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Art ZoomIn ModulePlugin

Art ZoomIn - Tool for zooming images and creating image galleries in Joomla!


* Easy way to zoom images
* Can display series of images to zoom, galleries
* Pure javascript, no flash
* Zoom window can be shown on the left, right, top, bottom, inside original image
* Several customizable properties like opacity, position, width, height, etc.
* Can display image descriptions
* Thumbnails can be places at the top/bottom
* Nice tool to create a product showcase
* Comes with Virtue Mart flypage so can add zoom in effect to virtue mart product easily (Virtue Mart 2.0 is also supported)
* Comes with flypages for JoomShopping, Hikashop, VirtueMart, DJCatalog2, K2, Zoo Product Catalog so can add zoom in effect to product pages easily
* Comes as module and plugin so it's easy to show in module position or in article
* Can be integrated to Simple Product Snapshot plugin
* Comes with WYSIWYG editor button to ease changing settings

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Reviews: 1
Great work - just what i needed and worked perfect right out of the box - thank you!steve
Reviews: 5
What can I say, this is the third extension I bought from Artetics team and they all work beautifully. Any tweaks due to my requirements met with speedy response, a service that far beyond the asking price of the module. Now, I always look at their site first when I need an extension to see if they cover it.
Reviews: 1
Extremely easy to use and works great but you must be familiar how extensions work generally or ask for help. This was the first extension I bought so I had no clue how to use it but the support guys were very responsive, and it turned out to be pretty simple.
Reviews: 1
This is a very good product, has a short and clear instructions.
Great support. My problem was solved in 24 hours. This add-in works great with Joomshopping

Reviews: 1
Very clever tool for a very reasonable price. Customer support is quick and excellent at solving any queries you have.
Reviews: 1
Absolutely no documentation what so ever. Useless website. No information in the zip-file. Extremely rudimentary mention of usage when hovering the extension in the extension manager inside Joomla, I just found that randomly.

You have to search their forums in hopes of someone else asking about basic syntax, then go through a few threads and collect the info yourself.

The support seems speedy and knowledgeable, but I just can't understand why Artetics seem to consistently use tons of man hours to try and plug the thousands of holes that would never have occurred if they would just offer BASIC DOCUMENTATION. Just add a link inside the module, or include something when buying the plugin – anything!

Also, the module is really quickly scratched together, you have to type manual URLs to each image, no possibility to select images via a browser, the syntax is pretty unclear, what separates each image from the next, is it a line break, a space, or what?

Bottom line:
The product does its job well when you've spent an hour or so googling, searching their forums, and trial-and-erroring yourself into making it work the way you want.

Good support it seems. Decent price.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comment.

readme.txt file with full instructions is added to module and plugin packages.

In module, when you hover on a field label, there is a tooltip that describes what to insert into this field.

Reviews: 2
Great module and plugin. Syntax was easy once some examples of config were found. Support was absolutely FABULOUS. Have suggested they send documentation with zipped download, which would make this gallery installation & setup even easier.
Reviews: 4
One of the best extensions I've ever used. So glad I bought it.
Reviews: 2
Very good extension! I bought and have no regret!!! Every time that i send an e-mail asking by support... they answer at least in one hour.. they dont sleep!!!!
Reviews: 1
Highly recommended !
Art ZoomIn works is great joomla and Virtuemart extension.
Great support and product. I am very pleased. Thanks a lot for the great and fast support !
Reviews: 1
Very strenght, this mod is complete and usefull

the support too :) very quick and very efficace !
Reviews: 3
Although this was for my first personal photography based website I've also been managing a Joomla site for a couple of years which is photo based. Over that period of site management ArtZoomIn has been the easiest add-on I've had to configure (almost out of box) so when you also consider its professional appearance ArtZoomIn would suit both beginners and the more experienced alike.
The only issue I had with configuring the software to my site was my template having too smaller module to have the software do what I wanted it to do. I posted my issue on their forum and had an answer within 90 minutes which just about blew my socks off. Of course the answer worked and within another 60 seconds ArtZoomIn did exactly what I wanted it to do.
Please don't anyone think I am company related because of my username. I registered here using a mix of my Joomla and Artetics forum usernames after being compelled to support the company through quality software.
Thank you to the guys and girls at Artetics.
Reviews: 2
The extension is very reasonably priced and does all that it says.. integrated nicely with VM
But it's the support that really stands out.
I had a small problem with an image path because the Joomla install was in a subfolder and they had it fixed by the next morning after posting on the forum..
Very impressive!
Reviews: 1
Great extension, easy to use, low price and really fast and helpful support! Highly recommended
Reviews: 1
I bought the extenssion! It is great! I had some difficulties with setting up the product in my virtuemart page, and asked for a help! The Support was Great! They helped me with everything till i received the result i wanted!! Thanks:) Excellent extenssion and support!
Reviews: 2
A great extension, which is easy to install and same easy to configure.
Had an issue with the layout of the tiny images in the gallery, since they normally show up in a horizontal row above the small image, which was not perfect for my needs... sent an email to support and got a reply after just a few minutes.
They were very helpful and solved my problems in a short amount of time.
A good extension, a fast replying support who fixes an issue fast as well... this is something very rare nowadays.
Both thumbs up for ArtZoomIn and the Artetics team!!!
Reviews: 2
The extension is easy to install and configure, and most importantly, it works fine in all browsers.

Besides, the support was excellent. We had an issue with another installed extension and the team solved the problem and send us an updated version in just a few hours.
Reviews: 3
Art ZoomIn works is great joomla&Virtuemart extension.
I'm really impressed about the support. There are Very helpful and very fast.
I think, I would definitely purchase from this company again and hope that their will make more and more great extension as Art ZoomIn.

Michel A.
Reviews: 3
The support was excellent after I bought this module; the developers quickly sent a custom version that I could use. The module worked perfectly as is but I needed an inline version which they quickly coded and sent me. I would not hesitate to buy another module from them.
Reviews: 5
This extension works great. no problem to set it.
I had a small issue and the support was so efficient that it was solved within the hour.

Thanks guys!
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