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Zoominfo Module

The module is based on the Jquery script Zoom-info described in the Addy Osmani tutorial ( and implements a simple image gallery allowing to display picture teaser text on picture hovering.

It supports multiple uses on the same page or on several pages by defining a unique id for each module .

Module allows to define following settings:
* images folder (external or internal)
* max 20 images
* gallery parameters: width, height and background
* image parameters: width, height, margin, title text, teaser text, title color and teaser text color, url link and target
*support of image color specific target (background, title, teaser text or title & teaser)

Now compatible J1.6/J1.7 and J2.5

Report Extension



Reviews: 3
Worked as advertised. Pretty easy to set up. I could have used more instruction on some of the settings. It took a minute to change the individual background colors but not bad. The tooltips actually explained it. Makes my site cool with not much effort. Thanks again.
Reviews: 5
I was looking everywhere for an extension that would display images and then a description when you scroll over it, and this gave me everything I was looking for and more.

You can customize the size, colors, anything you need! The documentation makes it so easy to set up and use, and it performs beautifully. You should be aware that it may conflict if you have other things on your site that require JQuery, but it is easily fixable--and explained in the documentation.

Thanks so much!
Reviews: 1
i was looking for a module which can divide a module into 2-4 photo menus which could then link into separate URLs. this module made that possible!

very customizable and site admin has full control over it's behavior. i myself modified some of the php codes to make it suitable to our needs.

definitely a must-use module!
Reviews: 1
Not only is this a super cool module, but I needed help after uploading it (my error) and support contacted me within an hour! Not only that but Daniel upgraded my site for me!
Reviews: 1
This extension looking great. But there might be more options in style.
Reviews: 1
Good!, I hope learn it more
Reviews: 5
Well designed. Interactive. Smooth.
Rolling over the pics becomes a bit
of an "experience". Well done Developer.
One-point-Six! --->$
Reviews: 3
I'm new to Joomla and even newer to zoominfo. This is an amazing module that works as advertised. I can not say enough about the support for this module.

My support requests were most often answered within an hour of my request. And, they always helped and were easy to understand. IF further clarification was needed, it was never a problem to get it.

I would highly recommend this module. I will be looking for more modules from this provider.

Reviews: 2
I have to say I really like the implementation of this extension and the others on the developers site. I went there to download this one and ended up downloading several of his modules. Now I just need a reason to use the other ones!
Reviews: 5
Thank you very much for that great tool. Easy to use and nice features.
If it´s possible to show more pics - it would be great.
Reviews: 2
Zoominfo has a nice and smooth effect, it looks great on my site. It's easy to install and easy to use.

The developer offers outstanding support and is very helpful. He updated the extension to my needs within hours. Outstanding and very helpful support.
Reviews: 2
ZoomIn has a very nice and smooth effect and is very easy to use.

Most impressing was that I had a conflict with two other components on my site. After posting this to Artetics forum I immediately got response and they asked me if they could get access to my site. Only a few hours later I had a working web-site and an updated module in my email inbox.

I also purchased other modules from Artetics. All open questions I had where in general answered very quickly in their forum or via email.

Great software and amazing support!
Reviews: 16
I have installed and get it published on the website without any problem. Heaps of thanks for this wonderful work.
Reviews: 2
This is excellent extensions and super very fast support! I checked it in opera, IE, FF and google - perfectly!

Thanks the owner.
Reviews: 28
I value this extension highly!!!

Zoominfo looks great and the developer offer outstanding support.

Highly recommended.