meta generator
- Jomsocial Integration
- Jomsocial avatar support
- Community builder avatar support
- Kunena avatar support
- Gravatar support
- GeoTagging
- EXIF support
- IPTC/XMP support
- SEF URL's Advanced (Native)
- Social Bookmarking
- Comments
- Tags
- Block by IP
- Rating by IP
- Organization of competitions
- Captcha
- Email notifications
- Recommendation to email
- Search by image author, name and description
- Watermark
- Slideshow
- Image downloads (Original and different resolutions)
- Favorites
- User front-end uploads
- Multiple front-end uploads
- Multiple back-end uploads
- Chunked uploads front-end / back-end
- Back-end batch FTP import
- Multilingual support and more...

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Reviews: 1
Hi. I subscribed for this extension for a month. At the beginning I felt happy.

The component is quite complete. Modules are fair enough. I miss translations, however I bought it knowing that. Then, why I'm dissapointed?:

I have installed in three different hostings and uplolading files DOES NOT work at all in any of them. I have to use the FTP way, and also my customers. That is a nasty way to do it. The error message is in all of them the same: Error: Invalid file extension: undefined. However the extension is properly defined. In fact, the uploading system works for some days, and, suddenly... bye, bye.

Other options are good. Modules are ok. Integration with social networks also fine. But, what about upload images, the main feature expected to work properly? Finally, there is not a forum where search answers for anything. Support is under poor level.
Owner's reply


I just checked availability of tickets containing Invalid file extension from January 2011 to present day. There are no results, even similar. This means that you never reported this issue via support center. Report issues at and you will get the necessary assistance.


Andrey Datso

Reviews: 1
Plugin's not work with K2
Owner's reply


If you mean DatsoPic plugins, they were originally designed for the Joomla core content system. About compatibility with K2 and/or other third-party content extensions is not mentioned anywhere.


Reviews: 23
After reading some bad review, I was in dilemma to purchase product. After some presale question with Andrey I qot quick and clear response and I buy subscription for one month. I have small problem with upload pictures from frontend, and Andrey resolve express my problem.
PRO: Great and nice looking component, with lot of possibilities
CONS: No discount on renewal for one month subscription
Reviews: 1
I purchased the Datso Gallery about 2 weeks ago but only started to work with it yesterday. I never wrote a review before and after reading some of the comments here I thought I had to publicly give some credit to Andrey Datso who really deserves it.

Datso is by far the best gallery component I ever had, and this is not an exaggeration. I bought the premium account for one month, and I honestly felt bad after that looking at the amount of work the publisher has put on this excellent component. I thought that 20 Euros are really nothing if you look at what you get. This is the kind of work where you feel that the publisher really deserves to get rewarded with more money for his work.

1) Datso gallery is packed with features and options that let you do just about anything. The description list on this page is exactly what you get.
2) Yes you have to «play» a bit to discover all what you can do as you have so many options. But to me, that’s a great advantage to have all this possibilities. Although I’m more a designer than a Joomla pro, I did not encounter any problem. Everything is clear and to answer some comments here, I personally didn’t need any extra documentation.
3) As I mentioned before, being a designer made me appreciate even more the quality of this component. Let me just say that this is the first time I did not have to do any change on the CSS files. Everything to me was just perfect. Clean and neat. What a change!

Mr Datso, congratulations and keep up your excellent work! Some of us really appreciate your efforts.
Reviews: 2
This is an excellent component that does what it says. Like with everything else there are a few things that needs improving but these have been covered in some posts below.

Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
1. Do you like to pay only the advertised price for a product without any additional fees?
2. Do you expect that a paid component should work well out of the box?
3. Do you like to start working productively with a component just after installing it?
4. Do you like well documented software?
5. Do you like self-explanatory button labels, settings and hints in good english language quality?
6. Do you want to sell different resolutions and sizes of a picture and not only the original file size?
7. Do you expect 1 full month support when you buy a subscription for 1 month?
8. Do you like to see full functionality before purchasing a product?
9. Do you like to test a component with its settings, parameters and functions before buying it?
10. Do you like user forum where you can find answers and help?

If you say YES to any of these questions above, do not buy this product.

