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Art Feature Carousel Popular Module

Art Feature Carousel is Free Image rotator and slider for Joomla!


* Free Image slider/rotator for Joomla!
* Easy to configure
* Images can have description and/or link
* Supports major browsers: IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.
* Great solution to present products/images to your visitors
* Can show images in a lightbox - supports 3 popular lightbox extensions:
- Art Sexy Lightbox:
- Art Colorbox:
- Art Pretty Photo:

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Reviews: 5
Nice, simple and easy to install. Very quick support. Thanks again!!!
Reviews: 3
My first ever Joomla extension and I love it. The forum is extremely helpful for a beginner like me - I managed to solve all my issues by reading the answers to questions already posted. I'm delighted with how the carousel looks on my site.
Reviews: 1
Does the job and does it well. Easy to customize through CSS. Good support. Good work!
Reviews: 2
Excellent work. Works perfectly, no hassle download and easy to modify the CSS.

What's not to love about this?
Reviews: 2
Does exactly as it says. But the support is what has stood out, thanks so much for the personal service, very happy!
Reviews: 2
This is an excellent extension. I had a few installation problems (my own making), but when I posted my issues on the forum, I not only got almost instantaneous response, but direct personal help as well. I had about 4 direct email responses within 1 hour - just EXCEPTIONAL !
Reviews: 12
Thank you for this fantastic module
It really does what it says

At the beginning I found a conflict problem but on the site of the editor I found a non conflict version which I installed and it worked like a charm

Thank you a lot
Reviews: 1
A straightforward and simple module, perfect for displaying photos in a sleek fashion.

Also - Excellent customer service. When I had issues with display, the folks at Artetics went in through the backend of my site and made prompt and effective adjustments.

An enthusiastic 7 thumbs up for this module!
Reviews: 2
This was a surprise for me, to finally find a photo gallery that works easily and with no bags and issues to correct. I am new to Joomla and I had a very hard time to find a module with no need for changes... This is the one, it easy to install, it looks great and it works fine, you should try it!
Reviews: 2
easy to install, easy to configure (just make sure you know the path to your images), and best of all
**excellent** support. Posted an issue or two to their forum and replies were almost immediate. Highly recommended--in fact, looking to purchase another couple modules here in a bit.
Reviews: 6
Another excellent product from artetics. Everyone of them has worked terrifically, and the support team have been most accomodating - assisting with tweaks, or in some cases even adding features. Art Carousel works great and adds a beautiful dynamic image show with considerable "wow!"
Reviews: 1
Fantastic Module, Fantastic Support. I had a conflict and they helped me thank you! It only took 15 minutes of my time

100% recommended don't wait just download!
Reviews: 8
This module is fantastic! I had a slight issue with a conflict which they sorted out for me without question!

Highly highly highly recommended!

Reviews: 3
This module conflict with mootools scripts in my template. But this could be fixed by adding this script " jQuery.noConflict(); " (no qoutes) just before in mod_artfeaturecarousel.php and then change the sign $ to "jQuery" (no qoutes) in jquery.featureCarousel.js

Thanks for this Great Module .....
Reviews: 1
A good module which is exactly what I was looking for. Even better is that the support offered me help where changes was needed for the module in my site. Since I'm not a developer their willingness and response was great.
Reviews: 1
I was able to customize this module pretty nicely by adding a gradient in the css (featureCarousel.css) and adjusting a few figures in the javascript (jquery.featureCarousel.js)and it came out looking pretty awesome on my site. Also the support was EXCELLENT, they were incredibly patient and helpful through all of my emailing with them and pointed out exactly what I need to customize the module. For a free Carousel, I think this is the best one I've seen.
Reviews: 1
I'm using this module and it's works perfectly now. I made some mistakes, but I got really quick help on Saturday!

Thanks a lot!

That was perfect help for me. And this is a perfect module.
Reviews: 1
This is a nice crisp/clean carousel slider that makes you website look great! I had a small problem with mods overriding each other and the Customer Service at Artetics took care of it right away. Thanks for the great mod!
Reviews: 1
Great extension! Easy to get it to work, Noob-Friendly! and with an auto-slide!

You can change background and dimensions from featureCarousel.css at modules folder.

Reviews: 97
The Carousel effect is very good. But, there is no parameter to set the display area size, it just streched out to its hard-coded size.

If this module has a pre-set and unchangeable size, why not tell us which size should the images have? So that we can upload the images in the most suitable size.

Another problem is, though I set it to show 6 images, there are always 4 images: left, center, right and behind center. Yes, it can play those 6 images one after one, but why I can't count 6 on the Carousel?
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