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  • This extension requires registration to download.
SIMGallery is the TRUE community-driven gallery. Integrated seamlessly with JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder and JomWall (JS/ES/CB/JW) it allows your users to create and manage their own albums, photos and videos. SIMGallery mirrors the gallery feature of Facebook EXACTLY! Browsing is as easy as using the arrow keys.

Key features:
- Media type: Photos, Profile Pictures, Videos, Wall photos/videos
- Watermark
- Facebook photos import
- Upload/link videos
- Remote storage (Amazon S3)
- Advanced access settings
- Multiple profile pictures management (optional)
- Categories (optional). Search albums/photos based on categories
- Tag media, post comments, like media, like comments, report media, set photo as profile picture, download photos, set access levels etc etc
- 3 different types of tags: tags of users, custom tags, and keyword tags (that can be set in the configuration). If you have keyword tags set, users can search for media based on these tags.
- Migrate existing media from JomSocial.

Combine categories with keywords for a truly powerful community gallery! Eg. Categories: Houses, Condos and Apartments; Keywords: 2-room, 3-room, refurbished, new. SIMGallery will now display meaningful search results. Allows you to run specific themed websites for real estate, pets, model agency, photography etc or just general community. The sky's the limit!

SIMGallery can be used standalone without the need for JS/ES/CB/JW. However, if you're integrating with them, there are 2 levels of integration:

Level 1) Post new activities on JS/ES's wall, JomWall, and CB Activity. Also post notifications for JS and ES users. SIMGallery will remain its own separate gallery, while your users will still be able to use JS/ES's gallery. Useful if you need a community gallery with category features.

Level 2) SIMGallery will completely take over JS/ES's photo and/or video gallery (ES does not have videos, so SIMGallery fixes that). All links to JS/ES's gallery will be redirected to the relevant SIMGallery links. SIMGallery will automatically create a new Wall Photos album for every user and display wall photos in them! Your users can continue to post wall photos or videos on JS/ES, and they will be linked to SIMGallery.

SIMGallery allows admins to set 2 types of user group permissions:

1) Admins - access and delete all media in the frontend regardless of permissions.

2) Media - create albums and upload photos/videos. Instead of all registered users, you can limit this to particular user group(s).

SIMGallery comes with 4 modules: the Albums module, Photos module, Videos module and Ranking module. These modules are super highly configurable, and the Ranking module even allows you to run contests on your website.

It also comes with JS, ES and CB plugins that will display a user's latest albums, photos or videos on their profiles.

It's IMPOSSIBLE to describe everything here! Please check the documentation for full description.

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Reviews: 6
This component was quite promising. I bought a license for my website during the development: I was looking for a media plugin for JomSocial.

Unfortunately, the component is not working correctly with JomSocial. A few bugs makes this plugin not working with JomSocial. As stated on their website I contacted their support desk with a few questions regarding this errors.

Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything from their support desk. I paid for the extension, it's not working and they have a no money refund policy.

Please consider buying this extension twice.
Owner's reply

Sorry for the late support as it was the holiday period here. All support tickets have been responded now.

Reviews: 4
I have used Simbunch products for a few years now, sometimes having ditched them for other easier to use, less buggy components (ie inviter)
I had used Simgallery once before 2 years ago but gave up as it was very buggy
This latest version of Simgallery provides the enhancements that any social site would benefit from.
It was easy to install and cfg.
I only had one problem which was dealt with efficiently by support within a couple of days
It seems that Simbunch has really picked up its customer service levels and now providing products that do match their claims.
Reviews: 8
Although there are a lot of good reviews for this product, I feel they may be for the previous version. This new, re-written version had a lot of bugs when I installed it, although to be fair they spent over a week fixing everything I reported. I am still wary of using it though in case other as yet un-found bugs may be there. I also have found that their own website shows error messages and often won't load at all most mornings I try to access it so I do wonder just how well they test things.

There is no support for animated GIF files and limited interaction with Community builder activity stream, so that plus the bugs means I will not be installing on my live server at present.

If you want a 'Facebook image gallery' replacement this is probably great but as a community Builder integrated replacement for CB Gallery, I think it has the potential to be the best there is out there but unfortunately it is not there yet.
Owner's reply

We have actually already fixed all known bugs that have been reported by our many users, so you have no worries about that. I have also repeatedly told you that the problem you were having with the scrolling is not a bug, but because you have a top panel from another extension with a z-index of over 2 million (yes, over 2000000!!!) which is covering up everything, but I cannot help if you do not believe me.

