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SPGM for Joomla! Component

SPGM (Simple Picture Gallery Manager) is a very old picture gallery written long before Joomla. It is no longer being developed, so we have taken it over and integrated it into Joomla with our own administrative back-end.

SPGM is light-weight, fast, and stable. By today's standards it is "old-fashioned" - it doesn't use lightboxes or animation effects, although it does have a Javascript slide-show. It's fast and can be configured in many different styles. It may be old but it still has a place on some sites.

Front-end features include:

* Fully responsive
* Supports jpg, png, and gif images
* Gallery/picture captioning including multi-language captioning
* Infinite sub-galleries
* Several sort options for both pictures and galleries
* Random or fixed thumbnails for gallery lists
* Optional new pictures highlighting
* Can optionally show Exif data
* Slideshow mode
* Optional automatic drop-shadows around thumbnails and pictures
* Many options for controlling layout and behaviour

The back-end features multi-file uploads, resize on upload, automatic thumbnail generation, creation and renaming of galleries, caption editing, front-end configuration, etc.

The PDF user guide explains everything in detail.

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Reviews: 1
hi ,
Thank you for extensions good.
It was very nice to give you a demo of the extensions :)
Reviews: 1
I´am working with this extension since a few months.
The first Installation was very easy, the documentation in User Guide and in the configuration files are fine.
One week ago I did an update to last version and it works great.
I got a small Problem with the Extension but I got quick Help from the Developer and they help me to fix it.
In my opinion this is a very great extension with a high value for myself. Thank you for it.
Reviews: 1
So Close to Top notch rating. I see people below complaining about the 'old' feel of the gallery, well thats what this is, the developer makes no mistakes about it and I love it, its well notated in the code and easy to edit, if your comfortable with editing nicely laid out well commented php you can easily edit the code and style it however you want.

I will note, that my main gallery is nearly 4,000 images, Back in admin view has no pagination so every time i go in it tries to load every single image in thumbnail, ouch! (altho it seems to do this very quickly!)

Further to this, the config texts are loaded last, so have to wait for ever to get access to them. I easily edited the component myself so they load first but it really does need pagination as well. I would suggest this be added and I would gladly up to 5/5 !
Reviews: 4
I'm surprised because the owner says it has excellent support for pre-existing image folders. It has not! The only thing to do is uploading (again) files that already exist in the site for other purposes, which means an unnecessary duplication!
Owner's reply

It's actually really easy to import pre-existing image folders into SPGM, but I guess the user guide was not clear enough. I have addressed this issue in the latest version of the user guide.

Reviews: 6
Very poor UI, no support for existing image folders, and a a generally poor user experience on the front end. You can tell this gallery was coded in like 1999. It looks and feels like it is worn out PHP3.
Owner's reply

As it says in the description, SPGM is an "old-fashioned" gallery, and may not be to everyone's taste. It has excellent support for existing image folders, is lightweight, fast, and stable. I think it is worth keeping SPGM alive as it is good to have a choice, but I will be guided by the next few reviews.

Reviews: 1
SPGM Gallery is the ideal Joomla 1.6 Non-Commercial Gallery Component. Quick and easy to install and use. Excellent, simple-to-use interface and good display options. Easy to customise. I added this to a website I've created for a band as I needed something that I could train them to update themselves and SPGM Gallery was perfect for non-techy users.

My favourite aspect of the SPGM Gallery extension for Joomla 1.6 is the 'thumbnail generator'. I'm able to quickly upload images into the directory via FTP then login to the admin panel and selec 'generate thumbnails'. A very, very, very useful and time-saving option.

I would thoroughly recommend SPGM Gallery to anyone looking for a quick, reliable and dependable image gallery. It has accessible code and I'm surprised so much is offered under a non-commercial licence.

A great job to the whole team and thanks so much for all your hard work - it certainly shows!
Reviews: 2
I just finished making my website and make a round reviewing extensions I used.
I liked this gallery component most, because it is neatly done and very flexible. No flash, no overused lightboxes.
Small negative point is that is used tables so it limits styling possibilities a little.
Thank you for your effort!
Reviews: 30
I needed to post 100 photos of people, with their names. I didn't want to use a heavy duty component for this.

I thought it would be an easy project, but wow, I was wrong. Finding the right gallery was frustrating. Some of them cropped the thumbs so only noses and teeth were showing. Some didn't allow captions. Some could only handle 20 photos at the most before they bogged down. Hours of work, installing many modules and plugins, and I had a really lousy photo gallery to show for it.

This morning I noticed SPGM and since it mentioned there were a lot of configuration options, AND it's lightweight (I tend to bog down my Joomla sites with too much heavy stuff), I decided to try again.

I was very delighted with the results! SPGM can handle a few photos or a lot of photos, gracefully. Uploads are incredily easy, you can see everything you're selecting. It's fast. Thumbnails are automatic. Lots of configuration options for captions and titles, rows and columns, thumb sizes and photo sizes and slideshow.

The spgm.conf parameters file is available in the back-end admin area of SPGM... look for the THUMB photo that's named spgm.conf (it's underneath the list of galleries.) This was the only odd thing I found about the program: the parameters file was hard to find and I almost missed it. I think it should be listed in the upper right with the other menu items, where parameters icon is usually found. So that's why I'm telling you where to find it.

Just click on the spgm.conf thumbnail and you'll find lots of options to tweak - and then save the file. Very easy! I had to play with the options a bit until I got the results I wanted on the front end.

I also adjusted the spgm.css file a little, and now everything looks great.

SPGM is very easy to work with, and provides an attractive gallery. I'm sure I will be using this very NICE gallery solution for many more projects.
Owner's reply

Thanks for that and good suggestion re the spgm.conf file - that should quite easy so watch out for a new release in a few days.

Reviews: 3
I needed a simple gallery solution with following features:
- multi-languages
- bulk upload of pictures and descriptions (captions)
- sub-galleries structure
- customizable layout
- no browser-plugin required (flash & co)
- and a few more minor things.

Commercial or free, that wasn't the main point.

I've checked out quite a few solutions, but only SPGM gives me exactly what I need! So thanks a lot for your efforts! Donation will follow...
Reviews: 3
Second component is the use of Chris and I still think the same.
This man makes everything simple and perfect. Everything works 100% on first
Thank you very much.
Reviews: 1
I can not speak highly enough of this gallery and its developer! At first I tried out other galleries but none of them compare. It is easy to customize and you have so many options plus it looks so professional. I had a question for the developer and he emailed me back in less than an hour with a step by step process to answer my question! Everyone should use this gallery!
Reviews: 1
It need Legacy plugin. That is why I think you can't say that it's for 1.5 Native Joomla!
Owner's reply

No, it does NOT need the legacy plugin. And as I keep on (and on, and on.. ) saying, this is not a support forum, if you have any problems, please contact me.

Reviews: 2
This gallery is truely excellent. Thanks for not having that iframe or cooliris thing. Plain and good old image gallery experience. I love you for this. Please continue this and don't leave the project in the middle. Keep updating as per various stalwarts' recommendations and demands.
Reviews: 1
Wow! Exactly what I was looking for. Simple. Would be nice if there's a batch upload feature.
Reviews: 1
This is a great photo gallery extension for Joomla! A must have for any website. It is intuitive and very clean in appearance, making it extremely easy to understand and use.

I have tried other galleries without success. I recommend this extension to everyone.

A great feature is the ability to FTP the photos to the server, it saves a lot of time and aggravation.

Support from the developer for this extension is second to none. I contacted him and his response was almost immediate.

Great documentation, thanks for the upgrade, it looks great!

Keep up the good work.

Thanks for your efforts.