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The "Very Simple Image Gallery" Plugin for Joomla!1.5, 2.5 and 3.x is a downgrade of the ingenious plugin "Simple Image Gallery" from Fotis Evangelou und George Chouliaras back to a "Web 1.0" gallery. The modified version comes without a lightbox, the plugin shows one large image, followed by thumbnails.

- supports .jpg, .png und .gif
- can be aligned in your content item left, right, centered, float left or float right
- thumbnails optional below, left or right of the main image
- optional split galleries into multiple sets
- as many galleries per content item as you want
- every gallery can be configured individually (Parameter Overrides)
- optional show title and/or text with every single picture (Captions)
- optional show default title/text for the whole gallery
- optional link every single image to a different target (Links)
- optional use a default link for the whole gallery
- optional link the image to the original image file
- scale thumbnails optional proportionally or cropped
- works with and without JavaScript
- does not require a JavaScript Framework (Mootools, JQery)!
- change main image onClick or onHover

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Reviews: 3
This gallery is very simple (just like it name says), user friendly and effective. If you need simplicity, then this gallery is right choice! Great job!
Reviews: 5
This a very simple to use and great gallery extension.
When will be ready the version for Joomla 3 ?
Owner's reply

... now :)

Reviews: 1
I was looking for a simple photo gallery with thumbnails on the left side with the main picture on the right side. This extension make the job perfectly!
Even with "mouse over" function. Wonderfull!
I however would have suggestions. Why not also implement :
- Download image possibility
- Mouse over thumbs customization
- slide show on demand.

It would be perfect then (on my opinion ;-) ).

Anyway, a Big thanks to the developper. Well done!
Reviews: 1
Have been using this extension for the first time, before always used SIGE, but wanted to try something else. Very simple in use and works well. But - doesn't look so well with both vertical and horizontal images. Especially non-cropped thumbnails. When you crop vertical thumbnails, which are usually portraits, they get cropped in the middle and that always cuts people's faces off. Nor here, nor in SIGE there is no simple option to crop the top part of the image for the thumbnail.
I also usually prepare images myself, so don't need them to be scaled. Here there is no simple option to leave images unscaled - you have to choose 100% quality and set the vertical size to the size of the images + several pixels, since the gallery adds the border to the images. For example if you have an image size 800x600 px, you'd need to set gallery width to 810 and max. height to 608, then it seems it leaves the original quality of the image.
Reviews: 3
I want to thank you for creating your plugin. It works very well, and after a little time to set up the captions and links, everything works perfectly.
Reviews: 1
Does what it says, been looking for a great gallery that would work for hours. Thanks a lot, you saved me ;)
Reviews: 26
I just wanted to have some thumbnails and option for my members to click to see the larger image.
I tried some of the more sophisticated, and complex, options.
Then I realised that this is what I really needed - simple yet effective - and very very easy to set up.
It is an extension I can use in any article with so little effort and time.
I suggest that, unless you really must have light boxes and fancy transitions, this is for you.
Reviews: 1
The gallery is very simple and fine. It took me only few minutes to create one of my own.
Thanks a ton to the developer.
Reviews: 2
I am a newbie in joomla and i was very happy to find this gallery to show my images. I love the option that preloads all images and shows them "on mouse over".
It is a great plugin!
Reviews: 1
I´m new to joomla and know nothing about programming, but this extension was so easy to install and useful that anyone can handle without expertise. Simply wonderful! thanks.
Reviews: 4
Very simple to install and to use right away. However you have to know how to upload photo to server firstly.
Reviews: 2
Very light and easy plugin. Clean and flexible code. The only thing I had to do is add jpeg as accepted extension, which took me only 2 minutes. Great job guys!
Reviews: 2
Installed, and it worked in less than 2 minutes. It's very simple, and easy to use, especcialy for newbies. Thanks for this gallery.
Reviews: 1
Very Simple Image Gallery.
Als Joomla-Anfänger ist es sehr einfach das Plugin zu laden, die Galerie ein zu binden und zu konfigurieren. Dennoch ist das Ergebniss für meine Zwecke nicht "Very Simple" sondern exellent. Nicht überladen, so das das Betrachten der Bilder Spass macht. Danke auch für die deutsche Beschreibung. Macht das ganze noch einfacher.
VG Jopri
Reviews: 10
After trying to get a simple gallery out of Phoca Gallery (love your other products but not this one) I came looking for a simple attractive gallery. This is it!

Does exactly what it says. Simple to operate. I liked it so much I downloaded their Simple Picture Slide Show as well.

Thank you so much! Alison
Reviews: 2
I just used this extension on my new 1.7 Joomla installation and it's just stunning. Simple to use and easy to customise. Just love it. Thanks a lot developers.
Reviews: 8
Great extension. Very easy to install and use and I'm especially impressed with the well written and thorough tutorial, which is a rare thing to come by these days.
Reviews: 4
I was having trouble finding what I needed, and was actually working with another extension. I could not get the parameters to work for me, so I sent an email to support explaining what I needed. I received a quick reply very simply stating that Very Simple image Gallery could meet my needs.
I am now able to have my main image on the left with a single row of thumbnails to the right.

Awesome extension. worked right out of the box.
two thumbs up from me.
Reviews: 2
Just as the name suggests, this plugin is Very Simple to use. It installed easily and worked immediately. It also has a lot of very nice "advanced" features that make it easy to customize if you want to get less simple. I am very pleased with this plugin and will be making extensive use of it on my Joomla site.
Reviews: 1
Great extension! Really easy to use. The rights problems where solved by the provider so now everything works! Awesome!!
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