I installed DatsoGallery on two different servers of two different hosting providers in Switzerland and Germany, one with cPanel, one with Confixx. In both cases there was only a plain fresh standard version of joomla! installed plus one login module (rizlogin), I used only the joomla! standard templates. In both cases I experienced exactly the same issues and troubles.

- At first you have to buy a subscription (1 month at least) and pay extra fee for payment system. So I had to pay in the end 21,07 for a one month subscription of 20.00.
- The component did not work after installing. It was not possible to upload any picture. The support said it was because of a jQuery conflict between DatsoGallery and rizlogin. Would be nice if there were any FAQ or knowledge base for cases like that. That could have saved many hours or even days of standstill and waiting.
- There is no knowledge base
- There is no documentation
- The FAQ section is poor (only 3 questions and all of them are about paying and downloading products)
- The Tooltipps were not displayed correctly on Joomla! standard template JA_Purity. They did not work at all.
- Also the modules DG Ultimate Module and DG Slideshow did not work well: some parameters did not behave as expected (for example the "count" parameter): the number of displayed images did not match the number entered in "count", the slideshow started at unexpected position (7 of 16 ... though it contained only 10 pictures!) and displayed wrong numbers.
- You must contact support via ticketsystem (no eMail support)
- After writing a support ticket a lot of patience and trust is required: you must grant the developer Andrey Gatso admin access to your joomla site as well as ftp access to your server so that he can fix everything
- All in all it took 14 days and lots of hours of testing, reporting issues and waiting for answers and bugfixing until all worked and ran the way it should be. Still I miss some important things:
- The english language version is poor and in some cases misleading or even wrong. So you have to ask the support for each "how to do" and every unclear word. Example: the button next to the dropdown selection menu of the resolutions says "Download original image without watermark" but this is not the real function of that button! In reality this button simply lets you download the image in the selected size (not always original size and not always without watermark, that depends on settings!)
- You cannot protect small or medium images neither watermark them, because the developer thinks that they "have no value".
- The online demonstration Gallery shows online functionality of free downloads. Do not make the mistake to believe that you will meet the same functionality when you want to sell your pictures!
- If you provide FREE downloads of your images, the user can select the size of the downloaded picture (6 hard coded sizes are available). But if you want to SELL your images, nobody can select size anymore. The moment you enter a price for a picture, the dropdown selection list for size disappears and only one button appears. The Tooltipp starts with the word "This image is paid ..." which is obviously wrong because nobody did pay anything at that moment so far. This is the first irritating issue of the shop function. I asked the developer which size the paid downlad will be. Answer: "The originals, I think."
- Browsing/navigating through the gallery is somewhat long-winded, especially in large galleries with many categories and subcategories and cannot be customized.
- The last four facts above are not mentioned anywhere in the demo gallery, nor can they be seen or testet anywhere before purchasing. You learn them only after purchasing (or in this review).
- After the developer "fixed" some issues on my site, he was the "owner" of all my recent picture categories. I asked him how to change the owner of a category so that I can get my categories back. The answer: "Do not complicate it, just remove all images and categories, after create categories from your name and re-upload images."
- I wanted to know how he fixed some of the issues. The answer: "You do not need to know these details."
- The support did not answer all my questions.
- Some answers of the support are very hard to understand and on the other side I often had the impression that he did not understand me. It seems to me like the support does not really know english. That makes communication hard and time expensive.
- After confrontating the developer with his deficits and my discontent, he refused to support me anymore and tried to force me to never use his products ever again. I paid for 1 month support but he canceled that after 2 weeks, did refund my money, deleted my account and blocked my IP. I did not ask for money back, he just kicked me out instead of providing good support and trying to understand and satisfy his customer. That is worst business practice.
Owner's reply

Mme Guger,

Thanks for the "excellent" review and evaluation, but I sincerely hope that you'll find in the ranks of Joomla Extensions a gallery that will be relevant to the functional of shutterstok or istockphoto you are strongly demanded from me after you made ​​the payment for the subscription. All my products are released "AS IS" and requiring that you think the "missing" functionality, I repeat, it is absolutely unacceptable and immoral.

It's like you bought the MacBook, and the next day return to the seller with the requirements to exchange MacBook to MacBook Pro for the same price, because you think that the MacBook is incomplete.

