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ARI Cloud Carousel Popular Module

New version of the module is available. It is compatible with Joomla! 3.0.

ARI Cloud Carousel module based on Cloud Carousel jQuery plugin and provides possibility to create pretty 3D image carousel based on images from specific folder(s). Main features:

* Accurate 3D perspective;
* No flash. Pure javascript and CSS;
* Optional auto reflections - no need to modify your images or add server code;
* Can sort images by file name, modified date or in random order;
* Supports mouse navigation;
* Provide ability to create your own themes;
* Show loading panel till images are loaded;
* Supports auto generating of thumbnails;
* Can start slideshow automatically;
* Supports possibility to show images titles, descriptions
and define redirect links which you can define in INI file;
* Provides ability to create multi-language descriptions;
* Provides possibility to define link target: self window, parent window, new window or top window;
* Header and footer text can be specified;
* