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JM CSS3 shortcode Plugin

The JM-Experts CSS3 Image effects Plugin lets you customize images on your website using shortcodes and the power of CSS3. You can Choose from 21 static and animation effects built in to the pluing, For example: Image Hover Transform Large/Small/Skew/Up/Down/Left/Right, Image Hover Rotate 360 degrees/45 degrees, Image Hover Reflaction, Image Hover Glow, Flip X/Y and More! You can also Use Simple Static Effects on any Image like; Shadow, Opacity, Radius, Circle, Border! You can also combine any static or dynamic effects. The Documentation is avaliable and we have made it super easy for you to use the plugin.

------------------------ Version 2.0.1 ---------------------
Version 2 inclues tons of new features along with Editor button plugin to actually create and insert the code.

--------------------- Version 1.0.1 ---------------------
Now you can add more than one static effect on your images. In older version… the plugin was limited to a single animation and single static effect. But in newer version you can add one animation and have more than one static effect along with different attributes. You can choose upto 6 border styles, 6 shapes, shadows and opacity as well.

-> New attributes

1. height attribute for image height
2. width attribute for image width
3. border attribute for image border
4. shadow attribute for image shadow
5. opacity attribute for image opacity
6. shape attribute for image shape
7. filter attribute for image filter

-> Filter effects

Now we have added the power of filters to the plugin… you can use popular filters like grayscale, blur, sepia and invert color. Filters Effects can be use with static and animation effects. Filter effects works in most popular and common browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

--------------------- Version 1.0.2 ---------------------

Added Amazing Tint and Mask Effects

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Reviews: 5
... with just the functions needed, but in reality it just doesn't work. Too bad. :(
Reviews: 2
Installed both plugins per instructions. NO editor button in article manager, so I tried the short codes. Neither worked at all. Simply does not work.
Reviews: 2
I installed the plugin on a Joomla 2.5 website, once installed if you click on an article, module or even the plugin in extensions, a blank screen loads.

The only way to fix the issue is uninstalling the plugin.
Reviews: 3
Can u include an option for transition effects / time-delay? That would be great.
Reviews: 8
This is a great timesaver. I really hope you guys will make a Joomla 3.0 version soon as most of my new sites will be built on this platform and I really need the shortcodes.
Reviews: 1
very simple plugin, doesn't need more explanation than the page of plugin samples (unless you never used plugin ..).
Reviews: 1
The lack of documentation (
I'm not able to understand how it works. Documentation gives a code. But where to insert it? I need exactly grayscale effect, but not for single image, but to work for whole site. Is it possible?
Reviews: 1
This is one amazing plugin that let's us do use some amazing CSS3 styles on any image of our site. 100% recommended to all. Had no trouble installing it... got it working in seconds.
Reviews: 1
Works perfect...
Three simple steps and i get a CSS3 website.
1. install
2. enable
3. Use the short code :)

Most simplest plugin i have ever used.
Reviews: 1
Excellent, simple, does everything it says and very easily
Reviews: 1
hi all friends.

This is best to show css3 codes plugin in joomla!