Also, I have also repeatedly told you the integration with the activity stream is not limited but designed like that on purpose, so there won't be unnecessary spam appearing on user's activity stream. This is also identical to the kind of activities Facebook allow on users' timelines.

We are sorry that after assisting you with the extension actively throughout that you are still unhappy, but the problems you have with the software aren't bugs. They are designed that way on purpose as I've explained to you, and we simply cannot modify it to suit individual user's needs. Such changes can only be rolled out step by step, or be custom modified as with any other opensource software.

Lastly, the errors you saw on our site was because we were upgrading mysql and cpanel, that's all.

Reviews: 2
I have just finished setting up my website (I run a minecraft gaming site) with SIMGallery, and I must say this is one extension that deserves all the credit it can get.

First of, they weren't kidding when they say SIMGallery works just like Facebook. There are so many details that went into this extension, it's just breathtaking. I especially like how you can leave comments and like photos when viewing a list of photos without having to view each photo. Other things I found really useful include:
- how you can change a photo or album's privacy level in 1 click
- how you can delete photos and set them as profile picture in 1 click
- the uploading is very sleek. Just for fun, I tested it with my android tablet and it works too!
- the keyword tagging is especially useful for my users. Now they can tag their photos based on the list of minecraft mods keywords I've set.
- all the drag and drop features

The installation was straightforward. The only support I needed was finding the language file. For some reason the language file is not in the normal Joomla language folder, but in the component's folder itself.

All in all I am very pleased with the extension. Like I said, it's just stunning how much attention is paid to small details that really improve the user friendliness. If I could, I'd give it 6 stars!
Owner's reply

Thanks! Appreciate the review. We have several new things planned, so do check back often :)

Reviews: 5
I have given 2 stars for the idea, which is good - take jomsocial and present as an image gallery, grab images and collate (a simple version of Pinterest).

Unfortunately this plugin DOES NOT integrate with Jomsocial at all.

The developer has told me he is working on it, but until this is done I would not go near it.
Owner's reply

Version 4 has been released, do check it out! Integration with JomSocial is much tighter now, with several new integrations introduced.

Reviews: 6
Integration with JomSocial is not complete.. uploading a photo directly to activity stream is broken. Upload a photo, click on the resulting thumbnail, and it takes me to an album. And no, the photo is not in the album. This is a pretty serious bug and it needs fixed.

Support is unresponsive. I submitted a support ticket Thursday evening, made sure the correct domain is registered with the license, as required, and even provided a login for SimBunch. It is now Saturday evening and I have yet to get a response.

I wouldn't mind so much if they at least showed some willingness to work with me. If they can't fix it, maybe help me find a work-around. But to just leave me hanging is not acceptable. I now have a choice - find my own way to work around this issue or let almost $100 go down the drain. A simple reply could have avoided this review.
Owner's reply


We regret the inconvenience caused. However, please note that we are committed to respond to support tickets within 2 working days, as stated on our Support page. Also, do note that as our time zone is +8 GMT, we received your ticket in the middle of Friday, not Thursday. Since we do not work on weekends (everyone has families to attend to), there was nobody to respond to your ticket.

That said, we've had actually cleared all outstanding tickets a few hours ago (on a Sunday, no less). Your ticket should have received a response already.

Reviews: 1
Thanx for this outstand component for Joomla 2.5! I use it in combination with the Community Builder 1.8 and it´s work like a charm! That´s how components and modules has to be. Especially the crop function ist quite perfect for clean designs.
The cherry on top would be to have the possibility to change the grafic/css in backend of joomla without changing your css-file.
Reviews: 2
I rate this as "Good" only because the idea is good and I already am a developer and know how to fix the code. The extension is really helpful but not free and when you pay the extension and a pro version too, you expect not to run on such many bugs. NOTE: this is not for the user who doesn't know PHP and ajax/javascript as you will be forced to ask for extension developers help to adapt the extension for your site which will be, I presume, not for free as I can see on 'custom development' page on developers site. I suggest to contact the owner and ask for the prices he will charge for his work to adapt the extension to your site. This is of course if you like this idea so much.
This could be a very promising extension if this developer didn't stop on fixing the bugs. I see a lot of free extensions which developers provided a much better support and thus give you the opportunity to extend the extension by buying some extended versions but this one's not. You must pay for a base and pro version which are not ready to go after installing. You must track the bags and then be sure when everything is Ok to start using it live. One more thing I can't understand is why is this payed extension limited to one site only or 3 sites if payed more, if you must fix bugs by yourself or paying this developer extra for doing it for you.

