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RSMediaGallery! Popular ComponentModulePlugin

The new RSMediaGallery! enhances your Joomla! experience by letting you upload, edit and publish your images easily.

» Compatible with Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x
» PHP 5.2 or higher required
» Powered by the jQuery Javascript framework

» Over 45.000 downloads!
» Constantly updated, improved and fixed!
» Import your existing images - if you have images on your server you can easily transfer them into RSMediaGallery!
» Multiple uploads - upload multiple files with just one click!
» Image tags - quickly organize your images by the help of tags. No more endless cluttered & multilevel categories. Organize images the way it's supposed to: simple and efficient.
» Albums - automatically create albums based on your tags. No extra work needed.
» Effects - a set of predefined filters will give you that Instagram look and feel for your images.
» Parallax filtering - allow your visitors to quickly choose what images they want to see by clicking on tags.
» Completely AJAX powered interfaces (front and back) - manage your images without refreshing the page. Edit properties, add tags, publish images on the fly.
» Crop thumbnails, apply grey-scale, negate, adjust brightness and contrast.
» Easily manage jQuery conflicts with built-in jQuery loading.

» Gallery
» Albums

» Content Plugin - display images inside your articles!
» System Plugin - display your gallery anywhere!

» Slideshow
» Advanced Slideshow
» Responsive Slideshow (powered by Bootstrap)


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Reviews: 1
Worked with the first try, has a very good interface, can put it directly to work and if you encounter any problems, the support is FAST and accurate! EVERYTHING I have tried/bought/used from them is an excellent value for money and worry-free. Good work people!
Reviews: 7
I purchased RSMediaGallery for displaying a newspaper articles gallery with images description.

After some bugs were fixed by the developers, I realized that the gallery can't function as an RTL gallery.

I contacted the developers and they explained that the component doesn't have RTL support. As my website is RTL and I can't use a non RTL component, I was fully refunded.

This kind of accountability should not be taken for granted! RSMediaGallery provided me with excellent support and fully refunded me when the conclusion was that the component can't serve 100% of my needs.

The component is great, but unfortunately not for RTL websites.

I would gladly repurchase the component should it have RTL support.

Horowitz Amiel
Reviews: 4
This component is very easy to use and is very flexible. You can customize the css files if you need to. To add images to a slider or album is a piece of cake. And if you have a problem there is always the great service! Very quick response to your questions and issues are solved in a minute.
Reviews: 3
The RSMediaGallery is the best Joomla gallery. I tried some of the free but this is worth every cent. It is very very easy to use and the output is nice looking and professional.
Reviews: 2
in general this slideshow not bad, but i had 2 main problems with this slideshow. First of all it's not responsive it's ok for now, but support of the responsive design a great advantage for the future release. Second problem i had with slideshow in article for some strange reason it is not show images properly. I tried to ask solution for this problem, few weeks ago, on support forum, but unfortunately didn't get any reply. I can't say "Don't use it...", but this 2 points make me trouble. Just make sure before purchase that it is not important for you.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.
We aim to improve RSMediaGallery! - we've started some time ago by introducing the Responsive Slideshow Module. We'll improve the other areas so that they'll be responsive as well.
Regarding your question on the forum, I did find it based on your username, but you didn't mention this - you did submit some support tickets and all of them were replied to, but no mention there as well. We can't help you if you don't tell us the problem you're facing.
PS: The Support Forum is for user to user support, we don't monitor it (although sometimes our staff members give free support there as well). The support we offer to subscribers is available in the Support Tickets area.

Reviews: 9
The perfect solution to get a slider with images on your homepage. Multiple modules are included and one suits responsive layouts.

If you get into trouble than the support will not leave you hanging. They respond very fast to your requests and always have good advice.
Reviews: 10
Of all the gallery extensions I have tried this one is by far the best! Easy to work with without all the added garbage that most developers seem to think we need.
Reviews: 2
Great extension. Works great on a recent 3.1 site I did. Have used many other "slider" extensions the past few years and this is my favourite - well worth the money. Made by one of the best Joomla developers - RS Joomla. I have had very positive experiences with other extensions by RS Joomla as well.
Reviews: 1
This app is great. I use it on my clients websites and the things that i'm happy about are the ease of use and the great customization. It integrates with the websites perfect!
Reviews: 1
Love the extension!! It incorporates an easy to use interface and worked without any issues. Thank you for a great component!