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Panoramic Image Viewer Plugin

The "Panoramic Image Viewer" plugin for Joomla!1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and Joomla!2.5 is a simple plugin to display 360 degree images in content items. It works with JavaScript, neither flash nor any other player is required.
You decide if the panorama scrolls automatically on pageload or is directed with control elements and you choose between two types of animation: Carousel and Swing.

- supports .jpg, .png und .gif
- can be aligned in your content item left, right, centered
- as many panoramas per content item as you want
- every panorama can be configured individually (Parameter Overrides)
- optional link every single panorama to a different target (Links)
- does not require a JavaScript Framework (Mootools, JQery)!
- choose animation between Carousel and Swing
- language files for backend(German and English preinstalled)
- W3C-valid
- default-buttons get installed automatically

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Reviews: 1
I love this extension. It's easy and fun to implement. I wasn't aware it could be used on more than one panorama. Now that I get that, I've used it several times and with several sizes and speeds and different image files and it is quite easy. Thank you so much for making it non-commercial.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for your plugin!It's quite great.It woks well in chrome,Opera,safari etc.But it seems a great bug occurs in IE789,it dosen't work.I'm sorry my English is very poor.Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Very easy installation for a Joomla newbie and does exactly what I wanted - Thank you
Reviews: 1
I think this plugin is great. It permitted me to add a panorama Jpg to my content in few minutes.
Settings are easy to understand and good explained and permitt 360° panorama or only wide view images.
I tryed other extensions but had problems with the configuration, no problems with this plugin.
Reviews: 1
It was very easy to mount, and easy to display, it works fine and does exactly what I expected and needed: to be able to expose panoramas within articles in our, the La Salle Science Society Nature Magazine. Soon I will be publishing a new article on quartzite caves in the Tabletop mountains of Gran Sabana, Southern Venezuela in which the panoramic views will be exposed along with many other fantastic pictures. Thank you for the excellent panorama viewer!
Reviews: 2
Installation is easy, took one or two tries to get the format of the code just right. But works seamlessly. Am using it to replace a Flash plugin that is on a static site I am migrating. Kicks Flash to the curb.

Had to implement a hack as I need multiple panoramas per page as applicable. Author was very responsive about suggesting how to approach this. My code is probably messy in comparison to his, but got it working with a select box and some javascript. Perhaps he might incorporate something like this in future releases.

Top notch!
Reviews: 3
Excellent plugin. Works very well and the installation is easy.
Reviews: 2
This new version is (almost) perfect, easy to install and now navigtions buttons are included. There are just a few such panorama-plugins, I have tried them "all", but this one is at moment the most succesfull.
Reviews: 2
I was a long time looking for a mod to display 360º panoramic images without the need to have a specific player installed. Now I found it !!! This plugin is amazing, easy to configure and display panoramic images in any content. When I start using in my site, I had some issues with my template.css related but I had the best support from the author: Andreas. Now work like a charm.
I test in IE 6 and 7, Firefox 3 withou any issues.
Congratulations Andreas, simple and the best.

from Brazil