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mavik Thumbnails Popular Plugin

Editor's Note
  • The additional script Highslide JS is not free for commercial use
Simple plugin for automatic creation thumbnails. You need only insert original image to article and resize to necessary size.

- create thumbnail and replace original image to thumbnail;
- add link for pop-up window: Slimbox, Highslide (for non-commercial sites - or Joomla Modal;
- add link to full text for blogs and frontpage (Compatible with: native Content, MyBlog, IdoBlogFree. It's easy create adapters for others components.);
- default sizes for full text and for blogs (and frontpage);
- proportions: keep aspect ratio, cut to fit, keep area, stretch;
- include/exclude images with the specified classes;
- works with remote images;
- show magnifying glass (image or cursor) at thumbnails;
- compatible with Mootools 1.1 and 1.2;
- compatible with Joomla 1.5 and 1.6.

Languages: English, Germany (Alexander Bredo), Russian, Ukrainian, France, Serbian (Latin and Cyrillic, Nikola Arezina), Bulgarian (Alexandr Sidorov), Turkish (Burak Güner), Spanish and Catalan (lluis Jaime López), Greek (George Betsis), Estonian (Rivo Zängov), Italian, Polish (Paweł Zaremba).

Requires: PHP5, GD2.

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Reviews: 2
The plugin is great, but there is something weird happening. If I put multiple images in one article, the thumbnails are reduced to 1x1 pixel. This only occurs in IE, not in FF. I use Joomla 1.5 and it didn't help to dissable links to scripts.
Reviews: 1
It's very easy to use when you understand it even when there are no very clean instructions. Using Chrome I couldn't resize the images as illustrated on the thumbnail so I just specified a width and/or height manually to the image and saved it. The plugin creates the thumbnail for you and adds a link to the original one.

Thanks for this handy extension.
Reviews: 1
I have been using this extension for several years - love it. Simple and works.
Reviews: 19
Very easy to use. Just add an image to the article then resize with the cursor. That's it! Save article and see the result.
Nice thanks
Reviews: 5
This is simple and excellent "must have" extensions.
I use it on all my sites.

Simple 4 steps:
install extension
upload image in article
resize image (images) to necessary size.
save article.

That's all!
Reviews: 1
It's really simple to use. Saves lots of time messing about resizing images and adding rel="" tags to links for popups.
You just resize in the editor and hit save. Done.

Great plugin.
Reviews: 4
I installed it, tried to use it as it was written here but it didn't work as it should. Than I checked for something like a manual, website of the developer or the demo site. Well, long story short... couldn't find anything. Nothing like a "how to do". Just uninstalled it again.
Reviews: 1
The best image plugin. Take it and install it. No problems at all.
I would recommend the author to insert the option to add a watermark over the image. It would be the perfect plugin.
Reviews: 2
This is an excellent plugin and I use it in most of my sites. Makes dealing with images for blog articles a lot easier. However, I tried using in a 1.7 site and it appears that it is not yet compatible. There is a huge black border around the image (though it does resize it). Look forward to a fix. I will recommend this plug in every time. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1

I installed the plugin, is perfect for how simple it is.

I have a problem with the route Thumbnails

If the test page looks

I really do not see the thumbnails, I checked and there, but there
an error in the path, looking at the direction of the thumbnail indicates

When the right direction would


where I can fix, thanks
Reviews: 1
I was using this plugin along 1 year ago with joomla 1.5, now i migrate to joomla 1.7. Please, update the awesome plugin.

Thanks :D
Reviews: 1
Very good plugin. Only you have to resize the image since you do y. .. article that's all.

The only thing I questioned is that the animation displayed when you zoom is rough or dry, and would be good if you could set up the animation.

Congratulations, it's a very useful Plugin
Reviews: 1
Beautiful, works perfectly !

In my case :
All my images come from a remote site
But we can not define a remote directory for thumbnails
Reviews: 29
One of the best plugin to resize images. It reduce page loading time and bandwidth use. Should be installed on every site.
Reviews: 3
I am pretty new to Joomla having only developed three sites with it to date. Felt I had to leave a review for this as it just works so well.

Couldn't be simpler to install and use and the visual effect is great too. Can't think of a negative.

Thank you for such a great extension!
Reviews: 1
This is an absolutely perfect little extension that functions perfectly and creates simple, excellent thumbnail galleries inside an article.

I highly recommend this to anyone, particularly Joomla n00bs.
Reviews: 3
This extension is excellent: as soon as it's installed and the plugin is activated, it works smoothly with no additional configuration necessary. I use mootools menus and some article slider modules, and this doesn't seem to conflict with anything, which is also a nice benefit. I use JCE as my wysiwyg editor, and I was glad to see that no extension specific plugin was required.

It would be nice if there were a support forum.

I'm using this extension in a site for a State Park, in which I'm using SobiPro as a directory for the park. Unfortunately, when I add entries via the Sobi editor (also uses JCE wysiwyg), Mavik Thumbs doesn't work. I saw the post below about editing the Joomla 1.5 template to get it to work in categories, and I assume this is the same sort of issue.
Reviews: 2
Hello, it works fine with articles, but not with category description.
Is it possible to make it work with categories

Owner's reply

In categories plugin work only in Joomla 1.6
In Joomla 1.5 you must rewrite template of categories.

Reviews: 1
I really love this plugin. It performs a feature that should be in core Joomla! It saves me from having to manually create thumbnails and then presents nicely sized images to the users of my site.

Unfortunately, this plugin sometimes gives an error on some pages when using the highslide option. It shows up as a javascript error 'hs.addSlideshow(. . .) with hs not defined'. Not sure why. Support is hard to find as the author's website is not in English and I can't find an email nor contact point. But I work around this for now by not using highslide. If this error was fixed, it could earn an excellent!
Reviews: 1
Very Very good.

Only one things is missing for me.
I'm using the option "For image not resized" to put the max size of image in an article.
But if the size of the image is forced to big... It should be cool to resize it...

In one way, i would like to have the option "For image (resizd or not) bigger that the default size".

Should be great, not ?
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