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Smart Slider 2 by Nextend is the perfect all-in-one slider solution for Joomla, that contains 4 slider type and it's totally RESPONSIVE!


Smart Slider 2 trial is NOT made to use on live site, it is tech demo, which allows you to try most (but not all) of the features of Smart Slider 2.


Smart Slider 2 comes with a reliable, flexible and intuitive interface for backend, which makes easy for anyone to design beautiful sliders in minutes. Grab a new layer, move it on the canvas, finally drag&drop some items with your mouse and your slide is ready. You can choose from a range of items (text, image, video, iframe, flip, caption, fade, tag, HTML etc.), and customize them without HTML or CSS knowledge. Change color, font, background, link, position, size, etc...

* 5 slider types: Simple, Showcase, Full page, Horizontal Accordion and Vertical Accordion
* 2D and 3D main animations: fade, horizontal, vertical, skitter, parallax and so on...
* Layer animations - animate every layer with the 25 layer animation
* Items - your displayable content (heading, image, video and any kind of custom HTML content)
* Improved responsive mode with instant loading - works fine on smart phones and tablets.
* Intuitive user interface for slide creation with live preview
* Slider generator - more below
* Widgets to customize the sliders: upgrade your slider with important features, like arrows, autoplay buttons, thumbnails, dots. It offers 8 main widget areas, which areas also has lot of customizable options. (arrow image, position for the arrows, background, etc…)
* Slide layout creator - save and load predefined slide templates which contains layers and items
* Import and Export feature (with all of our demo)
* etc...

Smart Slider 2 has an incredible powerful feature: the generator system. You can automate your slider and create a fully dynamic content from integrated components and also social sites:
* Images from folder slider
* Joomla article slider
* K2 slider
* Cobalt CCK slider
* Zoo slider
* VirtueMart 2 slider
* redSHOP slider
* JoomShopping slider
* MijoShop slider
* Ignite gallery slider
* Phoca gallery slider
* Facebook slider
* Twitter slider
* Instagram slider
* Flickr slider
* YouTube slider
Need more? Write us and we will help!

We are committed to top-notch customer support because we know if you have problem with Smart Slider, you need a solution as soon as possible.
* Complete detailed documentation with videos
* Tutorial videos

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Reviews: 1
I'm using Smart Slider 2 on several sites and it's just excellent!
Easy to setup and looks just great...

And the support is the best I have ever been in contact with - they answer asap and are very helpful.

Had a problem with a dynamcis slider, which included K2 items with no images. They fixed that within a couple of hours and I got the extra code for me to use on other sites.
Reviews: 2
I got to say, i am not one used to review extensions.
But this one, is just awesome. Very few extensions are this great.
Reviews: 2
This is trully a gem! This is the best extenstion i've bought for my joomla developed websites.

The interface is extremely user friendly.. And i mean everything (buttons, main screen, navigation, drag and drop features etc). The possibilities of this slider is literally countless..

However, the best thing for ain't the this extension itself alone. Its the awesome support that comes with it. I had immediate answers to every email i've sent so far, and the support has been extraordinary good..

Highly recommended to all joomla developers out there, because these guys behind Smart Slider really deserve it..
Reviews: 4
After reading positive comments posted here by others, I thought I would head off to the developers site and have a look.

Level of detail provided on the site encouraged me to buy a lifetime edition purchase. Was tossing up between 6 mths developers edition or lifetime. Since the price difference wasn't too much different (thanks to the developers for great pricing/subscription model options), I thought I would just jump in and see.

After installing it into a customers site, all i can say is "WOW!". This is simply one of the best extensions, if not THE best for ease of install, use and thoughtful functionality that I've ever installed/used and I've been using Joomla since Mambo 1.x days! If more developers provided the attention to detail I've seen in this extension, Joomla would a much more positive experience for users that test and use extensions!

There are so many options, which as I mentioned above are well thought out, that you can provide pretty much any visual layout that you can imagine. The backend is rock solid, which basically means I haven't been able to break it with all the wacky changes that client and I have wanted to do, which attests to the quality of the extension. And the video tutorials are fantastic and step you through easily and clearly on features that you'd want to implement.

Even the responsive layouts and touch enabled mobile experience is fast and clean. The output code is lean and valid and Google seems to have no problems with indexing text layers within slides - impressive!.

As to productivity, I recreated a setup that took me 2 hours previously to setup and deploy - with this extension I recreated it, made it better and had it live within 15mins! Can you imagine the time savings that you could get with using such a modern extension such as this?

I'm not normally one to write reviews on extensions, but this extension is one of the best that I've come across. I'm so happy with it, that I'm in the process of throwing out other image galleries and replacing it with this, wholly and solely!