I have a refutation for almost everything that you said here, but I have not enough time to fighting with you.

And finally, my last name is Datso.

All the best.

Reviews: 15
These people don't reply to any emails and don't even bother to answer any support queries. The extension does the job but I'll rather buy something from someone else if you require support. The extension is not so easy to understand and I have trouble getting the categories to display properly.
Owner's reply


I'm sorry, did you use email to get support? If so, it is normal that you get no response because support via email rigidly ignored. If you are a customer, please use the Support Center on our website and you will get answer quickly. Thank you.

Reviews: 2
Awesome extension! Datso Gallery is on a level far above other photo gallery extensions I've tried and used. Configuration is relatively easy, with a few minor "gotchas" that you'll need to learn as you go. The configuration is more complicated than other gallery extensions, but only because the feature set is huge in comparison to others.

Installation went relatively smoothly, and support was good to help resolve issues.

- Best feature set of any gallery extension I've seen
- Looks fantastic out-of-the-box
- Good support
- Nice array of modules offered with gallery extension

- Not a very clear separation of structure and code on some pages
- Uses Shadowbox for image pop-ups: Shadowbox is configurable, but only in a limited way. Making structural changes was a huge pain!
- Default gallery user menu is not obvious and needs customization
- Why is the search box so small?!

Thank you!
Reviews: 1
First of all, some of the reviews that have been mentioned by others are hard for me decipher, or just plain wrong. How can you give something that someone has put such time and effort into developing TWO stars, w/out a decent explanation?

The one caveat that needs to be addressed before I go into detail is that this extension is probably best for the following users: 1. People who have a decent understanding of styling if you want to make it one of a kind. This can be said for ANY large gallery component, most of which (e.g. Phoca, JoomGallery, etc.) terribly ugly styling out of the box. 2. People who want to integrate their gallery w/ JomSocial, Kunena, or Community Builder.

If you meet these two criteria, then this component is second to none.


The uploading is fast and flawless. It is handled automatically based upon the user's browser compatibility. It will use Google Gears, HTML5, or Flash. You can also batch import by zipping a whole directory of images, and uploading to FTP (which, is SIGNIFICANTLY faster than just dragging those files and having them upload individually, as FTP is suited for larger/fewer files)

The back-end is much simpler than other galleries.

Nested Categories, many sorting options, category access restrictions, upload restrictions, etc.

Picture management is great. The structure is similar to Phoca/Joom, but the image previews are shown onmouseover, which makes for a more pleasing management IMO. Thumbnails, and different image sizes are generated seamlessly without you ever knowing, and there is never corruption or memory errors. This in stark contrast to Joom/Phoca. Pictures can be sorted in many ways: by category, # of hits, # of downloads, rating, order, date, status, price, etc.

Fantastic and simple integrated comment system! Comments can be managed via the backend easily.

Ability to vote on images, save them a favorites, download them at full resolution, edit (for uploader/admin). All of this is customizable.

Original images can be protected by .htaccess (good for people who aren't familiar w/ this). Can be downloaded w/ watermark, or can be sold.

Built in sales! I haven't tested this functionality, but I will soon be deploying this on a client's site (it's 95% finished), but even the fact that it exists is a big plus. Options like this usually have to custom built or at least custom adapted.

Several useful modules included. Ultimate module allows many display options. The new slideshow module is not living up to its potential, but it has a lot of promise.

Active development. This component is being actively developed. New versions and features seem to be added at an impressive rate.

Competitively priced. For the site I am implementing this on, I originally tried SimGallery. While SimGallery is great code, it doesn't have many of the features that I needed, especially the ability of users to upload into a series of set categories. SimGallery is basically a knock-off of Facebook's photo sharing. Albums have no categorization nor the ability to do so. SG is also NOT GPL in any way. It's ionCubed, which is a pain (it's also why you don't see it on So it does less, it's more restrictive and it costs more.

The new (1.9) templating system is a big addition. Although I developed a custom template before this upgrade, I wish I hadn't. This update changed many of the elements, separated all the core elements into a base CSS, and broke off all the main styling attributes to a separate stylesheet. This is a better use of styling, but more importantly, it allows for much easier creation of custom themes.