I strongly recommend to this developer to test the extension on different templates and such, to be aware of bugs and fix them before continuing to sell this buggy extension for $80 + $50!
Reviews: 2
And when it worked it was excellent, unfortunately, it took me weeks to get it working, and the support that I received was very very poor (granted part of this may have been down to my rudeness) but I waited and then mailed mike direct with the issues and got no response that helped!! I then asked for a refund and was flatly refused, but he did offer to charge me for a custom install - saying it was down to errors on my site - however I did pay someone else to sort it out which they did in a couple of minues - I then paid for the pro-upgrade - As I know nothing about coding I was left having to pay more cash to get something to work that should have when I installed it. Once I got it working - Mike site was down (about a week ago or so) and no one could access the component, no view or uploads. I ended up having to reinstall (no fault of mikes or simm gallery) and again could not get it to work, So have now removed completely (would not even bother to ask for a refund) if you are into coding and know what your doing then buy this it will suit you. if not STAY WELL AWAY - as the support (even before my rudeness) was very very poor - have rated a component in its working form as excellent - support - very very very poor
Reviews: 1
This the best concept of a gallery system I have found. It integrates nicely with community builder and looks pretty much just like facebook.

Unfortunately, it has many issues. I purchased this about 2 months ago and it STILL doesn't work right and there has been 6 updates in that time and it still doesn't work right. The bugs I have reported only very slowly get fixed if even...

The other big issue is installation. It took me an entire evening to do to get it installed because the documentation is seriously lacking and its a pretty complicated procedure to begin with. The only reason I was even able to get it installed was because I stumbled across the solution in a totally unrelated forum.

It is also very expensive (especially when you want all the features so you have to get the "pro" addon) and considering it still doesn't work fully, I'm not overly happy. I think the developer should have waited longer and done more extensive beta testing before releasing this product and charging for it.

As I said, great concept but it still needs work. Check back in a few versions and hopefully it will be perfect. Current version i'm on is 2.2.8
Reviews: 1
First time I saw this, I just knew I needed this component to get more action on my site. I have been testing it on a Joomla 1.5 site test server, and it meets all my needs when it comes to a gallery. It contains good modules, tagging, rating and browsing in a way that no other gallery for Joomla today offers. It is user friendly, and if there is one thing that is more important then fancy look, it is the way thing works in a user friendly way.
But this gallery have both the "fancy" way of working, and is very user friendly. Some things could be improved, like make it more clear to upload, and the configuration panel is not easy to find. I've been setting up user cases to test this, and they miss that little tool button.

Then, I ran into problems with java script. Nothing worked the first time, (the solution suggested in the documentation does not work for me), I found a solution in the forums, then I upgraded the component and plugin, and the problem was there again. It is not possible to upload pictures, not to browse existing pictures. The forum is new, without the old content. My suggestion is when you are making a good component like this, is to make sure to have all the possibilities to make your customer happy (since this extension cost a bit) I'm not able to find the solution and is therefor stuck.

I give the extension a 4.5 and the support at the moment 3.
Reviews: 1
Mike has give us the posibility to integrate a really good gallery to our community web sites. The component works great and the support works really well. You can contact Mike anytime and he will get you back in the following 48 hours with some help and in some cases ( at least my case) he will visit your web site to see what is happening and to discover where the problem is located.
I would reccomend this product to everyone looking for a photo system !!!
Reviews: 7
When I first tried out this component I was upset that the component add-on prices seemed high, so I canceled my license and received a refund.

Weeks later, I realized how vital this extension is to my site and came crawling back to purchase it all over again.

This is such a smooth extension and is so well integrated with Community Builder that no matter how upset you are with prices or support, that once you try it out, you will realize you don't just need it, you require it.

The interface is simple and understandable to the end user. It's powerful, pretty, and clean.

If you are looking for a CB gallery plugin than this is exactly what you need.
Reviews: 5
This is definately one of the best written Gallery extensions out there. Looks extremley clean and professional straight out of the box but at the same time is very configurable. The tie in with CB is excellent and in my opinion is a must for any CB users.

