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Fade Gallery

Plugin, Module and Component

Very light, safe, Javascript Fade gallery, that works on IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera etc. You can embed this extension with ease.

Useful to make your site look more dynamic.

Unlike some other galleries, there is no need to create menu items or any other elements, just type the name of the folder containing images and that's it, it will show up all images from this folder, one by one in alphabetical order. Also you may type file names separated with comma in filelist argument, to show exact images of selected folder and in exact order.

The "filelist" is very useful because you may add links and titles to your images. Separate images with semicolon and options (image file name, link and title) with commas.

Example 1: image1.jpg;img2.png;aug2010.jpg
Example 2: image1.jpg;img2.png,;aug2010.jpg
Example 2: image1.jpg,,"Custom Title";img2.png,;aug2010.jpg

Slide show Interval and fade effect can be adjasted with three parameters: interval, fade time and fade step in miliseconds.

Direct link to existing gallery example: {fadegalleryid=1}

Also you may pass parameters as shown below(no need to create gallery though recomended)

parameters: folder,width,height,interval,fadetime,fadestep,filelist,align,padding



and one more: {fadegallery=images/fadegallery3,250,114,6000,2000,10,front2.jpg;front1.jpg,right,10}

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Reviews: 4
Very poor performance. When putting two galleries side by side the fade effect doesn't work, and the huge "get pro version for bla bla dollars" watermark on the pics makes it simply unusable.
Reviews: 1
Hi there, i just installed the Fade Gallery and uses the Module one Joomla 1.7. The fader is working, but under on the site are the parameters visible, Does anyone know how to solve that?

Owner's reply

Thank you. Fixed.

Reviews: 1
I installed this extension without any problem. But try as I might with all combinations of Interval, Fade Time and Fade Step, I still cannot get the fade transition to work. Perhaps I'm missing the point.
Best regards,
Reviews: 2
The version for Joomla 1.7 had no transition effects and the Compass badge on each picture which links to their website is really annoying.
Owner's reply

Thank you, just fixed it.

Reviews: 1
I like the effect and border and smoothness but one drawback is the link "Compass". It didn't make me happy after all. I removed it...
I hope it comes with improvement.
Reviews: 1
Issues with 1.6 have been noted in many forums across both and their own site, with little in the way of a resolution except to re-install the entire site. Admin support doesn't seem to be responding.

Used this in 1.5 and it was great - did everything it promised, but the 1.6 badge is premature.
Owner's reply


Reviews: 2
It works well on a small scale or as a small module on the side panel of a site. It would do well with a little more customisation features, such as actual Sliding
Owner's reply

Now it has Image Pre-loader.

Reviews: 3
I experienced the others. Very poor. This is undoubtedly the best one, but please: if you want to sell it, sell it ! If you want to keep it free, keep it free ! And remove that ugly ad link !
Reviews: 97
I tried this gallery extension today, the effect is good, but something needs to be improved:

1. The v1.2.4 package can't install the module and plugin at the same time though the author had packed them along with the component in a single package file.

2. In my test, I used 1024*768 size images, and finally they appear in the article in the size of 400*200, which means, my images were squeezed and lost dimension ratio. This is very ugly! Hope it can keep the width/height ratio when resize.
Owner's reply

The dimention 400x200 is default, you need to set this up.
For the component - when you creat a menu item.
For module - when you add a new module.
For Plugin the dimention is second and third parameters.
example: images/sories/gallery,1024,768

Reviews: 8
The Simple Picture Gallery wasn't working for me because it kept creating a thumbnail amidst the big gallery images (perhaps a conflict with another extension I was running), so I turned to Fade Gallery. This behaves pretty much the same as Simple Picture Gallery. I love that it's easy to add pictures - just FTP photos to a directory. So many of the photo galleries require so much work to add images. Not this one.

What didn't work:
I'm on a Mac in Firefox. I could not get the photos to gradually transition. Not sure if that works on a PC or not.

The photos do not appear in numerical order. The developer says you can list the filenames to get them to appear in any order you want. I could not get that to work, but the instructions weren't clear, so maybe I did that wrong.

Neither one of those problems kept me from using it. Thanks for the extension.