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Joomla! simplicity and the best of jQuery effects and animations. Designed to be conflictless and scalable, strongly AJAX-powered. Easy and professional image manipulations. Rapid use, high flexibility, instant results just by moving files. It works on tablets and smartphones as well.

- Designed to be conflictless both with other extensions and other 3rd party javascripts
- Gallery tested to be scalable (strongly AJAX powered)
- Manipulate images with special effects (transparent rounded corners, transparent reflection, drop shadow, logo watermark)
- Includes 12 different customized gallery skins/themes adapted for use with RapidGallery and tested on all major web browsers
- Smart automatic image resizing (symmetric on width/height or fixed dimensions, keeping transparency, accepting various sizes and formats)
- Pagination
- Multilingual image captions
- Easy to manage: just moving files (no xml files to update, no backend to add items, just move image files)
- Customizable styles for photo gallery
- Custom sorting. Define your own order or apply a predefined sorting criteria
- Embed in any template position (with the Module) and in any content (with the Plugin)
- Translated in several languages: English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, русский, Español, Nederlands
- No Flash plugin is required to run photo gallery, many skins/themes perfectly work on tablets/smartphones

This gallery extension is built and designed to be quick and simple to use.

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Reviews: 1
Excellent product and excellent support.

I had a problem with product working with 123-reg, who would not help sort out.

The support I received was excellent
Reviews: 6
I tried a lot of different galleries, but i prefer Rapidgallery.
Easy to use, and a professional look.
Great support via the forum, and very cheap...
Reviews: 3
Very easy to use, yet great functionality. I've tried many different galleries extensions and this is the best I've found for small to medium sized galleries. It doesn't have a category component or view categories type page which are helpful for larger galleries.
Reviews: 1
I am enjoying this product.
What I found really useful is the easy way to customize the style of the gallery. I didn't like to buy extensions also because I was thinking it was a waste of money but not this time. Now I feel more comfortable to buy them.

Also the support was nice and professional.

Reviews: 4
A very elegant extension that works beautifully on my site. Very simple to set up and use as well and a great way to be able to incorporate a lot of images in an unobtrusive way on a single page. Well worth the very low cost to purchase it and then some.

The video tutorial and text documentation on their site are very well put together too and explains everything you need to know about the product in simple and easy to understand way which is the mark of true professionalism.

10 out of 10 from me. :)
Reviews: 1
I had buy this extension 2 days before! It is working very nice and i can make nice Galleries on my Joomla. After i had a question about this extension the Support had answer me very quickly. I had make 3 questions about the extension and all the 3 was answered me at the same day!!!
This is great!!!
Reviews: 2
While this plugin is nice, and IF it works (it could be some more polished to be honest) it works simple and beautiful. The support is non existent, they state this on the site as well, but offer a forum for support.

While the answers there are quite quick, and you do get answers, the tone of the conversation is VERY poor and even rude. A request for help will be simply put into (and i quote): try with a plain fresh installation and default template and see what you get from iPhone.

I dont want a plugin on a plain fresh installation with a default template (hence the joomla version was a fresh install, only the template is not, just trying to figure out why the plugin does disapear when it was run on a iphone. Without looking at the actual coding and plugins the programmer assumes it is the template and comes with this solution, which frankly will not be a solution for anyone having an exiting site and want to use his 'supreme plugin' which as the site states: Designed to be non-conflicted with other 3rd party javascripts and Joomla! extensions, which seems not to be the case here.

If he does not want to assist he could have told me so, i would have taken the loss and move on. But this causes me simply to write a review about the rude support. The plugin for non iphone sites and probably with different templates may work well for you, just want to state that if you need support you are on your own.
Owner's reply

Our most sincere apologies if you're disappointed by the support tone, anyway I guess there has been just a misunderstanding. In no way we intend to be rude with customers (never) and nobody said that you had to "abandon" your template, the support just invited you to perform a test, a temporary debug test, to find out potential causes of your issue, if you don't run the recommended test then we cannot help you much.

