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MG Thumbnails Plugin

This content plugin creates lightbox galleries with the help of following javascript libraries: jQuery, Mootools, Colorbox, Fancybox, Greybox, Shadobox, Slimbox2, Slimbox, Joomla modal (Squeezebox). You just need to insert the fullsize image (what will be shown in the lightbox) and resize it in your content editor. The plugin automatically creates modal links from the resized images, and saves the thumbnail pictures too, for faster loading of images.

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Reviews: 1
I've been used to simple yet working image handling in articles built-in Wordpress. It took me few hours to find simple and working plugin able to resize images for me with no extra work, but now I found it! I had some errors with initial setup - and author almost immediately provided me with customized .php and offered further help. Now all works, great plugin. Thank you!
Reviews: 9
This plugin is very powerful and easy to use. Create responsive galleries inside articles with prev and next navigation in the lightbox in just seconds. The only thing you need to do is resize the images. Thank you for the great work!
Reviews: 19
Installed and working in less than 5 minutes! Works very well and is very easy to use, just resize the image and you're done. Thank you
Reviews: 11
I needed a plug-in that could create thumbnails on any part of a site (module, articles, etc..), and this one did it. Nice feature list and works for Joomla 3.x.

Only downside is that you have to use a certain editor for this to work. You have to insert an image, then resize it. This extension will insert the smaller image as a thumbnail and make it clickable for full size.

I think it would make this the best if it had it's own syntax so you could use your own editor.

Great extension! Thanks!
Reviews: 3
very good, very easy to use just what I was looking for joomla 3.x, great job
Reviews: 1
Great plugin! Installed without problems (Joomla-3). A good arsenal of options display the original image. Simple and easy to use. Of wishes, it would be good to add a watermark to overlay, as well - rating Excellent!
Reviews: 2
This plugin has become one of my top tools in any installation of joomla. Powerfull yet simple. Great job from the developer team.
Reviews: 1
Just add an image to your article, resize it and you're done. I couln't be easier.
A real thumbnail is automatically created and stored, so the plugin is also very traffic-friendly.
In addition the developper is very helpful and responsive.
Great plugin, thank you very much!