The claim that this component cannot be styled is demonstrably false, and I can only assume that the user who posted this simply does not possess the knowledge to do so. I created a fully custom dark/semi-transparent theme for every aspect of this component in about a day.

Now some cons.

First, most of it is table-based. This is not divergent from other galleries, and the reasons are obvious. Dealing w/ positioning things like a large custom grid of pictures and text is very challenging w/ div-based setups, especially if it has to be dynamically controlled. I don't take off points for this.

A really stellar component should have a class or id on nearly every element, and this component leaves a number of them out. The solution is to wade through the PHP and add your own element ids/classes to allow for better styling control. Some things use inline styling, which, obviously is not good practice.

On the comments page there is built-in functionality to click on the image-submitter's name/avatar and go to their Kunena (via backend setting) or JomSocial (default) profile. Strangely, although there is a nice CB plugin to show the user's uploads (My Gallery tab), there is no built-in functionality for it to link to the user's CB profile from Datso Gallery. This effectively makes Datso a one-way street w/ CB. You can get from a user's profile to their images, and then to datso, but you can't browse datso, and get to the CB profile.

I am in the process of modifying/coding this, but it should be a built-in function, without a doubt.

Feature requests:

The only thing SimGallery has on Datso is Ajax. The Datso experience, especially on the details page, would be stunningly seamless with the addition of ajax browsing.

The slideshow module that was just release is poor. There are plenty of models out there to build a slideshow on, and I can only assume that this (being just released) is in a budding stage of development.

In summary, this gallery has a ton to offer, and the polish and feature-set continues to grow. I have deep experience w/ many galleries, and this one is by far the best for a social experience.
Reviews: 2
As others have mentioned this product is ok out of the box.

What isn't clear about this product is that any customisation is not accessible as the template and style sheet is not editable on your own host. The downloaded product is just the coding.

The latest version 1.9 allows backend multply choice to change colours but that is ALL.

Support for the product is near none exist and difficult to get. No forum, no ticketing system, only email.

Its a great native joomla gallery, but if you are interested in templating it or customising it then you'll be quite disappointed as it is not possible.

However if your happy with the general greys and white then its perfect for a site that just wants hassle free photo management.
Owner's reply

Dear Riddick,

Thank you for your review, but with some things, I must disagree with you. Customer support was, is and will be. Most of the customers are very satisfied with the support and products, and you say the opposite.

Probably you have never treated to Support Center at, based on ticketing system and/or you do not know about its existence, or are you referring to the support via email, that is ignored. So please, do not mislead others regarding support, because it is not true.


Reviews: 5
Everything i loved about this component except that it missed out a big & very useful feature: ability to allow the visitor to download the photo in different resolution/sizes! Eg.: 1024*768, 1600*1200 etc.. A download option with 'Available resolutions' would be very much appreciated. User-friendliness of Datso is more than every other photo galleries. Rest is all cool functions with lots of eye candy! Everyone will love this. =)

Mr. Andrey Datso should consider 'Resolution/sizes' in the next coming-up versions of Datso Gallery. I'm looking forward to it. It will be very useful for a photo(stock)/wallpaper/Poster sites and it will boost the sales. Thanks. =)
Reviews: 2
I used this component a few years back but moved away from it - although I can't remember exactly why.

My main reason for choosing this gallery over some of the others out there was the uploading interface - it's nice and simple but has some powerful features (like uploading a single zip file full of images) and can be used from both frontend and backend.

The support I have received has been great with my questions being answered well within 24 hours - I even received a reply with an updated file on Christmas Day (not sure if developer celebrates though).

The main con for me is that it is hard to template with the design buried inside the code but the developer has assured me this is being addressed in an upcoming release.

There are lots of other features that I have requested - tags, person tagging, google maps, custom fields etc which would benefit me and probably some others but the basics are there which is the main thing.
Reviews: 2
Datso gallery showed alot of promise with the features as presented on the demo. Unfortunately when trying to move an album category in the admin it would not work. I contacted the Andrey Datso and instead of being provided a working copy of datso I received a demand of another 20 euros + for ongoing support to fix the issue.

