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BK-MultiThumb Plugin

BK-Thumb is a multi-purpose image plugin for Joomla that can automatically create thumbnails and popups of the original images, as well as resize the full-size images or add a watermark to them. It can even scramble the images names so that people cannot guess their original non-watermark locations.

For articles shown in blog mode, it can create a link from the first image to the full article for better user navigation.

It can also create a simple photo gallery from any folder by just including one of the images from the folder and give it the description (alt text) "mt_gallery" (or using the new tagging feature).

See the examples and how-to's below for inspiration and instructions!

Please note that when you use BK-Thumb for the first time on a given page, the server has to process all the images which might take quite some time. The same applies when you clear BK-Thumb's cache.

For upgrade install a new version without uninstalling the previous one.

Release 2.5.0:
iLoad gallery
prettyPhoto slideshow
Image grouping for slideshow
Resizing images to user defined size
More watermarking control
Gallery image caption control
Leading images size

Release 2.4.3:
Shadowbox support was added.
thickbox no more supported.
prettyPhoto support was added.
Configuration for blogs and articles was separated.
Transparent color support was added.
Support image type of generated images was added.
IPTC Caption support was added.
Slimbox, prettyPhoto and ShadowBox full control was added.
Watermark article category parameter was added.
Bug fixing.

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Reviews: 4
I work with Joomla! from the very begining of first 1.5 release and over time I tried dozens of extensions. From all a experienced on image resizeing matters this extension is the best with no doubt.

thank you very much guys!

Marius R.
Reviews: 16
This is the very best, by far, of all relevant extensions.
This along with the help of a separate tags extension have saved me from moving to an independent CCK extension, which to my mind would only cause me trouble.

This is so indispensable that it should become part of the core Joomla extensions...

The article generation process is the one that has lagged behind in Joomla, like hdd were slowing down PCs, and this extension, part of the core or not, allows it to make leaps of progress.

It is so versatile I can only call it thoughtful of writers' needs.

I really wish it would be updated to work without any issues with Joomla 2.5

I've been facing two problems:

1) The Slimbox popup is broken for me, it will lead me to a new page with just the image, but the strange thing is that if I click back then it works, but only on second try on all articles, so I can't really use it

2) I can't get the image description to appear with Slimbox on the popup underneath the image, no matter what setting I try.

I really do like the Slimbox engine cause it is so much lighter than the rest and more neutral.

Small issues with a couple of other popup engines (like the image description not showing in full, falling behind the image)....really just small polishing that might need to be done to make for an absolutely perfect extension (I recognize in full the efforts of the developer here, not trying to undermine the amount of work put in already or needed)
Reviews: 19
This is a very nice little extension. It installed easily, and works as specified.

I had a little trouble getting it all going, but once I got all the setting correct for my desired functionality, it works beautifully!

Thanks for a very nice extension, and thank you for the non-commercial price of $0.
Reviews: 7
How flexible can a very simple extension be? Well, look at BK MultiThumb. Its purpose is very simple - resize images to a specified size, a different one in blog view vs in article view and display the image in lightbox when clicked (if configured so).
Again, this seems to be a very simple feature but it's critical to the user experience so that all images are sized identically on the page even if the authors mess up the sizing. And you can turn it off in selected articles or modules by entering a short piece of code.
Can't believe this is not part of core Joomla!
Reviews: 1
This is a must have and is simple to use. Works as expected. Thanks for this!
Reviews: 3
Like other said, this has so many options it's uberflexible. Very good extension. However, I am missing one major option: I want the image in the article to be resized only on the frontpage/in featured items and not when "read more" is clicked. Perhaps the developer of this plugin could be so kind to consider this option? Perhaps you could also add an option to align the thumb to left/right in featured items and where it was originally intended in the article view.

