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Peek-A-Boo Module

UPGRADE v2.0.0... By popular demand, you can now position Peek-A-Boo on the 'bottom right' as well as the 'bottom left' of your screen and... dare I say... BOTH left & right at the SAME TIME! Now that is just GraphicAholic crazy!

You've seen it on the Joomla Extension Directory listings page and now you can see it on your website. Peek-A-Boo module by GraphicAholic is a fun way to make announcements, highlight an event, direct traffic to a special promotion... just about anything needing a little website 'bling', Peek-A-Boo can handle the job. Don't look for a billizion module options or long set-up time, Peek-A-Boo is ready to use when your ready to use it!

Just install it, assign it to a module position (debug works great), adjust any of the five module options to your needs, publish it and assign it to a menu and save. DONE! Using Peek-A-Boo could not be any easier and it's so lightweight that your site won't even know its there. Take it out for a test launch and by all means... have fun with Peek-A-Boo.

The Peek-A-Boo module is another FREE Joomla extension from

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Reviews: 5
Install this mod and works like a charm. Make's everyone smile every time. Thanks
Owner's reply

kansayvue, thank you for sharing the Peek-A-Boo love with your kind comments and rating!

Reviews: 8
Nice extension, easy install. Works like a charm and makes me smile :)
Owner's reply

sbwd, thank you and I'm happy Peek-A-Boo makes you smile... it does the same for me every time I see it on a Joomla website!

Reviews: 3
nice free module. very cool. i would like to add some idea to the developer if much better to put options in right or left are on the debug.
Owner's reply

johans, thank you. There is a new version available that allows you to position your Peek-A-Boo graphic on the right hand side of your website. Also, if you duplicate this module... you can have one on each side! Will this upgrade get that missing fifth star? ;)

Reviews: 7
I saw this on the JED and wondered what it was. So cool. I will use this fun little gizmo.
Owner's reply

bpwalsh, thank you. Oh... there is a new version available. Happy New Year!

Reviews: 9
Great - Exactly what I was looking for and works perfectly.
Owner's reply

RedDog777, glad to hear your enjoying Peek-A-Boo and thanks for your review and rating.

Reviews: 5
Very simple and easy (also to customize). I needed exacly something like that. Thank You!
Owner's reply

sasiad, Your very welcomed and thanks for your kind comments and rating.