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SP Thumbnail Plugin

What if you need one, or some, or all your images to be clickable and zoomed? With this plugin it is done automatic. When visitors click on your images default Joomla modal window is appeared.

Insert the normal way to your article, or module, or anywhere your image, re-size (if you want) and that's it.

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Reviews: 1
Such an extremely easy to use plugin, well done developer!! Just install, and write a class, if you wish to have one. Viola! Thank you so much for this plugin!!
Reviews: 3
Just install and activate and the images are clickable! Can't believe it was that simple.
From the same wonderful people who did SP Upgrade which was such a life saver.
Reviews: 7
This extension is great, very simple to figure out. I had a problem at first and the developer took the time to make it work. I've never seen so much dedication from a free extension. I highly recommend and can't thank enough for the amazing support.
Reviews: 1
Always a pleasure to find a plugin that does exactly what you expected. This is one. It fulfilled exactly what I needed and is very easy to use. Classes are simple to understand and apply. I had trouble at first with some sort of conflict, and even got a reply from SP on a Sunday morning. The conflict had nothing to do with the plugin though, it now works perfectly.
Reviews: 3

I've just tried this plugin, and it works great! But I used bootstrap in my joomla and I think there are many others who use it too. And I found that your css has conflict. The css "modal" conflicted with bootstrap and it renders the plugin unusable, unless we change the css tags in the bootstrap.css.
Reviews: 13
I've tried many plugins from this category, but I think SP Thumbnail is one of the best in this section: simplicity and very good results, without bad interactions with other plugins.
Works like a charm!
Reviews: 1
Setting it up is as easy as unzipping, activating the plug in, and select the images that you want to be thumbnail-ified. A real gem!
Reviews: 1
Just what I needed!

Reviews: 5
only makes sense when you have pseudo thumbnails (downscaled Photos) in your website, which is not recommended for several reasons (bandwith, W3C comlpliant, ...)

not responsive

the popup is always scaled to 100% height+width
Reviews: 7
This plug-in is exactly what I needed for single image pop-ups. It is so easy to install, and can be configured to work on all or some of your images.
The instructions on the website are really easy to follow too.
Well done!
Reviews: 1
I've tried simple image gallery pro and about 8 other image pop-up plug-ins, but none of them could do a single image pop-up. They would only do a gallery of every image in a directory. This meant that it you wanted to place one single image in an article, you had to go and create a directory for it. Finally I can place a single image in an article, and keep all of my images in one, easy to manage directory.

One thing to be aware of, if you're using TinyMCE as your editor, you have to go to Extensions > Plug-in Manager > Editor TinyMCE - and in the first drop down box choose: Extended. This will allow the proper tabs to show up in the image editor when you add an image using TinyMCE while editing an article.

Thanks for the great extension!
Reviews: 2
This extension performs exactly per spec, I'm writing this review to counter the irrelevant complaints that it doesn't generate thumbnails or wastes bandwidth.
Reviews: 8
It works well but it doesn't automatically generate small thumbnails for the images. This means bandwidth is wasted when people don't need to view the full sized images.
Reviews: 2
It works perfect on IE for me. But not working on chrome or firefox.

In IE image loads instantly.
In chrome and firefox it keeps loading and never appears....

Any clue why is this happening? Thank you
Owner's reply

Just contact with us for any problem you might face via our Web sure and we will do our best to assist you.

Reviews: 1
It works like a Dream. Just put In a class tag and you Got "popup" Big pictures :-)
Reviews: 3
been struggle with the other plugin that have complicated settings for hours and this plugin just solve my problem in a second!!!
Work just like the way it should have to give a rating. thanks mil!!!! :-)
Reviews: 2
Using Joomla 2.5.1.

I wanted a plug-in to open a lightbox (or similar) to display original image, on clicking image thumbnail in front-end article.

SP Thumbnail was very simple to install and use, and the facility to use CSS class(es) to control lightbox is exactly what I need. Well done! Modal window opens very fast.

However, it does not seem to generate a thumbnail for the small view - but uses the original image, scaled by attributes of img element - no saving in page display times etc for large original images.

So a miss for me I am afraid.
Reviews: 5
I had traled through all the iamge directories looking for a simple configuration image that I could use for images within an article.

I eventually found SP thumbnail which is exactly what I am looking for. Word of warning though: you do have to register before downloading. Once you have registered, go away and do something else for about 10 minutes, because the login isn't immediate.

I like this plugin because you can set up a class for any image you would like to resize. This makes it ideal for people who can't/don't want to trawl through loads of code.
Reviews: 1
+ simple and easy to install and use
+ do exactly what I expected
- having image TITLE text in zoomed picture's frame would be great feature for next release
Reviews: 8
Well, the extension does what is said in the description. It's not much but it's at least something. Therefore easy to use. There are no options concerning the way images are displayed - they open in the same window with their full size. In order to return to the article you have to use your browser navigation.

The registration process on the website is buggy, annoying and completely redundant.

I deinstalled the extension because it did not fit my needs. It did not make an extraordinarily good impression on me.
Instead I now use another free J!1.6-extension with far more options and no annoying registration.
Owner's reply

Appreciate the comments. We already take in consideration the registration issue and took action.

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