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Zoom In Plugin

Zoom In is a simple plugin that allows your visitor to magnify an image to get a better view of the details.

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Reviews: 4
Simple sites can be used, but serious website many conflict, no resolution and no support!
Reviews: 15
I looked for such thing for some time and was very excited with it but...
1) There is not enough of option, like lens size. You can edit it manually, at least.
2) Plugin works only with standard com_content. No effect in Flexicontent.
So, i was forced to search for plugin that works on Flexicontent this time.
Owner's reply

It should work with Flexi content. probably a jquery conflict. We have updated with better jquery interaction and added a click or hover option as well as making it Joomla 3 ready.

Reviews: 9
This simple plugin is ideal for zooming in on any image and works well in most cases. However, It does seem to cause jQuery conflicts with other modules which seem impossible to resolve.

There seems to be no way to prevent the loading of a second jQuery library, and modules such as Page Peel Banner and Twitter Roll do not seem to work alongside it.
Reviews: 3
Thanks, a perfect plugin and excellent support, even thought it is free. Great Work
Reviews: 3
I adopted this plugin when creating a website for an artist who wanted a way to show the detail of her work. It provides a nice, slick UI. It seems to work flawlessly. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Useful, simple, free!!, It's a very good plugin.
Reviews: 8
Very nice effect for zoom. One problem i found is the zoom circle is too small. If the size of the zoom lens could be adjusted it would be perfect.
I also had problems with conflicts but i'm not sure this plug in was to blame.
Reviews: 1
great plug in but we need to prepare 2 images
1- large
2- for small

then every thing really great
Reviews: 5
Recommend, simple installation and very usefull