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JUMultiThumb PluginExtension Specific Addon

JUMultiThumb - best multilanguage plugin for resize image in article, blog, category and categories, and featured.

Multifunction plugin for creating thumbnails of images, using JQuery and Mootools LightBox libraries (plug-ins) and watermark, link to image in blog, many more...

Supported image formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .tiff, .tif, .wmf.

Multilanguage: English, Russian, Spanish (Argentinian), Dutch (Belgium/Flemish), Ukrainian, Belarusian.

Help to translate:

English Support:

Russian Support:,276.0.html

Ukrainian Support:

v 4.0.9:
1. Fixed 6 bugs

1. Fixed gallery (replace root folder /images/stories to /images/)
2. Fixed editor button

v 4.0.8:
1. Fixed modal page (UTF-8 support for Cyrillic)
2. Add Thai (th-TH)

1. Fixed link to original image (jpg, png, gif, bmp)
2. Fixed display gallery for blog view
3. Fixed languages

1. Fix: Replace deprecated function split to explode for support PHP 5.3.x

v 4.0.7:
1. New: Add gallery with lightbox
2. New: Add plugin editor button for gallery
3. Update languages
4. More feature...

1. Update Dutch (Belgium/Flemish) (nl-BE)

1. Update Belarusian and Russian
2. Fixed parameters for items menu
3. Small fixed.

v 4.0.6:
1. New simple toggle user interface!!!
2. New: Supported image formats .tiff, .tif, .wmf
3. New: Use ImageMagick
4. New: Default output image format (jpg, png or gif)
5. New: Cache max. age, size and files
6. New: Allow thumbnailing from any domains
7. Add: Dutch (Belgium/Flemish) (nl_BE). Thanks to Frank Joris (Dutch (BE) Translation Team).
8. Add new string and fixed English, Belgium/Flemish, Spanish (Argentinian), Russian and Ukrainian
9. Add: No link to article image for print

v 4.0.5:
1. New: Add JQuery plug-in Fancybox
2. New: Thumbnail crop top-left X position
3. New: Thumbnail crop top-left Y position
4. Add: Belarusian language (be-BY). Thanks to Prywid.
5. Add: Spanish (Argentinian) language (es-AR). Thanks to Tuxmerlin.
6. Fixed English, Russian and Ukrainian
7. Fixed watermark for all images in article
8. Fixed max width and max height for original image
9. Fixed notice for watermark upload
10. Fixed notice for CSS edit

v 4.0.4:
1. New: Keep the original image as is, without creating a thumbnail, use custom CSS class
2. New: Thumbnail size allow big than max size images
3. New: Custom code for Lightbox
4. Fixed width and height image attribute
5. Fixed languages

v 4.0.3:
1. Fixed bug 'view' and 'layout'
2. Fixed English language
3. Fixed link for style

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Reviews: 1
I have used this extension, but for security I backed up the images directory to local. You can mess up your images if you don't understand the implications of some settings. I didn't need the backup in the end, but I'm better safe than sorry.
After activating the plugin it goes to work. Look at your frontend to see what happens. If you have a lot of smaller images than set in "Article, Blog, Category, Featured settings" width and height in for instance article and featured, you'd better set "Thumbnail size allow big than max size images" and "Crop image (Zoom Crop)" to "No".
Having set that it looks just great. Clicking on the generated thumbnail on the frontend gives the orignal image in a Lightbox. Very cool. Kudoos Denys!
Reviews: 3

I find this a very good plugin. Everything works fine, and it looks great. However this plugin does not work when the plugin "read less text" is enabled. I find this very unfortunate, as I would really like to use this extension. I try to e-mail the developer on his site, however everything is in russian so I could not find an e-mail address. I really hope the delevelopper could help me out, cause I really want to use this great extension!

Look forward to the support.
Reviews: 1
Good plug-in but not sure why it has to add the 'juimage' class to every image on the entire site when selecting No to thumbnail all images. Seems unnecessary bloating to me and it messes up some styles of images.
Owner's reply

In active mode all image regeneration automatic!

Reviews: 3
Thanks for great plugin, I just have one problem I can`t fix, I `m adding more items to one of menus, connecting to aticles and when old items don`t have thumbs like I wanted, new ones resize pics and make small, how can I exclude some articles, menu items? Thanks for help.
Reviews: 1
Hello plugin works great on frontpage but i can't enable it for articles, its no different if i set yes or no for "Don't create thumbnails for the Article" in article tab. How to set this?

