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Editor's Note
  • The additional script Highslide JS is not free for commercial use
Advanced plugin for creating thumbnails with a simple to use. You need only insert original image to text and resize to necessary size.

- create thumbnail and replace original image to thumbnail;
- add link for pop-up window: Slimbox, Magnific Popup, Highslide (for non-commercial sites -;
- add link to full text in blogs;
- default sizes;
- proportions: keep aspect ratio, cut to fit, keep area, stretch;
- include/exclude images with the specified classes;
- works with remote images;
- add meta-tag og:image;
- different settings for different contexts;
- compatible with Joomla 1.5 - 3.x.

For developers:
- html-code can be replaced in template;
- you can use your own type of pop-up window, only put it in decorators/popups;
- you can write your own handler for contexts, put in in decorators/context;
- thumbnail generator is separated to library mavik/thumb, you can use in your extensions or templates.

Languages: English, Germany, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Brazil, Estonian.

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Reviews: 1
This plugin should be core function. So easy to use. Amazing!

wish one: A lite version only with joomla modal function, without lightbox and highslide.
wish two: Code Commments in english
Reviews: 1
Had a great experience after 4 or 5 other ones didnt do **** for resizing (didnʻt work). This one does what it says it does and hassle free.
Reviews: 6
Thank you at first for talking your time to make this nice extension, mainly this is a VERY Simple yet POWERFUL plugin for joomla, that after you install and enable. will let you to click on any image(re sized) to be viewed on 3 beautiful Lite box, Sandbox etc effects....

I just came back to submit the review, Great Module.. Thanks a lot mi8
Reviews: 6
This is a great plugin. I was worried about it being to code heavy, but its as light as can be.

Reviews: 3
Its an excellent, elegant and awesome plugin.
Easy to use and works like dream.

Only I do not know how I should set some space between the article text and the floadted img, since when I put some value into the editing box of image in the editor, it gets cleared.
Reviews: 4
Mavik Thumbnails is the only thumbnail plugin that played in every joomla site i have tried (including windows and linux servers) with no problems.

I have made a little modification, so that the plugin creates thumbnails not for every resized image, but only for those who belong in a specific class. I describe those changes in case someone needs them:

In file mavikthumbnails.php, change line 156 from:

if ( $this->img->getHeight() || $this->img->getWidth() )


if ( ($this->img->getHeight() || $this->img->getWidth()) && $this->img->getClass() == 'mavik' )

In file imgtag.class.php, under the line 80 add the following:

$this->_class = @$this->_attributes['class'];

and at line 127 under the function getWidth() add this one:

function getClass()
return $this->_class;

Afterwards upload these two files to the folders plugins/content and plugins/content/mavikthumbnails respectively (replace the original ones).

From now on, to create a thumbnail for an image in an article, you have to define that the image belongs to class "mavik" (e.g. ) and use the mouse to resize the image in the editor. That's all.
Reviews: 3
No adding class names. No limitations on size or shape of your thumbnails. No fugly text hanging outside the picture frame. No editing code of any description.

Just install (via Joomla), insert an image (via Joomla) and resize to a smaller size (in the article editor via Joomla, just as you'd do now). In short, do *nothing* any differently than how you do it now... except you get beautiful slimbox displays of the images in your article - automatically.

I'm in love with this extension!
Reviews: 1
This plugin is very easy and runs well!
In my opinion only one thing is missing - the possibility to switch off the thumbnail-making for separate images. Sometimes you have to resize pictures but you altough do not want to have a big version of it on click...that would make it even better!
Thank you!
Reviews: 1
This is a 5 star plugin. It does everything I wanted it to do.

If you resize an image within the article, then all the images will pop-up with that particular article.

However, if in another article, you do not resize any images, then no pop-up will appear. Which is great because it means you have more control over which images you want as a gallery.

Bad Points:

The developer should provide some documentation and images, to show exactly how to plugin should be installed, set-up properly and to show how one should edit the images.

Other than the above point (which is immaterial) this is a great plugin. Thanks a million.
Reviews: 7
This plug in is exactly what I needed. Many thanks to the developer. I will be donating to the coffee fund for this one!
Reviews: 2
Very nice peace of work. Best plug-in ever. The plug-in did make my site crash all of a sudden. The page with a large file stayed blank. Disabling the plugin the website solved it. After enabling logging I found out that the PHP memory limit was exceeded. In my case this could be solved by adding a .htaccess file in the root of the web space with just one line:

php_value memory_limit 16M

Did not find any support site or forum so I thought of sharing the info here.
Reviews: 1
It's a wonderful plugin, very easy to use... but... doesn't run in IE7: "cannot open the Web page". I lost many visits until find this problem (I do not use IE, of course, but many people uses). I tried to fix the problem (behavior.php),
but it did not work ... has no support for me (in English or Portuguese) .. unfortunately ..
Owner's reply

Write me e-mail and detailed describe your problem and give me link to your site.

Reviews: 1
Must say that this is one of the most usefull plugins on this site.

In the era of mootools and jquery framework, i suggest you to make also options with some known boxes with moo and jq, ofcourse if u have time.

However, great plugin!
Reviews: 1
thanks for this excellent plug-in.
i upgraded from 0.8.2 to 0.8.4 and all my images are recognized as thumbs apparently isThumb is not working right for me.
Reviews: 4
It's standard on every site I build now. Thank you!!
Reviews: 1
It's so simple I didn't realise all I had to do was to insert the image into the editor, resize it manually, save it and everything else is done for me.

Only issue I encountered was that the Highslide and Modal popup options conflicted with the Joomulus component but otherwise the Slimbox works just fine.

An awesome plugin.
Reviews: 1
I have tried this extension... it's just great!

Easy To Install Easy To Use :)

But I have encountered one problem, which it that it conflicts with "Sample Image Gallery" that am already using in my articles

the problem occur when I use them in the same article.. in that case all SIG images will become the same as mavik image!

but am still using it independently in some articles.

Reviews: 1
Great extension. I am just having one small problem. The images link and when I click them, it shows the image like a normal link, no effects or nothing.
Reviews: 1
Great extension!

Just a suggestion...

It would be cool if the image pop-up limited it's size automatically to the browser window. That way you could just put any image of any size in the article, resize it for thumbnail, and when the user clicked on it, it wouldn't take up more than the screen size. If the user wanted to view the image larger than that, the pop up could have a link to download or view image in original size. I know the author could(and should) resize to a more user friendly size before upload, but this idea just adds more image options and leaves rooms for lazyness.

Anyways, I love it! Great Job!
Reviews: 1
It's very very good plugin end it's works! Thanks for working..
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