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Images Crawler Module

A continuous horizontal scroller of one or more images from a specified folder with an optional redirection link. See more options on our demo page!

Version updates:
• 2.1.0: Optional limit for the images, thanks to Lumis!
• 1.3.2: Possibility to force images to a certain width & height, as suggested by artbit... thank you!
• 1.3.1: Possibility to randomize images order.
• 1.3.0: Possibility to include subfoldes as requested by tithij, thank you!
• 1.2.2: New parameter to control the space between the image.
• 1.2.1: Supporting uppercased file extensions (e.g. image.JPG).
• 1.1.0: Unlimited links field as suggested by oudeng, thanks!

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Reviews: 2
This module is an absolute blessing. So easy to use, so effective and looking GREAT, works GREAT and very very easy. Highly recommended. Its doing exactly what I needed it to do and more. Jesús, and thank you for the excellent support.
Reviews: 14
One of the few image scrollers working for responsive Websites. Both the extension and the customer support, are excellent!
Reviews: 3
It does exactly what I wanted it to do: surprise people when they arrive at my "landing page". It is KISS rule compliant, no fuzz/mess at install or config time, has no need for css adaptation, runs smoot and gentle. All I would like to see it handle better is "speed" setting values less than 1. And why don't you include "responsive" somewhere in the description, everybody is searching for that nowadays ;-)
Reviews: 19
Works great. I had a problem with the module requiring comma's to separate URLs as some of my URLs included comma's. I contacted Jesús and within hours, he had updated the module!

Incredible support!!
Reviews: 4
Downloaded quick, uploaded to my site quick, added the image file & position & worked!
What more can one ask for great extension, minimal config to get it to do what you want. thanks.
Reviews: 2
It is quick and easy to set up, plus it is responsive. What's more, it is free, with no visible backlink.
Reviews: 1
Am new to Joomla and had been looking for an extension which will allow to give possibility of displaying images on my page. This extension is very easy to integrate & use
Reviews: 2
I needed an image scroller for some client logos on my site, with the possibility to add a link to each image.

Images Crawler extension did the job for me, and it was simple and easy to install.

I have not tried to adjust any parameters, since the default settings worked perfectly for my needs, but it is possible to change a lot of settings.

I have tested on various browsers and platforms, and I have not experienced any problems so far.

So, I highly recommend this image scroller...
Reviews: 5
Perfect tool very easy and do exacty what they say but there are two small bugs i think.
In Internet explorer the movement of the images is not smooth.
Also if you put the mouse on the images after a while the images are not rotating (by repeating the same images) but there is a big space before it load the images again.
It would be great to fix these :)
Reviews: 4
Does everything I need it to, it's super simple to install and it's straight forward to understand.

Reviews: 4
Once again, another perfect job from Jesus Vargas and Co.

Could be a 6 stars rating if we could open links in a (modal) popup, for example.

Congratulations and thank you for this free module !
Reviews: 2
I highly recommend this module
thanks for it
Reviews: 1
This is the best and simple module to create a image crawler.

Thanks for providing such a wonderful solution. I love it.
Reviews: 1
Nice and simple extension.
This is what I was looking for!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for such as this module for a long time, and now I found the best.

Thank you.
Reviews: 16
This is a beautiful, powerful, simple scroller, and I am very very grateful to the devloper!
Reviews: 1
The next star will com as soon it is possible to use individual links to all the images. As now, I have the same link to all photos.
Reviews: 6
I am quite new to Joomla and have had a lot of problems installing and modifying extensions. This was the first extenstion I could install without a problem and it workes very nice.

I am using it for a site that posts ideas about what people can do in and around there home.

I agree with one user that says it would be nice if it would be able to slow the speed a little bit. It is a little to fast so that would be a very nice improvement.

It would also be great if you could put a url link on each image.

Overall it is a great extension. Good job and thanks. :)
Reviews: 65
I needed an image scroller on a new site and, after testing quite a few, settled on Images Crawler. It runs very smoothly and only takes a few minutes to set up. Out of all the scrollers I tried, it was by far the easiest to set up.
Reviews: 8
It is ideal for so many websites. It runs smoothly and looks great. Thank you so much for a real WOW extension
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