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mavik Thumbnails Popular Plugin

Editor's Note
  • The additional script Highslide JS is not free for commercial use
Advanced plugin for creating thumbnails with a simple to use. You need only insert original image to text and resize to necessary size.

- create thumbnail and replace original image to thumbnail;
- add link for pop-up window: Slimbox, Magnific Popup, Highslide (for non-commercial sites -;
- add link to full text in blogs;
- default sizes;
- proportions: keep aspect ratio, cut to fit, keep area, stretch;
- include/exclude images with the specified classes;
- works with remote images;
- add meta-tag og:image;
- different settings for different contexts;
- compatible with Joomla 1.5 - 3.x.

For developers:
- html-code can be replaced in template;
- you can use your own type of pop-up window, only put it in decorators/popups;
- you can write your own handler for contexts, put in in decorators/context;
- thumbnail generator is separated to library mavik/thumb, you can use in your extensions or templates.

Languages: English, Germany, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Brazil, Estonian.

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Reviews: 106
Very nicely done! I love how well designed this is! A very well made solution for my site for those smaller photo's, makes less hasile for linking images to there originals. Thanks for creating this! Cheers Josh Lewis.
Reviews: 3
I really like the pligin, but found a minor misfunction: if I change an image size with several iterations (i.e. more than one mouse click) it gets thumbnail dimensions of the first iteration only. I think it's better to get final dimensions that are when I save the article.
Owner's reply

Plugin don't work when you're editing article. It work when showing article. As others content plugins.

Reviews: 1
After I've tried before from 5 to 8 other light/slim/thick"boxes", this were the first, which without any hacking worked on Opera.
Best regards...
Reviews: 12
Helped my editors and saved my time
You're my hero :D
Reviews: 7
This Plugin Does What it say.
You only have to simply insert the image into article, resize it according to Your requirement.
it will automatically detect the resized image and show thumbnail....
Great Job
Reviews: 1
I've got a client with images all over her site that she would love to have the ability to pop out.

My question: Anyone know of a javascript or other wise way to give these images printability? mabye class, or maybe another plugin...

Great Job...
Reviews: 4
This must be the best way to generate single thumbnails/slimbox. Definately beats all the other ways I've seen.

Though the CSS needs to be edited. Some z-index need to be added to #lbOverlay {, #lbCenter, #lbBottomContainer {, #lbImage {. I added 997, 998 & 999.

Otherwise the slimbox will not be at top. For instance my menu and an extra plugin for showing voting stars were in front of the black slimbox background and the photo.
Reviews: 10
This is about as simple as it gets, and that's exactly what I was expecting. Everything "just works" as intended.
Reviews: 1
I love this plugin! I installed it and all I have to do is insert the image, resize it (smaller) and I'm done. It appears as a clickable thumbnail in my article! How simple is that?! Great idea!
Reviews: 4
Just installed on Joomla 1.5.9.

Works great. Simply to use. Just the right amount of functionality and no more. Very well thought out.

Apparently, there's an incompatibility with 1.5.9 - When you have more than 4 articles that use mavikThumbnails, the website theme gets fried for that category and when you go to the blog-view, it shows only one article in the upper-left hand corner of the browser window.

I reported this to Vitaliy and he fixed it for me -- immediately.

I don't know what he did to fix it, but I'm sure he'll report it here for others who may have the problem.
Reviews: 30
What a great timesaver. No more making thumbnails by hand for your articles. No paramenters, you just insert your full size image and resize it. The plug-in senses it and creates the thumbnail invisibly behind the scenes. It's MAGIC!

I am using the Joomla Modal setting in the plugin because the Slimbox had a small conflict.

Important: If all you see is a link instead of a thumbnail, just use JoomlaXplorer or similar component to change the thumbnail component to writable.

Reviews: 1
This plugins so simple, but this is really great, no need to add another css custom like other similiar plugin.

Reviews: 2
It is a great plugin, really easy to uplaod it and works immediately!
Reviews: 1
I like, it makes life simpler. I have only one, pictures popup even before readmore in intro text, it would be more helpful if it make a link to article or if not possible not pop up before tag read more
Reviews: 9
Just a note for potential users that this plug-in does not work with images in modules -- even custom HTML modules, but only content items. You also can't "fool" it by using "include content item" to publish a content item to a module position. Too bad!
Reviews: 3
At last! After hours of trying different gallery plugins, I found that mavik Thumbnails is a nice simple plugin that simply does what I simply want to do - throw up a larger image in a lightbox if I have resized it. Brilliant!

With it enabled you add your picture to your content normally, resize it from the original, change the default alt text (usually picked up from the file name) to what you want the viewer to read when they click on the picture, and save.

Set and forget! Easy! Thanks!
Reviews: 2
Very useful extension, very good idea. But in Opera 9.52 does not work OK - after the click on thumbnail no big image is displayed, but smaller then thumbnail...
Reviews: 2
Had to register just to review this extension. Should be a part of standard Joomla install.

Use: Re-size an image, then it automatically will link to full size version. Don't re-size an image nothing changes. Exactly as expected.

Thank you!
Reviews: 2
For those who would like to change the default thumbnails dir: don't forget to set write permisions on it.
Ideea for improvement: the full size picture appears over when you hold mouse over it some time (no clik). The problem would appear when the picture is bigger then your screen size :) . If not, the full size picture should disspear when you move the mouse away of the thumbnail area.

Anyway... it is excellent in this version also!
Reviews: 2
This is a great plugin - automatic, tiny, fast.

If it could create a gallery (like MultiThumb) it would be practically perfect.
If I could exclude it from certain pages (like MultiThumb) it would be perfect!
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