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Simple Spotlight Module

Simple spotlight is a jQuery image rotator with navigation. You can have up to 20 images with links. You can turn off the navigation and choose between 27 effects for transition. It also has 5 button styles and a shadow effect.

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Reviews: 1
What can I say? Is free, is easy to use, is beautiful, is creative, it WOW, as of now the best I have ever used.
Reviews: 9
A very nice module with some nice effects but as far as I can determine it doesnt show the transparency when using .png graphcs, other than that thanks for coding this for free.
Owner's reply

It does show transparent png files correctly, but they will only work with certain transitions due to the way the transitions work. You will need to test different settings until you get the desired results.

Reviews: 4
The extension is easy to implement, and allows the end user (my customer) to update settings through the back end. Previously, this customer had an image rotator that required template changes every time the wanted to change the image. This made the process much simpler. I had a minor CSS problem after installation, but - as noted by others - Dan provided fantastic support and got me up and running. I will *absolutely* be using more extensions from these folks.
Reviews: 35
i m giving excellent rating for this because of the nice transitions... however i noticed there is a shadow that gave me some hard time to find... in mod_ppc_simple_spotlight.php line 107... this should be placed in the css... however perfect job guys!!!
Reviews: 1
very good module - perfect for sliding images, very easy to use- only thing which could be better: allow to show a text to the current image (shown on website)
Reviews: 1
Module looks great, installs without problem and has all the features you could want in a rotating banner.

I did have a slight issue with image displacement in a certain module position. However, once I submitted a ticket, Dan (the developer) got back to me almost immediately and spent about an hour fixing the issue(s) for me. I have never had such good support from a developer and I commend him for his unmitigated generosity.

The banner now looks great and works perfectly.

Fantastic module. Flawless operation. Amazing support - there is nothing else you could want. I would highly recommend it! Thank you PPC and Dan!
Reviews: 5
One of the best I've tried. Free to download, easy to install & configure, no compatibility problem like many other javascript based modules. Excelent! One thing I'd like to see in the next update is ability to switch off "link URL" per image. Overall, it's pretty cool! Thanks! :-)
Reviews: 1
It's free
It works
5 starts from me
short resume. Each image need to be linked separately, but they can all have different links from them.
Reviews: 18
This module is just great! It does what promised, A+++ / All positive words...
Reviews: 4
This is the best Banner Rotator that i've ever found and i'm not looking any further.. So flexible and easily blends with most if not all joomla templates, after it worked well on my other site i was inspired to develop a new website just so that i can place this module on the header part and its making miracles i tell you..
Reviews: 2
Had no trouble installing and configuring this extension. Works really well. I've been looking for several days and this one is just what I was looking for!
Reviews: 8
After downloading the Simple Spot light to use on a client site, I just could not get it to work :-(

I contacted the support guys who responded super quick and sorted the issues I was having, nothing to do with the module I have to add! Dan was kind enough to take the time to visit the backend and fix my code for me.

I use quite a few of Pixel Points extensions and am never disappointed!

Classy extensions and fantastic support - faultless in my opinion.
Reviews: 1
I was searching for a rotator which i could tuck away in menu box.
Besides me wanting to show people multiple images sliding away, i also wanted people to be able to click an image and send them to an online location which is different for each image projected. Portfolio type slide.

All rotators i could find did not meet my demands, some had pretty cool imga changers some just faded out and in. Most of available downloads had something to do with image headers, i wasn't looking for those

After having installed a few rotators is was ready to give up the idea of having this kind of a portfolio on my site.

Then i found this nice mod, all pro's no con's as far as i could see. And it is now slideding away happely in a menu box in the corner of my site.

Developer good job with this product.
*thumbs up*
Reviews: 3
Great, simple component. Very lightweight, didn't bog down the site or conflict with anything else.

Reviews: 1
This is the first image rotator (that I've found so far) that is compatible with other rotator modules. Plus.. If you need two image rotators on your site (same page) this module allows to do so, without overriding the secondary rotator! - cheers -
Owner's reply

Thanks for the nice review. Having more than one on a page is possible, yes, but only if you don't use the navigation buttons. If you use the buttons, they will control all rotators.

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