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Photopro Portfolio Module

Flash gallery fully customizable, features :
- max 3 different galleries
- music soundtrack
- full screen image
- Slideshow with adjustable speed
- zoom in
- zoom out
- info image
- pan
- fit
- reset

v.1.1 for joomla 2.5
Removed bug that prevented to display the description for the second gallery

Version 1.3
possibility of inserting the module multiple times on the same page

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Reviews: 2
This is really a very good extension and worked first time no problems. It is limited to three "Galleries", so it would be nice to be able have more and also to be able to install it more than once to have different pages of "articles "
Reviews: 1
I'm a newbee in joomla and not a developper, only a photographer.
I did install it in the joomla trial and works fantastic.
It's true that I have to rethink/resize my mages for this gallery but it worth it.
Now I'm only having an installing issue on my own hosting and hope I'll find help to solve this
Reviews: 7
for me it's great!
the only flaw is that it does not work on safari, but for other browsers is ok! ;)
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback and for your comment.have tested with Safari 5.1.7 in Windows and works fine....I would like to know what version of Safari does not work and in what environment ... please write me at

Reviews: 1
as a module this is excellent , but i have a lot of problems when installing it ,but when i enter site i cannot find any help ,to troubleshoot the problems with this module ...
i get some errors , i am not writing them here , but where can i get help ??
Reviews: 2
this is a good module, easy to install and look beautiful but didnt work on Internet Explorer (my version is IE7). I contacted the developer but not reply.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback and for your comment. We don't have computer with IE7 installed, so we can't test this extension. We apologize for the inconvenience but we decided to drop IE6/IE7 support. If you have to use Internet Explorer, please use version 8. If you have any chance to switch to Chrome, Fiferfox, Safari or Opera new version please do so now.

Reviews: 1
Is possible to put slideshow auto?

Is possible to block ou remove options download, print?


Good Work
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback.
We are examining the feasibility of your request, but we think it can only remove the download option. If we found a solution will be issued into a new release.
Thanks again for your comments.

Reviews: 1
great extension! easy to use and very beautiful ... great job!
Reviews: 5
Not only great but beautiful, working perfectly!!!!!!!!