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This is not another flash header! It's a smart, slick and easy to configure header, picture rotator, banner, you name it.

Adjustable for any size, this extension is loaded with smart settings to play with, motion blur effect and intelligent rotator based on the length of description. You don't have to adjust the time each picture will change. Smart Flash Header will do it for you.

Version 3 is now available. The most advanced image rotator for Joomla! has been improved, again!

Enjoy the new version for Joomla 2.5 and the unique features that has been added.

If you're tired about the limitations of other image rotators, try Smart Flash Header. You won't build another website without it!

The latest version comes with round corners, JoomFish!, Country Access, SmartPublish, Schedule and 4 lightbox engines support!

Smart Flash Header just got smarter!

It has 5 transitions to choose from, horizontal and vertical movement, 2 extra buttons for navigation, round corners and UTF8 support.
The slides can be paused and each can link to another page or site.

A smart component, module and plugin are included. You can batch upload your images and apply smart sorting options.

Major features :
- publish different categories on different menu items without duplicating the module using the SmartPublish feature!
- display different images based on the visitor country using the Country Access feature
- schedule by date up to 5 categories and show different images
- open a link or an article inside a lightbox window!
- link your slides to a menu item
- translate the description and labels to whatever language you need
- batch upload images with only ONE click!
- create UNLIMITED number of slides and publish UNLIMITED number of modules / plugins on your page / site!
- set the folder to be scanned for pictures, set a global link and that's it! You instantly have a slick rotator
- set round corners for the slide show and play with a few nice transitions

Put some motion in your Joomla powered site with Smart Flash Header.

Product has been tested and works with Joomla! 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5 / 3.0

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Reviews: 3
Read the reviews before purchasing this extension and I also encountered an issue after installation, as some others reviewers mentioned. My issue was, two ‘Strict Standard…’ errors were displayed above the header. I emailed support and they responded back quickly with an installation file (had ‘beta’ in name) which I installed but, was still seeing the errors. Support quickly sent me another installation file, which was a smaller modification installation file, and that fixed the errors. My issue was related to my PHP version, and I’m running PHP 5.4. I’m installing the extension on a new site setup, and I did tell support I would go to PHP 5.3 if need be but they said no while providing the files to fix it. Their support also mentioned they were passing the info to the code guys to patch. A+ tech support and I love the extension, there are a lot of configuration options and it’s pretty straight forward. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 13
This is the second time I have renewed this extension from 2011, I have a few extensions from ProJoom and they all work with no issues. Keep up the great work.
Reviews: 8
I bought the prooom megapack and I don't regret it. Very easy to set up and customise. It made my site look more attractive. Thanks.
Reviews: 3
This is a great product. Very easy to use! With 2.5 I needed tech support but their response was really fast. I will keep a look out for new products from this company.
Reviews: 4
I am very new to website building but I purchased Smart Flash Header a few days ago so as to be able to make some nice galleries on my new site.

Found it a little tricky at first to get the hang of installing it and setting it up but Projoom Support answered my query very quickly and were very helpful. I am now getting to grips with using Smart Flash Header successfully and am very happy with it.

I would highly recommend Smart Flash Header to anyone who wants to make a nice gallery feature on their website. Not only does it do what it says on the tin but in itself, it is also a visually appealing product which only serves to enhance the look of any page your site. This, coupled with the great support from Projoom, makes me give this Smart Flash Header a 5 out of 5!
Owner's reply

Thank you!
As always, we're glad to see that our efforts to provide assistance for product related issues are well received.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions or suggestions.

Reviews: 2
Did not work at 1st for me, but Tech Support were very quick to answer & resolve the problem.

If you have problems installing remove everything including the ProJoom installer & install the manual file then it works like a charm.

Took me all of 10 minutes to get the look and feel I wanted, very customisable.

The price? well it's not free but it is worth every penny & then some.

I am using this on our Church website now & people are commenting on how nice it looks with the SFH installed.

Keep up the excellent work developers!!!
Owner's reply

Thank you, sir!
We'll do our best to keep new features coming.

Reviews: 3
I use this application to more than five years. Works great for me. I never had problems. Excellent programming.
Graphic images are very beautiful. I use on my site as my main slide images.
I recommend!
Reviews: 1
This extension worked just as promised and looks great. I had a little bit of trouble getting it started because of some permission settings on my server, but ProJoom support quickly answered my questions and got me on the right track.
Reviews: 1
I paid for the commercial version with PayPal - I've built 4 websites with Joomla, the last two with 2.5. This product has major issues with my 2.5 sites... it would not work properly for me at all. ProJoom gave me poor support and basically said, "Sorry, can't help you". I asked for a refund per their "100% Satisfaction Guarantee". The Projoom person tried to fool me by sending a made-up "refund" statement via email to make me think it had been fully refunded, but when I went to PayPal, he had denied the refund request. Through the PayPal dispute system, he lied through his teeth, claiming that I was a scammer trying to get "free software". PayPal supported this liar and did not refund the money. ProJoom's "Satisfaction Guarantee" means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Who knows, this might work for other versions of Joomla, but I'll never know because I refuse to deal with a lying company that does not honor it's own stated policy.

