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This is not another flash header! It's a smart, slick and easy to configure header, picture rotator, banner, you name it.

Adjustable for any size, this extension is loaded with smart settings to play with, motion blur effect and intelligent rotator based on the length of description. You don't have to adjust the time each picture will change. Smart Flash Header will do it for you.

Version 3 is now available. The most advanced image rotator for Joomla! has been improved, again!

Enjoy the new version for Joomla 2.5 and the unique features that has been added.

If you're tired about the limitations of other image rotators, try Smart Flash Header. You won't build another website without it!

The latest version comes with round corners, JoomFish!, Country Access, SmartPublish, Schedule and 4 lightbox engines support!

Smart Flash Header just got smarter!

It has 5 transitions to choose from, horizontal and vertical movement, 2 extra buttons for navigation, round corners and UTF8 support.
The slides can be paused and each can link to another page or site.

A smart component, module and plugin are included. You can batch upload your images and apply smart sorting options.

Major features :
- publish different categories on different menu items without duplicating the module using the SmartPublish feature!
- display different images based on the visitor country using the Country Access feature
- schedule by date up to 5 categories and show different images
- open a link or an article inside a lightbox window!
- link your slides to a menu item
- translate the description and labels to whatever language you need
- batch upload images with only ONE click!
- create UNLIMITED number of slides and publish UNLIMITED number of modules / plugins on your page / site!
- set the folder to be scanned for pictures, set a global link and that's it! You instantly have a slick rotator
- set round corners for the slide show and play with a few nice transitions

Put some motion in your Joomla powered site with Smart Flash Header.

Product has been tested and works with Joomla! 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5 / 3.0

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Reviews: 46
This component/module brings a site to life.
Really fast to setup.
Easy to use, Looks fantastic.
Clients love it.
Good transition effects.
full 10/10
Good Job Projoom, another awesome extension.
Reviews: 1
Great extension. Easy to use and at the same time very powerful.
Very professional and quick support!
Reviews: 12
5 stars for this extension. Easy to install, easy to work with, even for a newbie non-programmer like me. No bugs, no fuss and worked the first time. Support is great too and they always answer their emails.
Reviews: 4
the front end is fantastic, very slick and professional.

but what really really (REALLY!) annoy me are those pre-entered comments that keep recurring. Yes, I know you can go in and tweak some file to have it removed, but one should not have to!

Also, the knowledge base (if you can call it that) on the homepage consist of 2 questions.

When you download the component, you don't get any documentation.

So generally its a great piece, but documentation is not up to par with other components...

Yes, I know there are videos somewhere. just add a txt file with the zip and i would be much happier...
Owner's reply

No file needs to be edited. That demo data can be removed with a simple switch that obviously you have missed.
The Knowledge is organized into different categories and contains an answer to all your reported annoyances, not to mention the answer to "Where is the documentation?" which is the 2nd article in the list.
Once again, we have a support form. Please use it instead of reporting here things that even a child can deal with.

Reviews: 2
Very nice extension with very fast support via e-mail. The bad news is the UTF support is the weakest link of this product. The font used in UTF improved mode is nasty. :(
Owner's reply

Several practical solutions were offered to this particular client in order to accomadate his request for using non-standard character sets with embedded font types, given the inherit limitations in dealing with unsupported character sets alongside web standard fonts. Solutions included implementing the character set with highly popular fonts such such as Tahoma, Verdana, and Arial, which is used by countless websites and applications across the web, deemed appealing by a countless number of web users. Ultimately, the client was unsatisfied and their stubborn and unwavering demands would have required us to modify global web standards, which due to obvious reasons we can not do.

Reviews: 1
I've now used Smart Flash Header on several client websites. When I started using it last Spring I was a Joomla newbie. I needed a liitle help and it came very fast. Of course their videos answer 99% of the questions anyway. The one thing that has really impressed me is the continued implementation of new features. The tool I initial bought was very good - but what they have now is awesome. I highly recommend this extension if you want to show off images in a banner area.
Reviews: 11
If you want an amazing flash header, then you must get this. It's amazing what it can do and so simple to use. I love PROJOOM products. Never have an issue with installation of any of their extensions. They're just great and as you can tell I'm a huge fan. KEEP EM' COMING!
Reviews: 1
Installs really easily. I don't have any skills in template design, but the ProJoom guys were more than happy to modify my template to make it work.

Absolutely fantastic support with very fast response.

Reviews: 1
I've spent days looking for something that did exactly what this little extension does. The transition effects really pleases my customer. I encountered a small problem in the beginning, but it was easily resolved after I contacted the developer and he responded quickly and promptly to my question.

I love this extension! Thanks for putting it together!

Rated A+++++++++++
Reviews: 1
I have been looking for a great image rotators that were flexible and easy to operate. After trying many different options (mostly free), I tried this one. It has exceeded my expectations and I had it up and running in no time without any problems whatsoever.

It's definitely worth the price you'll pay. No need to look further. If you are thinking about getting this, do it because you won't regret it.

Has great options too. Great support!
Reviews: 1
Phenomenal component!
Worth every penny spent

Great documentation
Great vid tutorial
Reviews: 1
Smart Flash Header is just what I needed. Easy to install, fast in deployment, gives great results. Everything I wanted is included! It saved me a lot of time.
Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 5
I recently bought a bundle of all the projoom extensions, and they are great!

At first, I had trouble integrating SFH in my website so i contacted the support and they were amazing! They responded quickly and helped me solve my problem within a day!

These extensions are, yes, commercial, but you won't regret paying for them! They're not that pricey, they're easy to use and very good looking! Worth every penny!

Thanks Projoom!
Reviews: 3
Looked at many image rotators and this looks the best in my opinion. Works well and easy to set up.
Reviews: 1
this is really a great product with a perfect support behind. I was simple trying to add the Smart Flash Header in my template header as I got some questions. The ProJoom team answered immediately and solved all my problems! I'm highly pleased with my buying descision (5+).
Reviews: 2
This product works perfectly and seamlessly. Documentation is helpful, and when additional questions arise, I've received IMMEDIATE customer support. Their helpfulness sets an incredible standard in the development world.....
I've purchased both Smart Flash Header and the MP3 player--both quality products; I'll definitely be utilizing more of their modules!
Reviews: 2
I saw Smart Flash Header on a website and after viewing the demos on ProJoom's website, I decided to purchase the MegaPack. So far I have used most and all are excellent. I had a couple questions and got immediate support. Thanks for great products at an excellent price!
Reviews: 5
Fast response from the developer even on New Years Eve. Everything works great right out of the box. And as expected. They have lots of documentation and if you are ever in doubt as to what a particular component setting does you can just hover over it. This is a keeper and I recommend it.
Reviews: 1
I've been scouring around for a flash slideshow for Joomla that would solve a content problem for a project I am working on and I must say that this package tops it all!!
What impressed me was the fantastic help I received from the product development team. I had difficulty making a purchase and they were so so gracious and helpful. A rarity these days.
That aside, its worth every cent and then some more!!
Keep up the great work guys!
Reviews: 8
This is a great Flash Header Solution. Flexible enough to look great, powerful enough to sway customers to make a purchase. I love this extension. I made a noob type mistake in my config, and support help me fixed it right away! So excellent component, great support, what else could you ask for?
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