We do NOT think that our product is a "supreme faultless extension", any software has bugs, when we release a version we use to test it with several browsers and we've never had such issue with iPhone as yours (you can try our demo website right now with iPhone and as you can see it works), that's why we recommended to try that test, if you don't want to run the test recommended by our support team it's up to you.

Reviews: 1
I am currently having issues with this product that is not related to the product itself, more of a template issue; I believe. The only negative coming to mind is the fact that as a new user of the Rapid Gallery forum private messaging is disabled. Users cannot send a message to an administrator with credentials for investigative purposes. Otherwise, this product is incredibly convenient and works exactly as advertised. I would strongly recommend this for anyone who wants to upload images on their site with minimal administration, and without having to resize/rename images.
Reviews: 3
The extension works like a charm. It is easy to handle and looks really good. I am very happy that I bought it.

AND on top the support (with an error on my side and with another extension - NOT this one!) was incredibly fast and friendly.
What more can I say than "I would buy it again" :-)
Reviews: 7
I've been looking for a quality, easy to set-up and maintain gallery extension for J 2.5 and this is definitely IT! This is the best I've tried so far and for the price, beats all the others by a mile! Well worth checking it out and putting down the cash to get it, install it and use it. The configuration settings are exceptional and the ease with which it can be configured and deployed is a real time-saver. 5 stars!
Reviews: 7
As a novice with photo gallery and slide show extensions I was a bit confused at first. But the author provided quick responses to my questions and the assistance allowed me to use the module and capabilities that nicely enhance my site. I am fan of this extension and look forward to using other Rapid extensions.\

Very reasonably priced and well worth the price. Get It!
Reviews: 2
Thank you so much for the way cool extension. We have tried several other image galleries but RapidGallery was the answer plus my client is excited. Most of all the customer service through the forum was outstanding. We had some requests and they responded quickly and were very helpful.

Thank you RapidGallery
Reviews: 1
I am always a bit cautious about purchasing software and extensions but this purchase couldn't have worked out better. The gallery works exactly as I'd hoped and when I ran into a bit of trouble the developer quickly stepped in to help me out. A quick post to the forum got an almost immediate response from him and continued follow up until everything was complete. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
After I purchased the extension and installed it I ran into a problem. I posted this to their website support forums and worked with the developer to resolve it. Turns out it was an issue with another plugin and once that was resolved the extension worked great. I am impressed with the app, but more impressed with the help and service I received. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
Great and easy to use plugin for a low price.
The support in the forum is also great.
I can really recommend the product!
Reviews: 3
The best thing of this component I find that it creates thumbs AND the slides.
So my clients can dump their image into a folder and they are done. No matter the size!
Captions are great too.

Support is fast & very helpfull.
Reviews: 4
I highly recommend this gallery....
It's easy to use full of features & options with different styles to help fit in with your sites theme.
No adding pictures 1 at a time, just upload the whole folder enter the correct syntax and you have a gallery.

Support that is second to none, these guys care and know there product very well.
I'm very impressed.
Thank you very much Rapidplugins!
Reviews: 6
This is by far and away one of the best plugin/modules you will ever use. It's well worth it's price and believe me, for all the other galleries out there charging and arm and a leg, you can afford this one at less than 10.00 usd. They aren't charging enough for it imho. The support is amazingly quick, and there knowledge is superb. I recommend it highly to anyone looking for a simple, yet effective gallery solution that isn't as cumbersome as the big galleries. I am really blown away by how great this extension is.
Reviews: 4
In love with its simplicity and flexibility! Good job guys
Reviews: 4
I must say at the beginning I had doubts on why a photo administration component was missing but then I was in love with their approach, you just need to upload/update your photos in the folder and it will take care of everything with the saved settings.
A very good job, well documented and with great quick support. I recommend it.
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