Anyway, thanks for all the good work and comprehensive tooltips in the backend. Helped me a lot ;)
Reviews: 6
The incredible amount of options of this plugin make it almost unbelievable that there is no documentation to be found anywhere. This could have been remedied by clear and explanatory popup tooltips, but these also say next to nothing. Can't give a high rating to an extension that leaves it up to guessing games to learn it.
Reviews: 1
Thank you SO much for this plugin. This thing literally improved the front page of my site by 1000 percent. It looks put together and like I know what the hell I am doing, yet it was so easy, thanks to you. Folks, if you want something that displays images consistently and in a way that integrates nicely with your front page for news articles and other content, USE THIS -- this is the best.
Reviews: 1
I havn't used all of the features yet but it instantly resized the images in my featured articles. Don't ask me why we even needed a plugin for this, but this one is so far working great!
Reviews: 3
thanks for Great Plugin... gogo your plugin is excellent.
Reviews: 4
FINALLY, someone got this right. I've tried two others which promised the moon but could not deliver. This plugin took me 1 minute to install and configure and it does what I wanted, simple as pie. To the developer, great work, I look forward to seeing you take this plugin further.
Reviews: 2
Excellent plugin , so many options , it has anything. great
Reviews: 4
Nice plugin with many functions. However, it lacks a very handy tool : the caption editor.
You need to edit a txt file for your galleries or images, it cannot be done from the plugin manager.
When you are working away from home, with a friend/office/Internet store computer not equiped with an FTP client, it is not possible to change/add captions to your galleries.
Reviews: 8
Excellent plugin! I've tried all others and this one had all options I needed for my project. It was simple and easy to manage, even with no documentation if you know what you want it will be extremely easy to figure out. I will probably use it on many other sites. Thank You for making this plugin and making it free. Cheers M8
Reviews: 3
This is what, I was looking for.
Simple and convenient.
Reviews: 8
It does have a lot of good options but, where do i start? where are the available tags? where do i put them?
There is no documentation on the developer site, searched their forum, nothing.
Seems great but for those who are trying something new, this is not the right choice, just because it lacks good clear documentation for beginners.
Reviews: 27
Very poor documentation and examples that are far from user friendly. Not for intermediate users very difficult to configure and to setup. There are no actual examples of the synthax and the ways to use this. The directions that are provided are not easy to understand. For example: Then include the image in the editor in any way you like: directly with the editor's image icon or indirectly with the {mosimage} tag. What is this {mosimage} and where you put it? Answers that are never answered in the demo site. Sorry I cannot give more than 1 star to this.
Reviews: 4
I cannot rate this plug-in highly enough.

I wanted a way of showing photographs in Articles rather than a (Flash)slide show, but also wanted users to be able to see the image 'full size' on a click and with a lightbox and with a watermark to protect the image. This plugin does all that and more.

It is easy to use but with so many options you will need a few minutes to find out what they all do but that's no complaint!

Best of all is the ability to modify the css at the plugin.

The support and instructions page is extensive and extremely helpful with working examples.

The developer really has thought of everything and it works. Thank you!
Reviews: 4
Firstly, thank you to the developer of this plugin - you have done an outstanding job.

I recently installed Joomla 1.6 - and since I develop a lot of sites with images, I went looking for plugins that use lightbox and other image effects. At the current time, I found there are not that many ready for Joomla 1.6

I went through a couple I did find and after trying a few quickly decided that BK-multithumb was the one for me.

I was very impressed with the amount of options for configuring it and how diverse it is.

I would class myself as an intermediate Joomla user, and found that learning the plugin was relatively easy once I got ahold of the basics, then it was simply a matter of testing out the different possibilities.

Save yourself all the time searching plugins and give this one a go - you may just find it does all you need!

Again, thank you, especially for being on top of things and having the plugin ready for Joomla 1.6 :-)
Reviews: 2
i tried quite a few article image plugins, but this one is by far the best. it has much more options than all the other plugins.
also the author is very active, support of joomla 1.6 was implemnted earlier than by most others.
It also replaces sigplus, sige, ... so you dont need to install one of those anymore.
the only drawbacks:
documentation is a bit outdated (from the original multithumb plugin) and source code is a bit messy
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