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JUMultiThumb PluginExtension Specific Addon

JUMultiThumb - best multilanguage plugin for resize image in article, blog, category and categories, and featured.

Multifunction plugin for creating thumbnails of images, using JQuery and Mootools LightBox libraries (plug-ins) and watermark, link to image in blog, many more...

Supported image formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .tiff, .tif, .wmf.

Multilanguage: English, Russian, Spanish (Argentinian), Dutch (Belgium/Flemish), Ukrainian, Belarusian.

Help to translate:

English Support:

Russian Support:,276.0.html

Ukrainian Support:

v 4.0.9:
1. Fixed 6 bugs

1. Fixed gallery (replace root folder /images/stories to /images/)
2. Fixed editor button

v 4.0.8:
1. Fixed modal page (UTF-8 support for Cyrillic)
2. Add Thai (th-TH)

1. Fixed link to original image (jpg, png, gif, bmp)
2. Fixed display gallery for blog view
3. Fixed languages

1. Fix: Replace deprecated function split to explode for support PHP 5.3.x

v 4.0.7:
1. New: Add gallery with lightbox
2. New: Add plugin editor button for gallery
3. Update languages
4. More feature...

1. Update Dutch (Belgium/Flemish) (nl-BE)

1. Update Belarusian and Russian
2. Fixed parameters for items menu
3. Small fixed.

v 4.0.6:
1. New simple toggle user interface!!!
2. New: Supported image formats .tiff, .tif, .wmf
3. New: Use ImageMagick
4. New: Default output image format (jpg, png or gif)
5. New: Cache max. age, size and files
6. New: Allow thumbnailing from any domains
7. Add: Dutch (Belgium/Flemish) (nl_BE). Thanks to Frank Joris (Dutch (BE) Translation Team).
8. Add new string and fixed English, Belgium/Flemish, Spanish (Argentinian), Russian and Ukrainian
9. Add: No link to article image for print

v 4.0.5:
1. New: Add JQuery plug-in Fancybox
2. New: Thumbnail crop top-left X position
3. New: Thumbnail crop top-left Y position
4. Add: Belarusian language (be-BY). Thanks to Prywid.
5. Add: Spanish (Argentinian) language (es-AR). Thanks to Tuxmerlin.
6. Fixed English, Russian and Ukrainian
7. Fixed watermark for all images in article
8. Fixed max width and max height for original image
9. Fixed notice for watermark upload
10. Fixed notice for CSS edit

v 4.0.4:
1. New: Keep the original image as is, without creating a thumbnail, use custom CSS class
2. New: Thumbnail size allow big than max size images
3. New: Custom code for Lightbox
4. Fixed width and height image attribute
5. Fixed languages

v 4.0.3:
1. Fixed bug 'view' and 'layout'
2. Fixed English language
3. Fixed link for style

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Reviews: 1
downloaded the plugin, installed it with no problems, and activated it...and PRESTO! All my images where changed into the standard error image. To bad the support is only in russian...and this was the perfect plugin for which I have been searching for a while. :( Oh well..
Owner's reply

Your Editor for using?

Reviews: 1
This could be the best image plugin I've ever used for Joomla, but I'm not able to enable lightbox for the frontpage.
Reviews: 8
This is ok for the most part but it needs more work and is not yet ready for production site.

The image conversion is poor from what I have tested even with a 90 quality setting. It also needs to be able to convert to same file type - e.g. if the image is a jpg leave it as a jpg for the thumb as well, if it is a gif, leave it as a gif and so on.

Or better yet add an admin function to enable the setting of the file format the thumb should be created as either globally or for each section or file type.

The admin paramaters needs to be tabbed as it is too long, set it up into tabbed sections.

As said this is fine but not yet mature enough for production site.
Reviews: 2
This is an excellent plugin, however I am confused as how to create a thumbnail gallery in my content items, is this possible with this plugin or do I need another extension?

