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3d Display Module

The 3d display module is very easy to integrate with Joomla , as now days the website are very user friendly and rich in user interface using

various technology to produce optimized solutions for your website visitor so to extend the user experience on your website we moved to one level up by providing 3 dimensional view on your website.

Using This extension you can easily unleash the feature of 3-dimensional view by providing simple inputs and parameters to generate the

output according to your requirement. To use this extension you have to provide major parameter the folder containing the sequence of image to generate the 3 dimensional view.

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Reviews: 1
Many thanks to Cyberscript solution team for resolving the problem in no time. The module seems to be working great.
Reviews: 1
Support question was emailed and problem fixed within hours. Extremely happy and satisfied with the service provided.
Reviews: 1
Good support and documentation by developer, really easy to use extension , provided great feature to display my current website item in a cool and innovative way.
And it is also very easy to install and configure also, i just uploaded it from joomla extension manager and provided configuration values ,
very useful extension thanks cyberscipts !!!!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a extension to present my website product in beautiful and attractive manner and this extension with 3d rotational view of my product provided a unique way to present my product online i have to just provide a folder location containing a series of image to render 3d view and all is done the extension generates 3d dimensional view of the product , Great Work:)
Reviews: 1
A perfect tool for displaying product's 3D images and simple rotating it. Very user-friendly extension: easy to install, easy to customize and easy to operate. Developer also provides outstanding service, quick feedback and solving possible problems with set up.
This tool is well worth the money it costs. I can highly recommend this to everyone who needs to show object in 3D.
Reviews: 1
Hi very neat documentation for the extension and i have to provide only some very basic parameters from admin and it is ready to use ,just provide image folder containing the image sequence files to generate 3D view as suggested by the developer i used my simple camera to get the sequence of photo's and just provided its details from admin easy to easy not heavy as flash enable animation thanks to developer's team
Reviews: 1
I needed a way to rotate an object...this succeeded very well. Not having a lot of experience with joomla I wished some things to be customized and let me tell you...these guys are offer great support!!! They installed it on the page I needed it and then wrote me a separate css file with the item I wished to customize(the width of the slider). If you need a module that takes a folder of sequential images and strings them together into a rotatable object this is a simple and straightforward choice. For what it adds to the site it is well worth the price.
Reviews: 1
Great, easy to use extension. I am not a pro developer by any means, but I was needing a product that could give me a 360 degree view of an object.
This was easy to install, easy to understand and easy to customize -just like joomla itself. If you are semi-competent with a digital camera and want a slick 3D object view with minimal time investment this is for you.
Well worth the money. I highly recommend.
Reviews: 1
I used this module very easily on my site this extension changed the visitor experience and helped me to unleash the new 3d view on my website ,

Thanks to developer............