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Image of the Day Module

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
This module displays a new image each day, week, month, year or the same once a week.

The content need to be place in a specific folder structure and name in a certain way.

Refresh - From the Image Folder:
Daily - day/{month number, 1 to 12}/{day number, 1 to 31}.{image type}
Weekly - week/{week number, 01 to 52}.{image type}
Monthly - month/{month number, 1 to 12}.{image type}
Yearly - year/{year, e.g. 2011}.{image type}
Weekly Repeat - weekly_repeat/{day, e.g. Mon}.{image type}

So a URL for a daily image will end up looking like http://yourdomain.tld/media/mod_image_of_the_day/day/11/13.jpg,
and if you want to use a separate source then just change the 'Image Folder' value.

The content used on the demo site can be downloaded and used as a reference guide (please do this to better understand the folder structure).

Feedback is always welcome via the forum.

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Reviews: 7
For downloading the Extension, you must register. That does not work. I have tried it for two time. I also trid to a mail with the Contactform. It also does not wirk. I hope the owner will read the to let me download the extension. Greetz Marge
Owner's reply

Hi Marge, I'm sorry that you had problems signing up and getting in contact with me.
I had trouble with the server, the issues are resolved now and you should have no trouble reviving the activation mail.

I would appreciate if you evaluate the module and then reconsider your grading.

Have a nice day.

Kind regards
TBK - Jacob

Reviews: 2
Please view the demo-content to understand the folder-structure. Then this module does exactly what it should do.
Very happy with it!
Reviews: 3
This is a simple and amazing module which as the name mentions it displays an image either daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Personally I needed it to display dates for different calendars as images altogether and this did the job. The support is great and the staff are friendly and quick to response.
Reviews: 1
This image of the day is a great idea and something I'd like to use on multiple websites. However, for the beginner to intermediate Joomla user/designer, it's difficult to understand and grasp. I tried for a few hours and did about everything I possibly could think of in the backend and FTP and still couldn't get the image to display on the front end. I still don't know what the problem is. I emailed support and received a timely response, then emailed later in the day asking further questions and never received a response. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to go a different route. I'd love to see a more complete and user friendly image of the day/week/month etc. extension in the future.
Owner's reply

Sorry that you feel that way. I never got your reply. Please in the future use the "Support" button above which will point you to the forum.

Reviews: 6
I searched and searched for a module that would display a certain image on certain days of the week.

I found this one and installed it.

At first it didn't do what I wanted it to do, so I wrote the developer and within 20 minutes he answered, but not only that, he actually programmed it to do exactly what I needed it to do.

Wow! I was extremely impressed!

Support this good is said to be to good to be true.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Very pleased! 10 thumbs up for this extension!!!!!

Leonard Michael