Reviews: 1
This extension works really nicely when you need a nice big image above the read-more line for your image rotator, but you need a smaller thumbnail for your Front, Section Blog and Category Blog pages.

Only problem for me is that any image padding we apply with our editor (WYSIWYGPro) is lost in the thumbnail version, causing text to wrap too tightly around a floated image.

I suspect I'll be able to alter the CSS to apply a "default" padding amount for Front and Blog pages, but it'd be great if it was a switch in the Plugin Management page.

Very handy extension!
Reviews: 6
This would be the best content thumb plugin but it doesn't remove the original width/height code for blog category. Although the image re-sized it displays with original height/width. Other plugins are remove this code. I'd write an e-mail to author but I don't know his email address and I cant write to the Ukrainian forum...
Owner's reply

Please, deinstall other resize image plugins.

Reviews: 1
This is a very good plugin. I currently use it on my user created content site and it helps so much with uniforming images in posts.

There is only one thing it lacks, that is a simple gallery support.

Adding each image is a pain to do. If I could just have a little tag like SIG does (I.E. {gallery}foldername{/gallery}) and it automatically pulls that folder and displays it all, I would be overjoyed.

Otherwise, brilliant!
Owner's reply

The plugin is a little bit for the other.
But to write a plugin to create a gallery you can, but there are extensions of such plugins.

Reviews: 1
Very nice plug-in thanks, I wait long time this one. ))
Reviews: 97
I tested this plugin recently. The author even forgot to pack up JQuery Lighbox folder and files, but the XML file try to install them at the same time.

Another problem is, this plugin will also try to generate thumbnails for my math equation images which were output by mimiTeX plugin and made those images can't be displayed.

I also tested another famous plugin MultiThumb, MultiThumb can automatically ignore equation images.

I think the author of JUMultithumb should learn something from MultiThumb, if it is possible, please take over the MultiThumb code and continue it, because that project seems been abandoned by its author.

For the equation image issue, you also can add a new option to solve it. This option is: exclude images with "nothumbnail" CSS class name.

Reviews: 1
It creates the thumbnails really quickly and loads up nicely but the problem is that it doesn't resize linked images. I had a lot of pics with the error image. If this got fixed I would use this in a heartbeat!
Owner's reply

Please contact me by e-mail to clarify the error.

Reviews: 4
I was looking for a plugin to cleanup oversized images on my frontpage and in blog/article layouts and this does it great. Two things missing - I'd like to be able to easily tell it to not thumbnail ALL articles, just do if for the frontpage/blogs. It also would be great with an easy way to change the margins around the thumbnail. It may be their but I couldn't find it.
Owner's reply

>I was looking for a plugin to cleanup oversized images on my frontpage and in blog/article layouts and this does it great. Two things missing - I'd like to be able to easily tell it to not thumbnail ALL articles, just do if for the frontpage/blogs.

Good idea! In next version will be.

>It also would be great with an easy way to change the margins around the thumbnail. It may be their but I couldn't find it.

Please use classes "juleft" and "juright" for change margin in your css.

Look example:

float: left;
margin: 0 6px 6px 0;
float: right;
margin: 0 0 6px 6px;

Reviews: 2
hell yeah...finnaly i found what im looking for, this is just a great extensions, and you know its all working automatically. you can set the image quality, image width/height for article, blog and front page, and all done less than a minute. and know all my image in my website resized, not only resized the width or high, but its resize the file size extremely.
once again thanks alot are the man.
Owner's reply

Thank you :)
Coming soon will be updated to be a bit more functional.

Reviews: 106
Wonderful extension, but there's an error. It does'nt seem to want to generate the thumbnails, all my photo's on my site turn into the error image, when you click it, it links to the original. If this were fixed, I would use it, and for sure give it two thumbs way up! Keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing! Hope this someday gets fixed. Cheers Josh Lewis.
Owner's reply

Еhe path to the images should be the /images/stories/image.jpg, and not

Сan be realized, and thumbnail images that are outside of the siteю


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