Avoid any ProJoom products like the plaque unless you can afford to lose your cash when the product doesn't work as advertised.

Very, very disappointed in the level of support and their complete lack of honesty and integrity.
Owner's reply

This person purchased the extension, then one hour later filed a claim with PayPal, without letting us know he's having a problem.
Right away, we've sent an email asking the customer politely to let us know how we might help.

Instead of explaining the issue, he focused on receiveng a refund.
We've encourage him again to use the proper procedure to report any problem.

This time, he ended any kind of communication and escalated the dispute to a claim.
Later, PayPal decided the claim in our favor, this being the only reason this person wrote the review above.

You can judge it yourself. We were never given the chance and opportunity to assist this customer.

The other reviews are a testimony of our efforts to develop a better Joomla extension and offer support to all our users of this product.

Hopefully, this review will be investigated and removed as it's not being honest but defamatory, meant to damage our business image and also breaking the Joomla TOS.

Reviews: 5
This is one of the easiest flash header that I've used in Joomla. It was worth the purchase.
Reviews: 2
I recently purchased Smart Flash Header and I am completely satisfied with it. There was a minor modification that I needed for my websites and in a few hours the support team sent me a modified file.

Once again, excelent software with a great support team!
Reviews: 19
Love this extension. many features and custom configurations. excellent documentation and support which is a key factor to any extension. if you are looking for a complete flash header from a developer that stays on top on updating and keeping the extension current, then this one is it.
Reviews: 3
A software is only as good as its support. I need to praise the support that necessarily Projoom. The current version for Joomla 1.6 had to involve a problem in the NoFlashMessage HTML code. Although it was weekend, I was helped very quickly. Within 24 hours I had an email with a new version. Mistakes can happen. The only question is how fast the errors are resolved. Here Projoom has provided a real super power. The email contact is very friendly and it was apologized for the trouble.
The smart flash header itself is also a great software. The price is justified. ProJoom Keep it up.
Reviews: 1
Smart Flash Header is a great extension, as you can tweak your header with many options. It gives your website a professional look.

Besides, the developers put some great effort in their support service. When I finished the configuration of the module, I noticed that it was impossible to change the font type, which is by default one without serif. So, I filled in the form at the support page on the developer's website, and I got a very useful reply within a few minutes. They sent me a new file with the desired font type.

So, I'm really happy with the extension, but even more with the good support.
Reviews: 1
This is the first plugin I've bought for Joomla and it's great. Had a few issues specific to my site and the support team were great. Really helpful and sorted my problem.

Thanks very much.
Reviews: 5
The level of technical support from these guys is fantastic. 1 hour response and we managed to fix a few things within the day. Worth every penny to support these guys. Top Marks - Thanks
Reviews: 3
This product rocks! Makes it so easy to make beautiful flash headers. I love how customisable everything is and especially that you can link particular photos etc to different urls. Brilliant! Installation had no issue and it is dead simple to use! Being a newbie it was great to have such a straight forward product. I would like to see some more documentation for expanded use, but as the product is so easy to use, it doesn't really need it.
I would recommend buying Smart Flash header no questions asked. Its cheap and does what it meant to do!
Thanks projoom
Reviews: 1
***** The 99th Vote and I give this fantastic extension 5 STARS! *****
I have to take my hat off to the developers of this extension because it truly is excellent and well worth every penny. You can read all about the features but I'd like to just state the best ones for me;
1. If the user has flash disabled you can easily provide them with a javascript alternative, taking out the worry of accessibility.
2. Free upgrades can sometimes be deceiving but these guys are the real deal. Having contacted them about the extension's ability to handle Chinese characters the next update I received was not only improved UTF8 support but a way to detect the user's country and display an appropriate flash movie! Brilliant!
3. Extremely well integrated with Joomla, adding to and editing the component couldn't be easier.
4. Excellent documentation (in the form of video) and speedy response to both pre-sales and customer care.
If you want to impress and reach all of your users, look no further. It's easy and believe me this/these developer/s have to be one of the best out there. Well done guys!
Reviews: 2
I have used this flash header since 2009 and I have never had a client complain about how to present their images on a flash header.

Now with the new update where the edges can be rounded, my websites look top nodge!!

Thanks pro joom!
Reviews: 1
The smart flash header is a really good product. It's fairly easy to use and there are a lot of configuration options. There is a video tutorial, but it would have been helpful to have written documentation. However, I emailed ProJoom with questions, and THEY ANSWERED EACH AND EVERYONE right away! I bought their mega pack which was great deal. Sometimes it's worth paying a little for a whole lot of features. Thanks Projoom!
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