On installation I had a few problems but was contacted directly by Mike, the developer within 12 hours who sorted these out. Its rare I do reviews on because I use so many components / modules that are "OK" or just fit the purpose - This component stands out from those and in turn is more that worth the review. 10/10

Reviews: 14
Ok, I still use like version 1.13 of this but as of this review version 2.0.1 (something like that) is out with even MORE great features. Anyway, I can't say too many great things about this component or it's developer. This gallery looks frickin good! I love how it works with Shadowbox on the CB profile pages, especially. After adding this gallery I actually had to start upgrading the look of the profiles because the gallery out-shined everything else. Now, the one time I an issue with an updated version the developer personally emailed me a copy of the older version I preferred and stated, though he could not support every version of this component released, that he would include the feature I requested in a future update. THAT'S support! It's not the first time he's done that either. He actually LISTENS to his customers.
Reviews: 1
Like a lot of people, when I first saw Sim Gallery, I thought WOW! It looks very slick, thats a fact. With CB integration and all the features and modules you could want, I purchased a copy.

Version 2 has since come out and seems to have ironed out a lot the issues with version 1. It installed on my site with no issues.

Had some minor functionality problems, Mike replied to all my emails within a day and resolved all issues.

This is a great gallery and is quickly becoming a central part of my site!

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 6
We have tried and there is just a big WOW !

Anything necessary to run a community. Anything looks nice and professional.

But: You need ioncube, because the code is encrypted. And who will know, if a company will still exist tomorrow ? And then you can't upgrade etc. because you can't modify the code.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. The software is actually not encoded, it's just one file that controls some of the global variables (globals.simgallery.php), which in turn controls the license. Many users have actually modified the software successfully to suit their needs.

Also, the full sourcecode will be released if I ever decide to stop selling software, although that is very unlikely for a long, long time.

Reviews: 3
I have found this component to be quite excelent. I did have a few 'niggles' on install, however the support I recieved has been excelent (despite a significant time zone difference).

I would recomend checking out the demonstration on the creators site, I have all functions working on my site.

The gallery component itself it very user friendly with an intuitive interface and the full range of options for the user (with no administration required once installed, just what I wanted!). The modules that come with it allow for displaying the uploaded/rated/commented items in a variety of ways (as well as, of course, the individuals gallery).

I am very glad I have this product on my site :)
Reviews: 6
When I saw first this component, I was quite excited and said to myself "Finally !". All the gallery components have some flaws. Expose is very good but doesn't have good modules, voting, commenting etc. RSGallery has too many bugs, template problems etc.

SIMGallery has everthing you can expect from a gallery: CB integration, commenting, voting and modules for displaying best rated albums, comments, votes etc. But only in theory.

It requires mootools1.2. Since J1.5 comes with mootools1.1 you have to install mootools and shadoxbox as well. If you are not experienced like me, you have rummage through internet just to find a way for installing this or you have to pay the guy some extras.

When I first installed it, literally nothing worked. Frontend publishing doesn't allow uploading because of mootools issue. If you are not logged in, it takes you to the registration page.

Worst of all, when I send an e-mail to the guy asking for e-mail with a little harsh tone as I was extremely frustrated, he just refunded my money back and called me uncivilized. Even though I apologized, and told him I want to pay if I can get a littler support, he didn't even reply . I have waited at least 2-3 weeks but no response.

If you are on a business, you have to accept customer complaints, you can't just ignore.

I guess we will have to continue waiting for a good gallery. This one is NOT it.
Owner's reply

"If you are on a business, you have to accept customer complaints, you can't just ignore."
You are absolutely right. However, there are 2 kinds of complaints: constructive ones, and those that are just plain immature. Your complain was not harsh. It was straight out offending.

As for setting up Mootools 1.2, it's pretty straightforward and my forums provide clear instructions on how to do so.

I have decided not to appeal to remove this comment, in the hopes that when people read this, they will learn to treat one another with courtesy, self-respect, and dignity, even on the internet.

Reviews: 3
If you want to give your Comunity site users something to talk about, this component is simply the best, I have been working for 8 years in comunity sites and this component just has everything to make your users share their pictures easily.

Realy nice job with this component Mike, and looking forward for more components.
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