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Simple Spotlight Module

Simple spotlight is a jQuery image rotator with navigation. You can have up to 20 images with links. You can turn off the navigation and choose between 27 effects for transition. It also has 5 button styles and a shadow effect.

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Reviews: 2
it has the signs of a good work. Polished, simple to configure and intuitive. Still, I haven't managed to make it work yet. some of the images don't load. (maybe it's some conflict with gantry or something...) and I've seen a lot of people with the same problem.
Owner's reply

Rather than leave a 1 star review, you could ask for help first. Bringing down our rating is not very fair when you didn't even try. There are solutions already in place on our forum for making it work with Gantry's smart loader. It is sad to see people get stuff for free, not even try then leave poor reviews....

Reviews: 1
This extension is FREE (which is a plus) but it is also heplful and easy to use.
It can be used as a gallery/slideshow but you can also use it as a rotator for banners (advertising) in specific areas of your website.

You don't need any programing/coding knowledge and you can set it up in just a few minutes. I never write reviews, but I had to do it this time. This extension is GREAT!!
Reviews: 1
Flash doesn't work on mobiles. This is very useful extension replacing Flash.
Reviews: 2
Have tried others. Nothing is as clear, simple and as functional as this tool.
Reviews: 9
This image rotator is absolutely amazing, works perfect, I tested it in FFox, IE and Chrome, and it does the job. Thank you very much and keep doing this amazing work!
Reviews: 11
Just like everyone else has said, this is a great module. It is super easy to use and works exactly like it should. I end up using it on most of the sites I work on.

Thumbs up!
Reviews: 4
I can't get over how easy it is to install and configure. Runs perfectly. A must have.
Reviews: 14
Simple and awesome!
I was struggling with banner component and then I found this.
Excellent! Thanks for this great extension!
Cheers from Brazil
Lucas Selbach
Reviews: 4
Worked excellently the first time I tried. Easy to configure and use, and works well with the modules anywhere plugin.

Changes seem to take a while to replicate before they show. After you've changed a setting, go take a 5 minute break before checking.
Reviews: 4
Only took a few minutes for a newb such as myself to set this up. Plenty of options but straightforward to configure how you want it. The only tweak I would like are 'radar buttons' on the image so the user can select the image/item they want rather than wait/scroll
Reviews: 3
It is EXTREMELY simple to use, works in all browsers and installs like a dream. I reccommend this when you need a simple, quick solution ;)
Reviews: 1
Simple, effective and great execution. The fact that it is simple should not mislead you. It is very powerful and provides a slew of options no one else does. Great transitions choices and look. Great job and thanks for providing that for free the rest of us!
Reviews: 9
I have been using this module on my old Joomla 1.5 sites so when I upgraded I need a module that would not mess up the site.

After trying a lot of modules that use javascript, mootools & jquery, I decided to forget about how to work around all the conflicts and just use ONE module to cover the whole site.

Forget about the Banner Component, Forget about banner rotators, forget about paying money and then waste a week fixing a conflict.

This module is all you need as it can be linked to any page,
opening to the same window or a new window, you can set the images to move in all directions because this module has many controls for speed, transition, and size
This a very powerful and useful module to use.

Works straight from the box and it's FREE.
Reviews: 4
Just what is needed from an image rotator to be. Easy to set up and works fine.
Reviews: 4
Excellent, every extension from this developer is ... (what should i say ...)
great and ...
thanks a lot
Reviews: 7
I love this plugin. I once went through dozens to stumble upon an older version of this one, and then again today for 2.5. Not sure why I wasted time looking elsewhere.

Everything from this developer is always excellent, this proves to be no different.
Reviews: 1
Awesome slideshow, lightweight and fast.
Just remove the "px" in the "img" tags so it can validate.
Reviews: 1
Easy to install. Photo gallery is allows up to 20 photos. Gallery has opts to appear on several pages, but the extenstion does not allow mulitple albums it only allow for one album.
Reviews: 4
Install was very easy and setting it up!
Perfect support ! a minor problem i had with centering it, but was solved by their support very fast !
Highly recommended !
Reviews: 30
I've tried quite a few image galleries and slideshows in the past few years. The QUALITY of this mod was very evident.

First of all, it worked! I'm leery of anything with javascript, mootools or jquery because they can mess up a site unless the developer really knows what he's doing.

This module has many controls for speed, transition, and size, PLUS you can add links for each image and specify whether they open in the same window or a new window. You can even turn off specific images (you don't have to have all of them running.) To have so much CONTROL over each slide makes this a very powerful module.

Also, I didn't have any problems with size or placement. It looked amazing from the moment I turned it on.

Thank you, Thank you!
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