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PHP Image Editor Lite Joomla Plugin


Edit images directly in Joomla. After installing/activating the plugin in Joomla, an new "Edit Image" link has appeared below every image in the Media Manager. The "Edit Image" link has also been added to the lightbox that´s shown when clicking on the image icon below the article text editor in backend and frontend editing.

Some of the features:
Image resizing and cropping with drag and drop.
Support for PNG, GIF and JPEG images.
Image resizing.
Image effects like grayscale and contrast.
Image rotating
Image transparency is kept
Language support (possible to add your own language file, currently translated to: Arabic, Brazilian portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latin american spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian (latin), Slovak, Spanish and Swedish).
Every action it´s done with Ajax.

From version 2.0 image rotating and effects doesn´t require that GD is bundled with PHP. But then image rotating and effects will run much slower. So it´s still recommended to use the bundled version of GD.

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Reviews: 2
I have many clients that I build Joomla sites for and the biggest problem they have in taking over the maintenance of the site is images. They never have software to resize the images and you can't have a 1280 px wide image on a website. This is the perfect extension for them!
Reviews: 8
This is a great extension and I appreciate all of your hard work in creating it. Thanks for sharing it with us!
Reviews: 54
Wow this was great! I just installed it now and gave it a run. Awesome. Just love it.

Some great editing abilities from the media manager for your images.

Great work!!! THANK YOU
Reviews: 1
Awesome Work!! Now non programmer can also crop & edit the images in variable dimensions. Keep the good work on.
Reviews: 2
- Cropping
- Free

- No control over the quality of the saved JPEGs
- No way to copy an image or save modifed version with another name (eg for making thumbnails)
- Not accessible from article editing pages nor on the frontend
- No handles to adjust the size of the cropping window once you've let go of the mouse button

A good start but it doesn't go far to make up the difference between Joomla and Wordpress.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review.

I have one comment about about:
"Not accessible from article editing pages nor on the frontend"

The "Edit image" link is added to article editing both in backend and frontend editing. When your review where written it where only added to backend editing. (from version 2.3 it´s also added to frontend editing)

To avoid confusion, I mean that it´s reachable from the image function that are placed below the texteditor, not above the texteditor.

Reviews: 2
I'm using joomla for more than 3 years; so many versions and many more extensions!
This plug-in must be in the core of joomla!
Thank you PHP Image Editor developers, your plug-in is the coolest, simplest, best extension I've ever seen!
Reviews: 1
This is an outstanding extension. Just what your customer wants.
Reviews: 52
Excellent job on this. We just installed it for a customer and they love it. Now, if we could just get this as a JCE plugin, WOW!
Reviews: 11
As said before, this should be STANDARD in Joomla installations. Instead of having to open an editor, save, upload and make sure it is OK, just upload and edit. While the editing abilities are not extensive, they are enough for most situations and very easy to use.

The installation instructions are a little confusing. All you really need to do is download the extension and unzip it locally. The just install the Joomla plugin as usual and enable it.

Great job!! All extensions should be this easy, intuitive and well thought out.
Reviews: 2
I'm using Joomla! for only 5 months now and always I says that the editor is very limited in terms of editing images. But now you can have an essential basic tools for editing images. As the first reviewer says this must be in the core of Joomla!
Reviews: 2
does exactly what it says, simple, easy to use, fast. nothing to complain, really.

you can also use it while editing articles with the image button below the text entry field.
Reviews: 3
Amazing, exactly what all my clients have been asking for, this should be included in the main Joomla install!!

Real simple to install and use, i really cannot believe I am the 1st to give a 1st class review.

Well done guys, great work
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