How to enable it for article to set size for whole images in articles (different than on frontpage and blog), with popup in light-box to see orginal size of images?
Reviews: 1
Well done on the Plugin. It is awesome and I always use it. But I am having problems with 3. Does not create thumbnails. Had to go back to 2.5. Please let us know if it is fixed or is there something else we have to do.
Thank you for your hard work
Reviews: 4
This is a very good extension for manage images. Probably de best on Joomla, but I do not understand the language of the support forum. This is a big problem.

One suggestion: would be great if we can show the watermark on frontpage, and not only inside articles.
Owner's reply

Well, I do, means a watermark on the front page and blogs.

And I will make one very useful feature, which surprised everyone ;)

Reviews: 1
I used version 2.3 in a previous project without any problems at all.

With version 2.5 I have the problem that all thumbnails only show the error image - no matter what I do. If I click on the error Image it opens the actual image as intended.

I have no idea what's the reason for that behaviour. I had no problems with v2.3 and can't find out why 2.5 does not work for the thumbnails.

Anyone any ideas?

Best regards
Reviews: 2
Solve all my website styling problems.
Thanks to Denis.
Reviews: 5
Everybody have problems puting imgs more big than the Column width size...
but with your plugin that problem is forgotten!

Thanks for dev this!
is very usefull.

PS: please note that is not compatible with others plugins effects using Mootools like Lightbox, etc...
but i think that it is the best!
Reviews: 1
This plugin really does help you to create uniform blog layouts. a great feature is the option to set different parameters for different menu items. The negative side of this plugin (and it has been raised several times below already)is that it cannot work with external content, so if you have rss feeds creating articles, it shows an error image. Unfortunately the developer does not repsond to email support and the forum is in russion (I think). i really hope this is fixed soon, than it's perfect.
Reviews: 1
I tried every article image resizer plugins, this is the best but i am having some issues still there is no solution for it. When i open system cache, guests see error image in articles. Also the support page is only russian.
Reviews: 1
Easy and good image handler but the generated thumbs looses any transparecy the original image might have had. Lots of options to customize in back-end.
Reviews: 1
I love this plugin. It is great for user submitted content on your front page. It keeps a consistent look, makes the full size image available, and eliminates the need for anyone posting to do an image resizing....very cool.

I am having a problem creating thumbnails for links to images that are offsite. Is it possible for this plugin to create a thumbnail for these?

I did discover the path to the error notification image (error.png).

{your joomla root}/plugins/content/jumultithumb/error/error.png

Just upload your own error png into this location with this name and you are all set. Very handy.

Thanks again for a great plugin.
Reviews: 1
Hello, very thanx for this great plugin! Cropped thumbnails miss in joomgallery. Cool job!
Reviews: 5
I was looking for a plugin that would give me a pretty simple functionality (or so I thought!). I simply wanted things on the front page to be thumbs, meanwhile the printed image/article image remained full sized.

This did that with ease! (I had tried a few others with less fortunate results) After initial install, I set the parameters and enabled it. It worked flawlessly and did exactly what I wanted to.

I'm glad I've found this plugin because although I'm only use a small portion of what this can do - I know that it can do anything I might need in the future.

This will be a 'must have' on any of my future sites.
Reviews: 3
well, it works, but made me quite a headache:
- lightboxes dont work at all
- with standard joomla editor there is no way to choose the image in the way you normally do, it seems this component disables the given option.
means you gotta write the path to the image manually, what is incredibly tedious, as you can guess.
- if the name of image in database contains spaces, error image will appear instead after the article being edited again, though the image itself wasnt touched, just text
- links to the 3d parties inside

all in all, it works better (almost ideally) with jce editor.
Reviews: 5
I think it's really irreplaceable extension, a must have for studio website. Good luck to author!
Reviews: 3
This is so far the best image plugin in Joomla! If you miss this, it is your loss!
Reviews: 1
This is great, very similar to Image Cache for another CMS.

If the error image comes up it's because images that were loaded onto the site prior to activation of the plugin weren't processed, Im guessing.

I will probably use this on every Joomla Site I build. Very essential needs to be in the core. Thanks for making this developer, I about gave up on Joomla being any use without these basic necessities, image thumbnail creation.

Could you make a module that's compatible?

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