Moving album categories is a basic function which should be working as promised in the initial delivery of the software. The developer has a responsibility to deliver a fully functional and working copy of the software on delivery.
Owner's reply

Dear sanjiovani,

You paid for a subscription to premium account for one month, which include the following:

- 30 days full access to download commercial products and updates, if they are released during your active subscription
- 30 days access to the center of the individual customer support based on ticket system (24/24 & 7/7)
- lifetime license to use all downloaded products without restrictions to domains

All above listed for 20 euros only. Is it really so expensive?

My English is very bad, so I use all tools available to me to clear out with customer to ensure he remained satisfied with the products and support. To give an answer to one question, I takes an average of 15-30 minutes, because the translation tools are not perfect, like everything else in our lives and I need to make additional adjustments to the translations that the client was able to understand what I say. I hope you understand now that this is a difficult and I want to receive compensation for my work. For this reason, dear, I say to you via email, that you should renew your expired subscription to get support, as well as dowload new products again.

Let me remind you, you had 30 days to identify problems in the products, though, mainly because of problems in different servers settings. You have asked a questions and I solved it for you via ftp that you gave me to not bother you.

In short, yesterday you wrote a second letter and I, having access to your FTP, corrected SQL query in the corresponding function. Immediately after, I answered to you.

Reviews: 2
... there are some things missed.

It's a very simple to use and the upload-functionality is very great. It has all, what good gallery nees.

But still, there are some little useful things missed, like menu-functionality to set up menu-links to every gallery and the use of the itemid for active menu-highligtening. Some seo-optimization. Template-based modeling.
The support is very fast and proffesional.
Reviews: 1
This is really a rock solid gallery. One of the reasons this gallery separates itself from the others is it looks great, and when you're displaying photos this is critical. Also, the front end upload feature is the best I've seen. Sometimes you get what you pay for and this is one of those times!
Reviews: 2
Very nice component. After trying some free galeries, this one is the greatest I've ever seen !! And the support is very very rapid and effective.
Hardly recommanded !!
Reviews: 8
I've looked at several Joomla galleries so that my users can upload and manage their own photos. They all have their own quirks. Ignite is over complicated, JoomGallery doesn't work with all templates, Phoca has bad navigation, and RSGallery2 is a dead project.

Then I found DatsoGallery.

This gallery and its modules have a clean, elegant and easy to use layout. It's updated often, and is constantly improving and adding new features. Plus, I use this on more than one website and, so far, it's liked all of my templates.

Currently, the only front end function that it is missing is user album creation (which must be done in the back end). However, Andrey Datso has assured me that this will be implemented in the future as the component is made to be fully MVC compliant.

Anyone who says this component lacks support clearly hasn't used the system in place. Submit any issues that you have on the DatsoGallery website through a simple contact form. I've rarely ever had to wait more than one day for a response. And if you think about it, that is a faster turnaround time than getting a reply on a support forum for a free product. Plus, any bug reports I've submitted have often resulted in a new release within that very same week (as opposed to what usually happens, someone gives you a snippet of code and expects you to patch it yourself).

My latest experience, which prompted me to post this review, was a DatsoGallery navigation issue. But in reality, the problem was with my site template. Andrey made a fix to my template the very next day and the problem was solved. Not many devs will go to such lengths to make sure that their customers are happy. Most will tell you that if it's your template, it's your problem. But that's not the case here.

DatsoGallery is a paid component, but the price is reasonable and you actually get good customer service. I see myself using this gallery for a very long time.
Reviews: 5
I rate very good because it lacks capability to provide users permissions to create their own categories. Also, it lacks an spanish language at least for front-end. The CB tab module is supposed to be released next week.

Overall very clean and neat.
Reviews: 1
Works right out of the box. Had questions and they were answered promptly. Multiple options to suit your needs makes this component the best one I've ever used. Thank you
Reviews: 1
If you intend to pay for this product and you're 100% sure you can handle the code without help & support from the author so maybe this gallery component will be good for you (if t works).

From my personal experience the support isn't well and isn't responsive, way to expensive and unfortunately you just can't publish these days a commercial component and don't do effort for your customers.

I recommend checking Phoca, ignite or JoomGallery.
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