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Pro Perfect Karousel ComponentModule

The perfect addition to any Joomla! site, this powerful extension is easy to use, flexible and slick. It is loaded with more than 80 options, customizable in almost every aspect.

Tweaking its look and feel has never been easier, using your template as a background or a picture of your choice. Use it to describe and professionally exhibit your products, as a picture gallery, a team presentation, and much more.

Supports auto navigation, button navigation and can operate in presentation mode or gallery mode.
Buttons and backgrounds can easily be changed with the included options.

With the management component you can now build categories and add as many slides as you want, sort, filter, batch upload images and more.

*** 80+ options
*** 9 button sets included
*** supports custom backgrounds
*** flexible in size
*** accepts HTML as description
*** very customizable
*** JoomFish! support
*** 4 modes of embeding (error free)
*** 3 operation modes ( carousel, gallery, rotator )

Product has been tested and works with Joomla! 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5

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Reviews: 4
OK, this is an extension to pay, but not expensive for what it provides.
There is not much to add to comments already posted, but:
Hello, I am a photographer so demanding in terms of images.
I use PPK for several months, first with Joomla! 1.7 and now with 2.5.1. There has been no problem with the update. You are warned of an updated version in the backend of the module.
The ProPerfectKarousel is a fully adjustable extension to your needs, whether in size, location, color and other. The rendered is amazing and your pictures take on another dimension. Excellent for presenting a topic or make a gallery or a menu.
In addition the team is really responsive and very effective. They always find the solution and quickly respond to your emails. A big thank you to all the team and particularly David who helped me on several occasions during the past holiday season (I made a mistake). I highly recommend this extension as the expertise of ProJoom. I give it full marks, five stars, knowingly ...
You can follow these links if you want to see the result:
You can also go into these categories:
Illustration > Expositions de REZA,
Illustration>Exposition de REZA > "Une terre, une famille",
Webpartenariat/Contacts > Développeurs d'extensions Joomla!
Reviews: 1
I ordered the Pro Perfect Karousel from these guys and had a bit of a problem setting it up. It wasn't something wrong with the extension, it was just me lol. I emailed support and got a very fast response and my problem was solved faster than I could complain about it :P. I definitely recommend any of their extensions for any Joomla site (personal or commercial).
Reviews: 3
This is a really cool extension. It is easy to set up and generates a really stunning 3D full motion display with hyperlinked images and lots of special effects options.
Reviews: 2
Have most of their things now, and not disappointed once... not expensive and works professional. Just what any web-maker needs...
Reviews: 2
I am what you would call technically challenged, had on HTML or CSS experience; in fact did not have a clue what PHP meant , thought an Apache handler was the ground crew for a helicopter. Then I found Joomla and was n seventh heaven. Till I looked around and saw all the great Components and modules, some free some to buy. I of course went for the free one’s first but found something missing; the sites looked ok but no great shakes. I try some of the “ to buy” one’s and again was disappointed because half I could not get to work and the other half worked but not as nicely as on the demo sites. This was until I found PROJOOM, these guys are the best ever, not only did they know what they are doing, but knew off the bat where my problems are and how to fix it. What really impressed me though was their patience. If you have ever heard the saying going the extra mile these guys knows what that means and they do. WELL DONE guys anything purchased from PROJOOM is money well spent.
Reviews: 1
This comp is well written and easy to navigate. I am happy with the ease of use, GUI and how the final product looks. Recommended to those who want flash, but aren't Adobe Flash Guru's.
Reviews: 1
I am very happy with this extension, I was able to install, configure and change it's design to match the rest of the website very quickly.

The Module Parameters are extensive and allow the changing of both layout and behavior, it didn't take long before I was able to customize the module just as I wanted it to be. I had to do a bit of trial and error until I figured out what everything does, of course I could have read the documentation or watched some video tutorials (that are available) but the extension was easy enough to use without them.

I had some problems with the purchase due to the fact that I made some mistakes in the purchasing process. I sent an email to the support address and got a reply almost instantly, my problem was fixed very fast and I got to download and use the extension in minutes.

Overall the extension did what it promised it would without giving me any trouble.
Reviews: 2
This extension is fantastic, very configurable. Easy to make changes, easy to install. Customer service was incredible. They really do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Reviews: 1
I needed just what this claimed to offer. I splurged on faith and I was not dissapointed. Great video instruction, even for a relative newbie. The result is fantastic, or at least, past my original expectations considering my skill level. Well worth the small charge. It delivers. Hope they will continue to support this. I dont really know how you can make it better though... I'll leave that to their creative minds...