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mavik Thumbnails Popular Plugin

Editor's Note
  • The additional script Highslide JS is not free for commercial use
Advanced plugin for creating thumbnails with a simple to use. You need only insert original image to text and resize to necessary size.

- create thumbnail and replace original image to thumbnail;
- add link for pop-up window: Slimbox, Magnific Popup, Highslide (for non-commercial sites -;
- add link to full text in blogs;
- default sizes;
- proportions: keep aspect ratio, cut to fit, keep area, stretch;
- include/exclude images with the specified classes;
- works with remote images;
- add meta-tag og:image;
- different settings for different contexts;
- compatible with Joomla 1.5 - 3.x.

For developers:
- html-code can be replaced in template;
- you can use your own type of pop-up window, only put it in decorators/popups;
- you can write your own handler for contexts, put in in decorators/context;
- thumbnail generator is separated to library mavik/thumb, you can use in your extensions or templates.

Languages: English, Germany, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Brazil, Estonian.

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Reviews: 1
One of the extensions that i'm setting up on each site. Works every time.

Would even be better if it was possible to set up an watermark in the pictures.
Reviews: 2
Very easy to use, just install activate... it works Great!!! Thank you! :)
Reviews: 4
This is one of the best extensions for Joomla! Thank U.
Reviews: 1
I tried this plugin 1 month ago. I didn`t gave atention on loading site at first. But after I checked website few times, it was strange that it load so long. I disabled mavik Thumb plugin and it work as it should. So in next update you could do a fix for that :)
Reviews: 2
So easy to use. No tagging, it just automatically sizes the images to what you define when you add the image to an article. Brilliant. Joomla should do this automatically.

I did run into one issue, when using slim box as the popup method, the popup appears behind my upper menu system. (rocket theme template) There was one post here describing that issue and what they did in the CSS to solve it, but I didn't understand the code they were describing. (I'm not a coder).

But on most templates, it works great, and even in my case the other "modes" of the popup, work fine. Also, there is an option that the thumbnail will take you to the article when in 'blog mode' instead of doing the popup. (once you are in the article, the thumbnails then popup to a larger size)

Absolutely brilliant.

The other other change I would suggest, is a simple button in the plugin setup that will purge the no longer used thumbnails from the system, they do accumulate in there. If you experiment when placing an image, and try 3 or 4 different sizes, then decide on 1... the old thumbnails that were generated during testing still exist in the server. This doesn't hurt anything, but does take up space.

Great job!
Reviews: 3
Thank you for such a wonderful plugin! I am in love with it.
Reviews: 2
This is a very good extension. Very easy to use thanks to the fantastic automation. However, I had to mark it one star down because it does not downscale images in the RSS-feed.
Reviews: 1
installed on ALL of my joomla-installations without any problems!

there's only one thing i've discovered so far: if you want to place an image smaller than the original one into an article and want to create a link to an external site through that image, that won't work, because the mavik-plugin will create the thumbnail AND the link to the full-resolution picture.

so you have to put clickable images always in full-res into your articles.

great work!! thanks a lot =)
Reviews: 1
This is a must have plugin in all J! websites - thanks a lot for developing it .
Reviews: 3
Thanks for all your hard work.
Reviews: 1
Great plugin! Works just fine without any problems. Thanks alot
Reviews: 6
This is a great plugin, specially if you work with images on your site. And is so simple to use it took me a while to figure what to do. All i needed to do was resize the image on my article editor and save it. wow! and works like a charm. I was using multithum, but it seems like is no longer compatible with joomla 1.5. Thank you to the developers for this plugin.
Reviews: 3
This great image enlargement plugin has become one of my "must install" extensions for joomla setups.

Don´t worry if the slimbox layer is showing up on the wrong "layer" (this may happen with some templates like the famous ja_purity I and II), you only have to make some z-index changes to make it work like expected.

P.S.: The new highslide opening function is great.
Reviews: 11
Easy to use and works perfectly ... enough said
Reviews: 2
This extensions works great but every time you change a picture in size (which you probably do a lot) it creates a new thumbnail.

It creates a thumbnail name like 299x240-images-stories-yourfolder-filename-pic1.jpg. This means a lot of data on your server that isn't used and probably doesn't help the SEO of a website.

My idea is that it would be better to have it create a name that just shows filename-thumb1.jpg.
Reviews: 1
Don't consider others, just get this. It's free and super simple to use. Just works perfectly.. what more can you ask?

Thanks for the plugin, it's insanely good. You're a hero.
Reviews: 2
it does exactly what it says, and with very little effort from the editor side.

I am having trouble though with transparent images (both gif and png): the transparent background is displayed as black on the thumbnails, and as grey on the enlarged picture. is there any option I need to fine tune in order to parse transparent images?

I would also like to be able to disable the popup function for certain images, as the nofb="nofb" option of the fboxbot plugin does. is there any way I could tag any image in order to resize it as normal but disable the mouseover interaction and the popup function?
Reviews: 6
One of the best plugin.

Our websites look better with this.
Reviews: 3
thank you for the great ext.
i needed like a day to try to understand how it works.
for those who have problem to understand here is how i made it work.

you need to upload the images that you want to the root of mavik Thumbnails:
then simply add HTML code to disply the image.
the image that will be disply, just give height and width to the image to make it smaller.
then HREF it to the same image.
if u do this, it will work perfect
Reviews: 1
Great, easy to install but I lost a lot of hits due to the slimbox option which gave my site an "Unable to view site" error in IE. I switched it to the Highslide option, which I dont like as much but seems to work now in IE.
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