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siteLogo Module

siteLogo is a Joomla! Model-View-Controller(MVC) module to simplify multiple tasks when placing a logo on a website.
The tasks mentioned above are the creation of a division(div) with a background with or without the following options:

- a link to a predesignated Uniform Resource Locator(URL) or the base URL of the website, or domainname.
- GUI-event, hover- or mouseovereffect created with Sprites technology.
- Separate Cascading Style Sheet(css) option.

Update: Some servers set the allow_url_fopen and allow_url_include PHP directives to off for security reasons (PHP include hack) which resulted in an error: Warning: getimagesize() ......

With the help of Mihai-Codrut Onofrei we resolved this issue by replacing the getimagesize by a cURL construction.

Update: mod_siteLogo is now Joomla 3.0 ready

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Reviews: 2
I started to use this module last year in order to animate some websites I created and I was very excited about how it performs. Very easy to deploy and configure. Recently, as my server got tightened for security purposes, I realized the module couldn't function anymore and I contacted the developer. Harry responded promptly and half day later came with a new version that resolved all the problems I raised.
What can I say more? Neat extension, great support!
Owner's reply

Hi Codrut,

We are glad we could help. Thanks again for your input and time while testing our updated module. There is also a 2.0 version available that is suitable for Joomla! 3.0.



Reviews: 1
What can I say but this is such a simple extension but so highly prized by me.

It took all of 3 minutes to download and installl. Took a further 2 minutes to create the logo image I wanted and bingo; live in 5 minutes.

So So simple. My web page now has the logo at the bottom left on all pages.

An excellend PDF is avialble, which I quickly read, being a novice, and off we went.

The instructions were clear and concise and a pleaseure to read.

Thank you for a superb extension.
Owner's reply

Hello themrburns,

thanks for your review, glad you found it helpfull and easy to use. That is what we were aiming for.