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SmartResizer Plugin

Many Joomla! users have faced the need to output articles in a category or section blog layout, especially multi-column, with smaller pictures while retaining their original size inside the article view. It may sometimes also be necessary to include a picture of reduced size accompanied with a link to the full size image in the article view.

SmartResizer plug-in is a universal solution to those needs.

This light plug-in creates two thumbnails for an image inside an article: the first is for inclusion inside the article and the second is for a category or section blog. This makes it possible to create a small thumbnail for a category blog, section blog and front page articles, and a midsize thumbnail for the article view. The plug-in also automatically creates a link to a full-size image if the picture has the thumbnail inside the article. The plug-in can create a third large thumbnail to open as the fullsize image. Nice feature, if a site upload photos directly from the camera with a very large size.

There are some features of the plugin:
- crop or fit image to thumbnail size.
- Auto ajust size of thumbnail, if you set only width or only height of thumbnail.
- Three ways to store thumbnails: in the same folder as original image; in cache folder; in subfolder 'smart_thumbs' of original folder.
- Processing of remote images.
- Three ways to open original image: popup window, Joomla SqweezBox, Highslide effect.
- Allows to show the caption under or above the thumbnail.

Supported image formats: JPG, PNG, GIF.
Languages: English, Russian, French, Spanish, German

Read more at Documentation URL.

Version updates:

verion 1.18:
- Bug fixed: large thumbnail do not open in popup window as original image.
- Allows to show the caption under or above the thumbnail.

verion 1.17:
- Bug fixed: double initialization of Highslide when processing more than 1 image.
- Bug fixed: do not show the full image in Popup window, if the image path is relative.
- Bug fixed: do not show the full image with Highslide effect, if the image path is relative.

verion 1.16:
- Plugin is now compatible with Joomla 3.0.
- Bug fixed: incorrect size detection of the original image.
- Now plugin allows to create large thumbnail for fullsize image. Nice feature, if your users upload photos to site directly from the camera with a very large size. Plug-in can create a thumbnail given size to open fullsize image.

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Reviews: 2
Thanks. It is very useful!

I think use smartresizer to creat thumbnails and use mavikThumbnails to lightbox a lot of image in my article like a gallery is the best way!
Reviews: 2
this is really one of a kind plugin, thx
but it can be even better if you add:

- separate folder for thumbnails
- options to choose different popups for showing full size image (slimbox, lightbox, etc...)
Owner's reply

New version 1.10 can store images in a separate folder (cache folder)

Reviews: 20
I created an account here just to say thanks. It´s an excellent plugin. It does what it says, no errors, no complications at all.
It´s perfect in combination with RokBox libraries !
Reviews: 2
I always wanted a feature like this. I tried the plugin and it works as it says. Great Job Igor. Joomla should incorporate this as a standard feature.
I would suggest one optional feature. When images are shown small (in blog pages, etc), the caption text should not be shown.
Reviews: 7
This little plug is a great. It produced a neat thumbnail of my original image and displays in blog perfectly without disturbing the article headline layout which helps give impact. The only thing I would like to have seen would be an option to use a reduced set of CSS so headlines appeared small in blog area. This would help when listing in columns.
Otherwise this plug is perfect and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to show thumbnails of there images in intros of article while still showing full size image when open.

Reviews: 1
This is exactly what I needed. Installed, set the parameters, tested it and it works as needed, by reducing the size of the photos in the front page blog layout. Thank you.
Reviews: 9
First let me thank Igort for this plug-in and making it available to all of us. The idea of this plug-in is good, but I discovered a little bug and I miss a few things. Other than that it's quite usefull and has the potential to make life quite a bit easier.
Reviews: 1
This is the best plugin I use, very simple and saves me loads of time. Linked with Roxbox all my photo needs are covered.
Reviews: 16
As I'm living my website to my customers for adding item, that plugin is exactly what I needed so I don't have to learn them anymore what the size of a picture is ! Thanks a lot ! :-)
Reviews: 11
Exellent for forcing all front page images to be the same size.

Just needs a way to turn it off on specific images - I have a section where it is thumbnailed and I want the whole image.
Also doesn't work for gifs - must use a jpg or png image format.
Owner's reply

>Just needs a way to turn it off on specific images -
>I have a section where it is thumbnailed and I want the whole image.

You can use "nosmartresize" command in "class" or "id" image property for turn off plugin on specific images.

Reviews: 7
I was desperately looking for a script like this. I tried another, similar plugin but it failed to meet my clients request.
This one resizes all (optional)images in blog view relative to width/height or does squares.
I do not need to worry about authors breaking the layout.
Perfect for my needs, highly recommended to all who want to keep a clean layout but are expecting contributions by low skilled users.

Thanks to the developer!
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