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This is not another flash header! It's a smart, slick and easy to configure header, picture rotator, banner, you name it.

Adjustable for any size, this extension is loaded with smart settings to play with, motion blur effect and intelligent rotator based on the length of description. You don't have to adjust the time each picture will change. Smart Flash Header will do it for you.

Version 3 is now available. The most advanced image rotator for Joomla! has been improved, again!

Enjoy the new version for Joomla 2.5 and the unique features that has been added.

If you're tired about the limitations of other image rotators, try Smart Flash Header. You won't build another website without it!

The latest version comes with round corners, JoomFish!, Country Access, SmartPublish, Schedule and 4 lightbox engines support!

Smart Flash Header just got smarter!

It has 5 transitions to choose from, horizontal and vertical movement, 2 extra buttons for navigation, round corners and UTF8 support.
The slides can be paused and each can link to another page or site.

A smart component, module and plugin are included. You can batch upload your images and apply smart sorting options.

Major features :
- publish different categories on different menu items without duplicating the module using the SmartPublish feature!
- display different images based on the visitor country using the Country Access feature
- schedule by date up to 5 categories and show different images
- open a link or an article inside a lightbox window!
- link your slides to a menu item
- translate the description and labels to whatever language you need
- batch upload images with only ONE click!
- create UNLIMITED number of slides and publish UNLIMITED number of modules / plugins on your page / site!
- set the folder to be scanned for pictures, set a global link and that's it! You instantly have a slick rotator
- set round corners for the slide show and play with a few nice transitions

Put some motion in your Joomla powered site with Smart Flash Header.

Product has been tested and works with Joomla! 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5 / 3.0

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Reviews: 5
Great extension. Without any hassle, complications or problems to configure, Smart Flash Header enhances any site with elegance and professional style. Nice effects, speed and stability make this extension a great addition to one's arsenal of site enhancement.
All the extensions from Projoom, I bought the pro-package, are great, professional looking, and easy to setup. Projoom is Joomla extensions at their finest!
Thanks Projoom
It seems lots of people are commenting on the great support from the team at Projoom, but I haven't had any problems or difficulties installing their extensions. All is straight forward install and configuration. Great extensions.
Even though I'm not using all of them at this moment, buying the Mega-pack was a great investment, reasonably priced, it offers the right tools for an eye catching website.
Reviews: 15
I was looking throughout all the picture slide extensions to have a nice header inside of a module for a Website that needed to have rotating promotions. I had trouble with most of them. This one works right out of the box. Excellent job! Thanks
Reviews: 4
I love this extension! And I got great service from ProJoom. They were personally involved to make sure it was installed and operational.

Highly recommended!!
Reviews: 1
The guys over at projoom struck a homerun with this one, and not only did they do that, the extension is well documented with fast and friendly support. It has been a pleasure doing business and look forward to finding out what projoom has in store for the future.
Reviews: 9
I am fairly new to the Joomla world so when I saw this module I was a little hesitant to purchase it because I didn’t know how difficult it was going to be to get the awesome results I saw in the demo.

I purchased the module and within 10 minutes I was able to install it, configure it and make it live on my site. I was also very impressed by the rollover help in the Admin area…they clearly explained what each parameter did.

I could go on and on about how impressed I am with my purchase and the overall professional feel of this company, but instead I will some it up with one word…AWESOME!!!
Reviews: 1
This is a must have for a website that has many banners, it is fully customizable and there are many options and tweaks that you could do!.

I like how they many options for the layout, with that being said means if you check out the demos there is tons of variety how you would want to present the pictures.
Reviews: 1
It doesn't take long to see Joomla Smart Header is at the head of the pack in providing a well put together flash application. It has multiple flash features that will help it keep its value years to come and that's saying a lot in the tech industry. It integrates in to the Joomla application flawlessly and if you have questions tech support gets back to you promptly. I must rate this product a Joomla Consumer's must have of the day.
Reviews: 3
I already tried most of the free extensions but none offer as many advantages as this. Intuitive interface, easy to use and amazing results.
Recommended! A++
Reviews: 2
I've bought and installed this component just recently and I was impressed how it worked on my site. It looked perfectly awesome, no flaws, professional looking transitions, etc. I would definitely recommend this one to those who look for a cool and lightweight flash header using images. This great product is absolutely worth the price. Kudos to the developers!
Reviews: 4
I have search for a great tool for pictures in de header of in the content or in an module. This one those it all. Quick to install and great te work with.
Reviews: 2
The rotator has an amazing effect. My client has been satisfied by this great, smooth and beautiful module. I put 5 stars for three reasons :
1. You can see online demo on the website
2. The support is professional and reactive
3. The module is easy to set up
4. You have an account ont the projoom's website where you can find the upgrades very easyly

In one word, one of my best purchase for a joomla module.
Reviews: 1
Thank you very much for the great product. Its by far the best
Reviews: 2
Another exellent thing that ease a web-maker`s life. ProJoom has good and flexible modules that fit perfecktly om any site. Support is quick and accurate. I love them!
Reviews: 4
I tried a couple of other solutions to the simple rotating header that I needed and for one reason or another they did not work with the site's structure... I purchased Smart Flash Header and it worked like a charm... no conflicts... easy to manage.

Reviews: 1
It was easy to configure and very powerful. It had all the functions that I was looking for.
Reviews: 1
This is a great component/module, i had been spent a lot of time
thinking how integrate flash dynamically in joomla, and this component gave me the best solution,
with Good transition effects.
i love it
Reviews: 5
This is a great component. I got a few other projoom components and to me this is by absolute far the best and most useful. It is easy to set and the instructions on their site, albeit not perfect, is enough to get anyone started.
Reviews: 3
I'm a newbie to templates. I purchased this excellent extension, and it was a pleasure dealing with support both prior and after the sale. They went above and beyond for me, even making some template changes for some special customizations I wanted within minutes. I wanted to make an extra donation because theses guys put out a top notch product along with a willingness to help. They wouldn't accept it, stating that my special needs only took a few minutes. We need more guys like you in the JED.

This product was exactly what I was looking for. The free ones don't do what this one does. It was well worth the little bit of money they were asking for it. I will definitely continue being a customer.
Reviews: 15
The first thing I noticed upon installation was that the images displayed a lot quicker than an alternate flash component I was using. It worked straight out of the box and was well worth the minimal fee for purchase. I highly recommend this module for any Joomla website.
Reviews: 11
This my second Projom product and I am happy with them. I used a different product that was given me JS conflicts then decided to switch to Smart Flash Header. I am glad I did buy Smart Flash Header. Their support is excellent, period-
All together, I gave them a perfect score.
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