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jdvThumbs Plugin

Create thumbnail and replace original image to thumbnail

Thumbnails are created for frontpage, blog, articles, mod_custom and intro_image.

Also can set values for Itemid

Thumbnail size can be specified in the article. To do this, add a stylesize (or ss) or tagsize (or ts) class. For the class stylesize used the size specified in the attribute style. For the class tagsize used the size specified in the attributes width and height.

Adding to the image watermark.

Thumbnails are not made for the images in the link, in div and images with class nothumb.

Can download a separate file for the thumbnail. The file has the following form custom-filename.jpg

For external links added "outer" class

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Reviews: 20
I've tried a few other plugins but they most had display problems in mobiles and tablets. So, i just though to let other users know that this seems to be responsive. Hats off to the developers!
Reviews: 11
Hi, very nice extension. It works well, and you only need to setit up once for all.

I use it to show a thumnail in the description and the full size image in the article.

I would love a doc, a how-to, a tuto to help a non-code-addict-rookie to go further.

I maintain the site of a small club. Joomla 321, template protostar. I know nothing about coding.
Reviews: 1
the plug-in dose a good work and i was dieng until i found it, it makes publising an article so much easier.

although there is one problem which is the plugin will make a thump from any picture in the content, so if like my case have a slide show within the content its gone to thumps and cannot be used.

maybe have a solution but i didn't find it at all.
Reviews: 2
The big advantage of this plugin is support of classes. A new feature is the possibility to use the lightbox of Widgetkit by Yoothemes.
Reviews: 8
I was able to manage all of my pictures with a single click. Thank you for making this nice plug-in free.
Keep on the good work.
Reviews: 11
I Build Joomla! web sites since 2008, and have tried half a dozen extensions that handle this job: Auto-create thumbnails, straight from the images authors add to their articles. Also helping us to get a nice layout on blog pages.

jdvthumbs does that well, and offers different settings (e.g. sizes) for Featured articles, Blog Pages, Articles and more.
It can also add a watermark on all your images in seconds.
And basic functions are very easy to configure.

Cons (possible improvements):
Support: well, i found a form on the author's website and after translating it from Russian I sent them a message about the PHP Warning described below. Am waiting for a reaction.
It rename the rezized images from their PATH. i.e. an image that shows up on 5 (blog) pages will have 5 differents thumbnails, adding as many files and therefore, requests on the server.
Watermark does not handle PNG alpha imgs
Beware of some Rezise settings, I've found out some have awful results, like "source": it can multiply the image's size by a factor of 40x!
e.g., a png image, original is: 438x438 px, 6.29 KB
In jdvthumbs settings
- thumbnail is 199x199 px and 248 KB (!) with Method: PNG's alpha-channel: Yes; Thumbnail's Type: source; Area for cropping images: Middle.
- Or 199x199 px, 3.65 KB with thumbnail's Type jpg.
Note that resizes the same image at 2.6 KB while keeping it PNG.

If on a PHP 5.3+ server with jdvthumbs you ever get a warning (Warning: Parameter 3 to plgContentJdvthumbs onPrepareContent). Just edit jdvthumbs.php's syntax to be PHP 5.3 compliant and the Warning is gone. (this has countless references on the Web)
Reviews: 5
Very good extension, saves a lot of time and simplifies front-end article submission.

I would only suggest better documentation to be able to use advanced features.
Owner's reply

You can add a nothumb class to the image.

Reviews: 8
A great plugin for handling images. Install it, and then you can upload a single image which can then be resampled to set resolutions for blog views and articles.

I much prefer this approach to the one in the Joomla core which involves creating separate article and thumbnail images. This means it's quite easy for users to generate images of different widths, so losing consistency.

Using jdvThumbs all of the thumbnails in blog views are the same width, and the image itself also acts as a link to the article.

Once in the article, again the image is a consistent width - with an optional slimbox popup if the original uploaded image was larger.

Different sizes can be set for featured articles and articles appearing in mod_custom modules.

Global settings can be overridden for individual images, and the resampling can be set to a bounding box, width, height or a crop of the original.

Likely to be part of my toolbox of standard extensions I install on all of my sites.
Reviews: 1
i have tried a lot of plugins but only in this i found an automatic solution of resize images and the ability to skip the images i want

Reviews: 1
This is what I need. I've found a lot of the same plugins but they cann't display exactly what I need.
But jdvThumbs can solve all my problems. Thank you :D
Reviews: 6
I searched alot to find a plugin to create image thumbnails, I found some plugins but this one is the most feature rich plugin I found.
I am now using it on joomla 1.7 without a problem
of course there are some minor bug (I found one).
And I wish the possibility to choose whether showing full size image or thumbnail in article view layout.
Reviews: 13
I've tried several websites and is the best I've seen good work has only happened a failure and that the 1.6 update. (1) (2) (3) failure but in the first installation works perfectly. not if it is a failure or plug jommla