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ImageSizer Plugin

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ImageSizer Plugin for Joomla! 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5 - The easiest way to display Images in a Lightbox!

*** NEW: Download ImageSizer Plugin for Joomla 3.0, you find it on our Website! ***

Very easy to use:

Go to your Plugins and open the ImageSizer. Here you can adjust the Plugin as you wish, after all just activate and save. Now insert an Image to your content, scale it down and save. The ImageSizer generates Thumbnail and Lightbox automatically.

• Improved image generation ✓
• Faster processing of data ✓
• Lightboxes expandable modular ✓
• 9 different Lightboxes already involved ✓
• Thumbnails are saved as separate small image ✓
• English and German Language ✓
• New Help & Support function in the backend ✓
• You can use it on commercial sites (free) ✓

How to exclude single images from beeing displayed as lightbox: Just use the CSS-class "nolightbox" to deactivate the lightbox for a single image.

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Reviews: 3
Big "Thank you" to the developers. Now I use it for 6 weeks and it is still running as I want it. There could be a little more documentation, but for free it is really excellent. The developers offer help by email on the backend, what I like very much, but never used. I use it with !Joomla 2.5 and it works very good. Nice is, that you can use different sizes for each page, you use it. And you can choose between some lightbox-scripts and customize the css. Good work!
Reviews: 1
Really simple to use and works excellently. Makes life so much easier!
Reviews: 3
I wanted something very simple and easy to use. This works excellent. Easy to use and it does work in Google Chrome. I was even prepared to pay for this and it is free.
Reviews: 1
I wanted unexperienced users to be able to insert images into articles and easily adjust them to the right size and make them available in a lightbox. Since i can set a maximum size for images used in articles i no longer need to worry about people using gigantic scaled down images in the articles. Imagesizer creates rebuild versions for me.

Easy to set up and easy to use.
Reviews: 3
Unbelievable extension. I spent so long looking for an extension to display images in a Lightbox.

All you have to do is download, install it, enable it and then it does the rest for you. It auto generates the thumbnails and code to open your images up in a Lightbox. So simple!

Thanks for making such a great extension free!
Reviews: 6
I had a similar plugin for v 1.5 but hadn't find it for 1.7. Is easy to use, with navigation, depending on the images inserted on the article and an image description from the image's tittle. thanks.
Reviews: 4
Exactly what i was looking for. I used joomthumbnail before but this is not available in 1.6 and 1.7. This plugin does the job just as well. Good work!
Reviews: 11
This is a real good plugin and as far as I know the only one that works with modalizer. Set Imagesizer lightbox script to None and select yoour script in Modalizer and all works. No double scripts or workarounds, so no extra weight in your pages.

Thanks for this flexible plugin, does the trick for me in an easy way.
Reviews: 2
Exactly i was searching for !!
powerful and simple.
Reviews: 9
Thank you, this plugin is amazing, works properly in Joomla 1.7. Merry Christmas!
Reviews: 2
The perfect plugin for my site, high configurable and nice design..

thanks, keep doing this great job!
Reviews: 1
I registered just to say thank you!
I spent last ~5 hours looking for a simple lightbox plugin and finally found this one. It's easy to configure - just install, enable and choose one of the ligthbox-scripts in plugin settings). Extremely easy to use - you don't have to mess with html tags, don't need to upload several versions of the same image - just insert full-sized image into your article, resize and that's it. And it works perfectly!
Thanks again!
Reviews: 16
I was testing it for 2hours and I am very happy with it. It is perfect! Thank you!!!
Reviews: 2
Works like a charm.
1) install plugin
2) enable it and edit settings if required
3) Insert images to your content in a regular way. It can be a big photo of 3Mb and more it doesn't matter. After that change image size in a regular way.

Thumbnail of chosen size is automatically generated, popup window on clicking the image is automatically genereated as well. Both are optimized.

Tested on Joomla 1.7.3
Firefox 8
IE 7
Opera 11
Chrome 15

Thank you for sharing such an amazing plugin.
Reviews: 3
Works perfectly, feature rich. I can't belive - I find what I looking for last 2 weeeks
Reviews: 1
nice plugin, i really needed this in joomla 1.7, the only problem is that it does not work in chrome (linux - so in chromium)
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