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PHP Image Editor Lite Joomla Plugin


Edit images directly in Joomla. After installing/activating the plugin in Joomla, an new "Edit Image" link has appeared below every image in the Media Manager. The "Edit Image" link has also been added to the lightbox that´s shown when clicking on the image icon below the article text editor in backend and frontend editing.

Some of the features:
Image resizing and cropping with drag and drop.
Support for PNG, GIF and JPEG images.
Image resizing.
Image effects like grayscale and contrast.
Image rotating
Image transparency is kept
Language support (possible to add your own language file, currently translated to: Arabic, Brazilian portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latin american spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian (latin), Slovak, Spanish and Swedish).
Every action it´s done with Ajax.

From version 2.0 image rotating and effects doesn´t require that GD is bundled with PHP. But then image rotating and effects will run much slower. So it´s still recommended to use the bundled version of GD.

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Reviews: 3
Thanks for the developer, easy to install and simple user interface, i recommend it.
Reviews: 1
This is a very useful image tool and it integrates with the joomla media manager. I will probably get the pro version to make use of the extra features. Well done guys!
Reviews: 1
really amazing the lite verison do all you need to do with images
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a plugin or component which will let me edit photos directly in joomla. This is it! look no further. Easy to install and delivers exactly what it promisses.
Reviews: 2
Been using this image editor for a while. The only quirk I have found is the image sizing of transparent png files. One always end up with a black background after a resizing. Otherwise, this have been a pretty good extension.
Owner's reply

Hi there!

I have now released a new version: PHP Image Editor Lite Joomla. It keeps transparency for both png and gif images. Maybe you whould consider a new rating now? :)

Best Regards
Patrik Hultgren

Reviews: 2
Just be keeped in attantion when choosing version of Instalation package. I made a mistake when installed on J2.5 vertion for 1.5, and my website was stop working.

But component is perfect!
Reviews: 3
I use this extension. it's a good experience to me. my client like this. I got better result.
Reviews: 2
I have been looking for an extension like this for a long time! I've tried others, but just after 5 minutes I'm impressed with the extension. The free version gives a basic user exactly what they need a way to upload an image, resize, and save. If you need more features you can buy the pro version for about $20 bucks (USD).

Message to the developer: Anyone that complains about this extension are just haters! Just like it's almost guaranteed that the sun is going to come up everyday, HATERS will HATE everyday. Great job and do not let any negative reviews bother you.
Reviews: 3
I installed the "pro" version and I am blown away. Fantastic job! Easy install, and very intuitive. I do a lot of websites for folks who are not super savvy and tools like this just make it so much easier for them to maintain their own stuff without calling me! Nicely done!
Reviews: 26
Now my community members can do even more for themselves - no longer any need to send me their pics to crop, re-size, edit for them.
So easy to install and use - excellent and so much needed - thanks.
Reviews: 1
Well-made, feature-rich and haven't found a bug yet.

Beautiful work, friend.
Reviews: 3
Install and edit! You just saved me tons of time I would have spent resizing images before uploading them to joomla 1.7. Works perfectly 1st time. Install instructions super easy! Love it!
Reviews: 6
Very nice plugin. Easy to install and works like a charm. A great way for people to edit images without any Image Editing software. They just do it in the Media manager with a few Clicks. Recommend this plugin highly. :) Thank you developers for making my life easier. :)
Reviews: 4
Absolutely brilliant plugin! Fast, does what expected, very useful for some simple edits while on the go.
Reviews: 1
Emailed the developer regarding an issue i had with the plugin (please note it was my fault as i didn't complete the installation correctly). He was on the case and sorted it out pronto! Am very, very grateful. THANKS!
Reviews: 2
Exactly what my clients need to resize images themselves. Easy to reduce file size and dimensions without lot of complicated options. An excellent extension, and the small problem I had was responded to and fixed immediately by Patrik. Thanks for sharing this great image editor!
Reviews: 106
A nice addition to joomla's media manager, just installed it on a friend's website and worked perfectly. I have to admit the light version did not work for some reason, but the other version worked great! Thanks for the great extension!
Cheers Josh Lewis
Reviews: 4
Excellent job - have both Lite and Pro version installed. No description needed - is a nice demosite available ! Outstanding committed support from Patrik
Reviews: 5
Just wanted to say thanks for such a great extension! This should definitely be included in the Joomla! core. I installed PHP Image Editor and had it running instantly. I am a professional web designer and have many clients who want/need to add images to their website but don't understand aspect ratio and how to resize. With a few basic prompts I can now have them updating images like a pro in no time. Thank You Patrick :)
Reviews: 15
2 words - excellent extension! Plus I must add some intellectual elaboration. This is a much needed part of the Joomla admin as a backend extension but it could work as a frontend extension as well. You do not know how many times I get images on my site that are 6MB and up and this extension is well needed part of the Joomla core. Many thanks to the developer for his ingenious efforts. Keep developing and learning your craft because you are an addition to this Joomla society.
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