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ITech Zoom Module

ITech Zoom is product selling module that lets you view a magnified portion of image upon moving your mouse over it. A magnified image appears alongside the image on demand. The website visitor can toggle the zoom level by using the mousewheel if enabled at backend. It's great to use as product selling or as simple image zoomer module by disabling all e-commerce options.

ITech Zoom features:

Image preloader
can be used multiple times on single page

The "magnified" image is only loaded first time the user moves his mouse over the thumbnail image which decreases initial page download time.

Supports an optional adjustable zoom power setting at backend. When enabled, the user can adjust the zoom level by using the mouse wheel while over the image.

Customize the dimensions of the magnified image, plus whether it should appear to the "right" or "left".

Set whether to display a "magnifying lens" over the thumbnail image that isolates the area that's currently being magnified when the mouse rolls over it. The style of this lens can be customized, such as the lens border and lens color, lens border thickness, lens opacity etc.

you can disable merchant function, Product price and name.

Supports three payment processor Alertpay, Paypal and moneybookers.

you can upload your own button image to the folder and select it to use in the module without changing the code.

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