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Responsive Virtual Preview Module

This module creates virtual preview images.

The module has been developed mainly to virtually hang paintings on a wall - but of course it can be used for other similar cases.
This is being achieved by adding the paintings' image to the image containing the room.
The result is a virtual preview of the room with the painting on the wall, so the viewer can see how the actual room would look like.

Advantages are:

The viewer doesn't have to physically own the painting to (pre)view it on the wall.
Many paintings can be checked out in short time, without hanging them on the wall, e.g. before buying a painting.

All that is needed is a main image (e.g. a image of a room) and some other images (e.g. different images of paintings) so they can be added to the main image.
The result is a image which contains the other images so you can e.g. get a preview how the room would look like with the painting on the wall.

You can select which image should be added to the main image by clicking on it in the navigation bar.
This navigation bar contains all images that should be added to the main image, and you can see the result by clicking on them.

Since the module uses responsive techniques, its content will always be displayed in a optimal way, no matter if you view it on a smartphone with small screen resolution or on a desktop with huge screen resolution.

NEW Version V1.2.2 - V1.4.5
- added greek language translations
- added french language translations
- added dutch language files
- corrected greek language files
- produces now even better looking images
- fixes a small bug
- added polish, swedish and chinese traditional lanaguage files
- improved the image creation process, now uses less ressources
- russian language files added, now also uses the Joomla updater
- images now refreshable

NEW Version 1.5.0
This release makes the module overridable and improves compatibility with PHP 5.4 and J3

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Reviews: 9
Before purchase i contacted support wanting to know if I could use the module to display paintings according to their proportion, as client requested. The answer came in a few hours clearly explaining how this could be accomplished.

Ran into a problem after using the module meaning I could not accomplish what I intended. Contacted support in the beginning of the weekend and received answer in a few hours explaining they would have to re-write the module in order to make it also work for my goal. They would have it ready by next Monday/Tuesday.

That Monday i received a follow up, a new version was released.

This module works for what we wanted to accomplish. As far as I know it’s the only one of its kind for joomla. and important: the support from has been impressive!
Reviews: 2
Highly recommended.
Looks great, easy to set up and worth every penny.

I use this module on many customer sites now. All of them love it.