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GoboSlide Module

★ Premium Slideshow ★
A super easy and slick module to present your images on your joomla site as a slideshow or image rotator. Just choose your images, add an individual url-link and set the size.

- Up to 10 different slides.
- Set border
- Set width and height
- Set the time between slides.
- Individual URLs for each slide.
- No conflict jQuery/Mootools
- No Flash ( works great with iPad / iPhone )

Now updated with duration of the slides.

**Support Our team : Please Please If you like our Extension then Vote for us , our Developing team need your supports so please give your valuable time for voting. Thanks in Advance.

Thanks for your time.

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Reviews: 9
In short:
- Dropdowns for the image names, can only choose from main image directory, not from subdirectories
- No module class suffix field

=> Pretty much impossible to integrate in any Joomla website with a more than basic structure and tmplate.

Tested with J!3.2.0
Reviews: 1
I was searching a slider where i can add individual link in an individual image and finally i got it. Thanks to Goboslide team. only one difficulties that i can't change default image directory, hope you will notice on it. Thanks
Reviews: 1
This is a nice and simple slider. I took the time to register to compliment it. One simple suggestion would be to allow the user to select the target for each image. It defaults to blank. In my case all I needed were internal links so I made a simple change in the php file and changed _blank to _parent.
Reviews: 2
I have been using another image rotator module in the past, but now I needed the possibility to assign individual hyperlinks to each image, and GoboSlide was the best solution I found. Easy to install and use.

I would have given it an "Excellent" rating if there would be a possibility to select the directory where the images are stored, instead of having to use the fixed images/stories directory. This is a feature that I really miss. Apart from that: great job, and thank you for sharing it!
Reviews: 1
I like what has been done here :
- simple setup
- it works as described
- multiple modules on the same page are allowed

the only thing I regret :
png files with transparency are not processed the best way, you can see the previous slide under the displayed transparent one
Owner's reply

Hi and thanks for the review.

And I will look in to the png-issue. I see clearly how that can be usefull.

thx agian!

Reviews: 1
Add the Random order function will be perfect!
Owner's reply

a nice idea. And we have looked into that and will put that in a future release.

Thx again!

Reviews: 2
This is just wonderful plugin i have ever seen. Also your site has a ton of really good plugins & modules. Thank you.
Owner's reply

Hi Swapnil,
thanks alot for the review.
Its almost to good. You could think thatwe wrote it. :)

Thanks again!

Reviews: 4
I like your module, just missed a thing, a chance to change the border color and choose the folder where has the images.
Thank you and congratulations
Owner's reply

Hi Gustavo,
and thaks for your review.
The color (and the size) of the border has been added to the GoboSlide Pro-version. The folder-choice is also a good idea. We will try to put that into a future release.

Thx again!

Reviews: 1
Looks like it is on it's way to be a good extension. Would be nice to be able to edit tooltip text in module BE, maybe a universal text field, and/or possiblity to turn tool tip off completely. Would also be nice to be able to turn off slide link requirement too. Not always needed. Option to load all images from a given folder would be the last request. I think with a few tweaks it could be a nice rotator with a lot of functionality.
Owner's reply

Hi Bkmjed,
I have listened to you and all the other opinions here and made a GoboSlidePro. Its available at
I have all the features you wrote, except "random image” and choice the image folder. I will work on those when it’s possible. Thanks for all the wonderful input.

Reviews: 3
I really like this module, works great. The main thing I have to say about it is my drop down menu selections from the top nav ended up being hidden behind the module and therefore could not be selected. I would prefer to have this module in the #1 position, but am settling for the #2 position due to this.
Is there something I can do so the menu items are on top (in front) of the module?
Reviews: 7
I had to adjust my css style on my site to adjust the slideshow to match my visual style but the trouble was worth!!
Reviews: 3
Very simple and useful! Works great with no problems or errors. I hope that you upgrade this module with ability to describe each picture. Great job !
Owner's reply

Hi Tomec,
Thanks for your review!

And good idea to be able to descibe each image, it's now added to the GoboSlide Pro(available at our site). We will put some of these "new" upgrades in the free version as well.

Reviews: 1
The best free slide show rotator out there!
10-images-slider with selectable transition time, definable frame size and frame width. Excellent over all! The only drawback is the limitation to 10 slides. It might seem like too little for certain uses. If 20 or 30 where available, it would be even better. Unfortunately I'm no good at programming so I can't do anything about it, but looking at the php and the xml, it seem like it would be fairly "easy" to add another 10 or 20 images, option. Tobias, are you up for an update?
If so,I'll be more than glad to donatate 5 €. It would be worth every cent!
Good job!
Reviews: 5
Thank you for that plug and play module...
Reviews: 6
A nice and easy extension!
Simple to install!

Minus 1 point: The rotate speed is not adjustable. (Is mailed to admin)

All the rest is.... more than perfect!

Owner's reply

Hi Ichtus,
the GoboSlide is now updated and contains the ability to set the rotation speed. Thanks for your input and the review.