To the developers, I just wanted to make out a public shoutout to acknowledge what a wonderful job you guys did on this and to encourage others to simply jump in and go for the lifetime edition. It will be the best decision you'll ever make for your Joomla powered sites. The developers will thank you for it and it will help them financially to improve upon it. You'll all thank yourselves with the time savings that you get and your customers will love you for it as well! :)
Reviews: 1
This slideshow component is difficult to be exceeded for 3 reasons:
1. very fluent and fast no matter in PC or mobile devices, which implies a very efficient backend code writing.
2. unimaginable support for slideshow sources, no matter for joomla contents, google gallery, instagram, facebook and so on....
3. professional and sincere technical support, which makes you like a king .... and what is most important, they really resolved the problems for you without any excuses....

Long Live Nextend !!
Reviews: 1
I tested a lot of sliders, but SLIDER2 is the most powerful component among sliders I ever seen. It is even more than a slider indeed. Slider2 becomes a zest for your site.
What else? AMAZING support!
Reviews: 1
This is the best extension I have ever seen! Great piece of work and really customizable. Also the support is amazing, Roland and Daniel fixed two problems I was struggling with. Great job guys. Keep up the good work.

Greetings from Holland.
Reviews: 2
I was searching for an easy to use picture slideshow in a professional design. It was fortune finding smart slider 2. Why? Because of the really excellent support! More than 5 stars for this guys ;-)
Of course I did some silly beginner mistakes due to the configuration of my slides. But the support is patient and very helpful.
Now I am able to design very pretty slights on my own and I am really happy purchased this extension.
Reviews: 5
Well, this is by far the best extension out there in its class! If you are a demanding individual and a perfectionist, just like we are, this is the the extension to go.

We still have a month or so to release our website to the public and the more we dive into this component the more we realize the amount of development this has gone through! Sleek, Professional and Robust!

The developers of the extension are always there for you, to help and answer any questions you might have. They also helped us with some other issues we had not directly related to their component and we are truly grateful to them! 5 star plus support is what you get with this extension.

Thank you very much for all your help and patience!

We will definitely co-operate with you again in the future.


Antonis M.
Reviews: 3
It does many well done things, you can use it in many different situation and the support is very gentle and fast. Thank you for your immediate help to use slider :)
Reviews: 2
First of all I have never seen a slider more customizable than this one.

You can truly build a slider as you imagine it.

And then there is the customization on the slides. I'm talking about creating layers upon layers if you want and filling them with buttons headings images etc. The layers are all movable, resizable have a z-index value, you can write custom css on them and also select in which devices they are shown or hidden (desktop tablet mobile).

But for me the biggest plus is the level of support.

The minute I found out about this component and saw the demo, I bought it for a website I'm designing.

It turned out that something that I wanted to do was not supported from the slider (which is truly unlucky as this component can do almost everything)

Keep in mind that I bought the cheapest subscription (starter) which does not include personal support.

So I've send an email to their support asking if what I wanted to do was achievable. I got a response back after about 30 minutes and we did some back and forth so I could better explain what I wanted exactly.

Next day I receive a mail with a modified version of the component tailored to my needs! I was simply speechless!

Next time I'm building a side I'm going to get a Lifetime subscription.

I recommend this component to everyone that wants sliders
Reviews: 2
I purchased this slider 8 months ago and it's the first thing I install on every website. Installing their great demos is a dream. I use Smart Slider 2 for large slide shows to scrolling content and small modules. The support is fast, helpful and friendly and every software update brings an even better more exciting product.
Reviews: 1
Great component, with huge built in functional. And great and fast support, realtime filling.
Reviews: 1
This is the best component I've ever seen for joomla. And the support is really the best. Very fast and they solve all your problems!
Reviews: 1
I hav used this slider for 6 months. Smartslider2 is very GREAT slider, it's very simple to use the component.
Very beautiful and has great design.

And also my suggest, when u'r planning to buy or use some extentions, the important one is the support team. THE TEAM of NEXTEND is so great, fast, and also friendly.

Thank you Nextend for the slider.

Loved it.
Reviews: 16
Great extension and excellent support. Had some problems at the beginning but the developer was kind enough to fix the minor code bugs and walk me thru the setup.

Reviews: 3
Excellent component, serious business and support fast and accurate
Reviews: 5
Great component! Don't know any comparable component with somuch features. Had to deal with the support about some custom configurations. It was fast, professional and they even configured some examples beside the solution to show me the possibilities.
Reviews: 1
Very helpful. The component is very useful but I am really impressed with the support that you give. 100% recommended!
Reviews: 1
Smartslider 2 is a very great, easy to use component. You can use it in many ways (in menu, custom modules, header, footer, everywere...) The team of Nextend is fast and very helpful. Nothing wrong to say about this one.
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