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EasyImageCaption Plugin

The EasyImageCaption plugin generates captions from images' TITLE or ALT tags in articles and displays them below (or above) the images.
It has been developed as an alternative to Joomla!'s built-in javascript caption solution as well as to the JCE editor's caption plugin.

Before displaying a website the EasyImageCaption plugin searches the article text for images. It then takes the content of an image's ALT or TITLE tag (depending on your plugin settings) to use it as the image's caption. You may restrict the "captionizing" to certain articles or certain images through the plugin's parameters.
The behaviour is very similar to Joomla!'s built-in caption solution, but it does not use any javascript.

EasyImageCaption requires PHP 5.2+ and Joomla! 1.5+. A version for Joomla 1.6+ is available, too.

Reviews are welcome.

Look at the download page for the version history.

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Reviews: 12
Works perfect, easy config and looks great online.
Reviews: 6
As a newspaper journalist by training, I really missed a convenient possibility to add captions to pictures in my various Joomla sites.

This solution comes with everything I desire: Easy to install, easy to adjust, easy to use!

It will become one of my top-10-extensions I use on all my sites. Thank you for the great job!
Reviews: 1
Easy to use, straightforward controls, predictable results. Everything you are looking for in a plugin. Great job.
Reviews: 3
Exactly what I needed!!
Very good job!
Reviews: 2
I'd like to express my thanks like this: Great work, easy to understand, highly customizable, worked out for me in 30 secs. This thing saves a lot of clicks!
Reviews: 13
What a beauty, hugely customisable and hackable to get it to do what you want.

Brilliant job, well done!
Reviews: 6
Exactly what I needed. Thanks :)
Reviews: 14
Very easy to install and configure. The support is good, also. I am using it on a racing cars website and it made my articles more professional and eye catching. The plugin can be configured both by experienced and basic users, but if you have any doubt on how to do anything, just use the author's forum and you will be answered.
Highly recommended.
Reviews: 8
I love it when an extension is simple and just works without fuzz. It has plenty of styling options for the text and it saved me from doing a lot of work. Thanks for this one!
Reviews: 1
As I didn't want to use the original joomla-captioning with javascript, i came to use JCE-captioning. While it does a good job, it's quite extensive to use for multiple pictures. So I was looking for an easier way to create captions.
Fully configurable by css-classes I got EasyImageCaption to work and look like my old captions in only a few minutes. Simply a great plugin!
Reviews: 5
works very well but joomla show some warnings
Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in plugins\content\easyimagecaption.php on line 89 on line 92,95,101,104,121
its little annoying
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review.

It looks like "split()" is deprecated since PHP 5.3. I haven't come across these warnings yet, because I'm still using 5.2. Will get rid of this function.

Reviews: 2
good idea but I could give it 5 stars if it contains the option of mouse over not just below and over the image
Owner's reply

Well, but this isn't a mouse-over plugin. The purpose of EasyImageCaption is to show captions below (or above) images. That's what it was made for, so I don't regard mouse-over as a missing feature.

It sounds interesting though... ;-)

Reviews: 5
I am putting together a complex news site for a client and was looking for a simple method to handle captions. This plugin did the trick. I don't care what others are saying - this is a well thought-out, feature/option-rich plugin.

For the author, I would submit a request to add the ability to adjust padding for the whole image box, as well as border settings - I had to modify the CSS for that.

For everyone complaining - don't blame this author because other components aren't compatible! My advice? Lose the other ones!!
Reviews: 3
I have tried the plugin on several of my Joomla (1.5.10) sites, that also use the JCE plugin. But the problem was, the numerous old captions were not handled correctly. Even though I activated that existing captions should be left untouched, they still were displayed. So on many, many articles in my site, I had two captions underneath each picture. So this plugin for me was no good.
Owner's reply

Sorry, I was not aware of that problem. The feature did work, but there have been a lot of changes to the code since the initial release. So I might have messed that up. Will look into it.

Reviews: 6
Many, thank you very much for making our job easier and give us your time and talent. Do not forget us, we expect the stable version. I am very grateful, very good job.
Reviews: 3
Do not work with the plugin Superblogger JoomlaWorks.
Owner's reply

The problem you described in your forum post and your e-mail is NO EasyImageCaption error. It works as expected. The root of the problem is not an error at all, but lies in the way SuperBlogger handles images.

Therefor I consider this poor review as unjustified.

Reviews: 3
Doesn't work with Title tag. Please fix JCEToolTipFix() function calls on lines 292 and 298 in easyimagecaption.php
Owner's reply

This bug has already been fixed in v0.49beta2. Please use the forum thread or send an e-mail for reporting bugs. Thank you.

Reviews: 20
Simply PERFECT !
It makes the work MUCH easier for both pros and newbies Joomla! admins.
Thanks so much for this plugin.
Reviews: 3
Thanks for creating this extension. Works right away, both IE & Netscape.
Reviews: 3
I was for a long time wondering why there wasn't an easier way to have captions on images and this came along to alleviate that need.

In most cases this plug-in should work handily and the developer was responsive to making a fix to accommodate other plugs (in in my case JUThumbnail 2.2 version - not working with 2.3) that it may conflict with.

Although I don't expect the developer to try and keep up with every add-on that may break as other developers make changes I do appreciate the effort. I'll add this to my list of must have add-ons.
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