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VZoom Module

VZoom add a zoom effect in your joomla image
this module is very user friendly and easy to configure

Version 1.2:

Added new zoom type "Slider Zoom" in option

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Reviews: 3
I think this product has potential, however, i would caution anyone to buy this, as it comes with no product documentation, and I was dissapointed with the level of support.
Unless you are able to understand a small 2 sentance installation and setup instruction, you will be left frustrated and dissapointed as it promises to be a very usefull product.
Reviews: 1
Great work Prakash!

Others wrote that this module has an excellent support! It's true!

I'm satisfied with this product very much!

Thank you!

Reviews: 3
This extension is a very good one indeed. It does exactly what you want it to. There is only one short fall on the developers behalf.

When pruchasing this extension they don't tell you clearly that you need to buy the plugin as well if you wish to use it in a Virtuemart based site. They show a long list of extension that they sale and the module is rihgt near the top of the list. This entry of the extension on the JED is for a module, there is no mention of a plugin anywhere on the JED or on this listing for this module for it's use in Virtuemart.

My only suggestion is that if you plan to use this extension for Virtuemart be prepared to buy both the module and the plugin. They are sold separately. They are not very expensive, that's not the issue by any means it's that it is not conveyed very clearly that you need to buy the plugin and the module to use it in Virtuemart.

I have suggested to the developer to mention it on the JED and maybe even offer a bundle package just for this extension for anyone buying it for use in their Virtuemart site. I hope they take the time to put these steps in to action. The extension works right out of the box with little to no effort. Had it not of cost me over six hours worth of hunting for an answer I would have given it a 5 star rating.
Reviews: 1
Very good and fast support!

Very recommendable
Reviews: 3
Top product, very fast repley for solving the problems.

Reviews: 1
Vzoom requires 2 extensions to support the Virtuemart product platform. The product installs ok and works. I had a problem with the VZOOM not working on additional images, it stopped the images appearing. The problem was resolved by supplier within 24 hours with a new version of the zoom.php file. Can only say how excellant they are.

My only critism is that they have no language files so the Move mouse over image text is across all languages. I patched the zoom.php to replace text with a magnify graphic.
Reviews: 2
I used this component for the first time and I had a little problem, so I wrote in the forum for explain my problem and the admin helped me in REAL-TIME! Wonderful!
Reviews: 1
This seems very cool feature. Thanks