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mooImage_CK Plugin

Adds mootools effects to the images on mouseover.
Just add some class (as defined in the parameters) to your image, that'all.
For example :

Here are the available effects :
- puffy
- opacity
- shake
- corners (adapted from curvycorners) (removed in v.2)
- reflect (from the reflection script)

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Reviews: 20
This is an excellent extension, no doubts about this. I've been using "Digistyle" plugin in the past for Joomla 1.5, but they stoped developing for newer versions. This is quite similar for Joomla 2.5 it's better, light and works great.

What i wish to mention in this review, is that i spent the last 2 days checking most of Joomlack extensions (i started with Kwickmenu), just because i din't know these guys and i was curious.

I don't know if i'm allowed to comment the developer in such a review, but even if these guys are called "JoomLack", they don't have Lack of skills, and they realy worth to be supported to continue what they do. Not only because they offer their extensions for free, but also because they are extremely promising.
Reviews: 7
Good, good job dear. I use it and I made all in seconds, the code is light so the websites mantain the speed and the processors do not slow down. Great!!
Reviews: 1
I use this plugin on my website. it's so good, except I must write Image Title manual( below Image). please add this feature on next version. thanks so much! :)
Reviews: 97
I installed this plugin, it surely can show some effects on images, but it also brings JavaScript errors/conflicts to my website.

Hope the author will check the code and fix this.
Reviews: 46
AmaZing plugin.
Up and running in moments, really nice effects.
Will be using this one alot more on sites !!
Fade is cool, Reflection is really handy.
Fantastic job, well done !!!
Reviews: 6
works great, looks nice, with reasonable performance usage.

p.s. maybe i am to fast, but i can find only Version 1.2 on your download section, maybe you forgot to put the new one online?

for those who also like this: don't miss to test also his maximenu_ck and the beautiful tooltip plugin!

Owner's reply

Hi, thanks for voting and you've right I missed the v.1.3. Now available for download.have fun !