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Editor's Note
  • The additional script Highslide JS is not free for commercial use
Advanced plugin for creating thumbnails with a simple to use. You need only insert original image to text and resize to necessary size.

- create thumbnail and replace original image to thumbnail;
- add link for pop-up window: Slimbox, Magnific Popup, Highslide (for non-commercial sites -;
- add link to full text in blogs;
- default sizes;
- proportions: keep aspect ratio, cut to fit, keep area, stretch;
- include/exclude images with the specified classes;
- works with remote images;
- add meta-tag og:image;
- different settings for different contexts;
- compatible with Joomla 1.5 - 3.x.

For developers:
- html-code can be replaced in template;
- you can use your own type of pop-up window, only put it in decorators/popups;
- you can write your own handler for contexts, put in in decorators/context;
- thumbnail generator is separated to library mavik/thumb, you can use in your extensions or templates.

Languages: English, Germany, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Brazil, Estonian.

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Reviews: 3
This is great. Thanks!!!
I really appreciate your work.
I would like to let you know that there are two issues with Firefox 4.0/Chrome. When I use Slimbox mode is not showing the pictures properly (25% only). No problem with earlier versions of those browsers. Also there is one tiny thing when I use Higslides mode. It is showing transparent png images even when I exclude them using the advance parameters. Joomla Modal is working just fine on any of those browsers.
Thank you very much for this extension.
Reviews: 2
Hi, thank you for providing this plugin. It is what I was looking for, and it is easy to use and works perfectly.
I had a warning message displayed on the index page, and I could not understand why. I sent an email to Vitaliy, and he replied back to me quickly, and solved the issue! I cannot express how much I appreciate to Vitaliy. He and his plugin is my life saver! Thank you so much :)
Reviews: 3
Thank you for your plugin! It works exactly as it should!

We would like to be able to use mavik Thumbnails in the module.
Thank you for your work!
See how it works mavik Thumbnails available here:
Reviews: 11
I was looking for a way to upload and keep original image, have thumbs in blog view and a medium image or original image on article site, if needed resize image and auto thumbnail generation. I wanted to add just path to original image within article, so I am not dependent on a specific extension. This way I can move images and just edit path in database for all or go on with another extension once support of used one expires with future joomla extensions.

Mavik thumbnails does all this and right now is my favourite solution for adding images in articles. Very nice work!!! I actually tested your extension because it was ready for Joomla 1.6!!! Greetings from Germany
Reviews: 1
I installed the plug-in and enabled it, nothing happens. I added an image to an article and it will not create the pop-up. With no directions for use to assure that I have not missed anything, I am stuck.
Reviews: 1
The plugin is working great, I did discover that I could not get it to work using Chrome 10.0 (I do not have any extensions installed)however it worked perfectly in IE9.0 Didn't have time to experiment/troubleshoot I noticed cool-j had problem getting it to work
Owner's reply

Send me e-mail with URL of your site.

Reviews: 12
One of the best plugins Ive used! Works out of the box, quick and easy... and saves hours of work!! Congrat!
Reviews: 3
well i have used this extension on my website. This fulfills all the requirements that I needed. Clicking on an image, leads you to the article details and also the image pop out way is very good. Thanks mavik.
Reviews: 2
A must have plugin!
Works every time and saves me tons of work and time!

Easy to setup and use.
Reviews: 27
There are no documentation on how to use this plugin. The demo site is in Russian - what is the syntax of this plugin? I wonder why the developers do not mention anything on the description
Owner's reply

This plugin does not require documentation. Everything has already been described in the description: You need only insert original image to article and resize to necessary size.
And it has no syntax - it does not require insertion of a special code in the text.

Reviews: 1
This plugin has worked on EVERY install of Joomla i have. I would HIGHLY recommend this plugin!

I am faced with one problem however. I have not been able to get this plugin to work on images in the category description. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
Reviews: 1
I installed it on my new J1.6 association website. Got an error at first, sent an email, and Mavik uploaded a fixed version within hours !
Now working just fine, very easy to use.

One little remark : we could use some english documentation and an example, the link to a russion website is a bit rough. 2 Pages would be enough.

Thumbs up !
Reviews: 6
After testing a few other extensions to enlarge all the small pictures of my website (about 160x 200 pix) to 800x600, I choosed Mavik thumbnails, and it is almost perfect.
It would be completely perfect if it didn't make conflict with my mootools slider in the header.
Owner's reply

You can turn off java-scripts in settings of plug-in if its conflict with others scripts.

Reviews: 4
This is a must if you want Joomla to have any chance of working like a blogging platform.
Reviews: 8
After trying many solutions for automatic generation of miniatures, this is definitely my favorite. It has the big advantage of not requiring any tags (it just checks if the image has been resized). This means that if you uninstall it, all pages will stay just as they are : no ugly code left behind, simply the images won't be clickable anymore.
The opening effects are clean and work out of the box (highslide used to bug on chromium but this has been fixed in the last version).
Such a nice plugin would have deserved a page on the developer's site. (Apologies if there is one : I do not read ukrainian, and Google translate did not help me find it neither). Something like a changelog or a roadmap would be informative.
In the end, I've been using this extension for more than one year on several sites and it has always proven simple and reliable. Thank you very much !
Reviews: 2
I've registered in the community for the first time for this review.

This plugin really works perfectly. I've encountered some problems when trying to integrate the windows live writer application
RPC-XML plugin and Highslide plugin.

The aim was to use comfortable interface of WinLiveWriter to publish content easily with Highslide effects automatically attached to images of the article.

JoomSlide and other plugins, unfortunately, didn't work and onclick method was removed when publish by XML-RPC.

So, adding class="mavik" (or whatever name u want) attribute to the image is the solution because this beautiful plugin does not only creates highslide effect but also converts images on category and frontpage view to links to articles and this option is also very, very, very useful.

Reviews: 1
an excellent plugin without great options configured to behave and appreciate excellent option especially for links to articles
Reviews: 3
I use this plugin for several years. Working great, even as a simple photo-gallery within an article. The upgrade came after long time. It works good with few new features, unfortunately it corrupts my Rocketheme News Pager module in EI8. Kind of automated thumbnail creation of the module issue. Never mind, I went back to the older mavik plugin, happy again. I wish to find a fix for my problem. Otherwise I recommend this plugin.
Owner's reply

Write me by e-mail about your problem.

Reviews: 9
Very usefull thanks
Reviews: 1
Can I change the language in highslide-popup?
Owner's reply

In file plugins/content/mavikthumbnails/highslide.php
before line 35:
// Add the controlbar
insert like it:
hs.lang = {
loadingText : "Загрузка...",
playTitle : "Просмотр слайдшоу",
pauseTitle: "Пауза",
previousTitle : "Предыдущее изображение",
nextTitle : "Следующее изображение",
moveTitle : "Переместить",
closeTitle : "Закрыть (Esc)",
fullExpandTitle : "Развернуть до полного размера",
restoreTitle : "Кликните для закрытия картинки, нажмите и удерживайте для перемещения",
focusTitle : "Сфокусировать",
loadingTitle : "Нажмите для отмены"

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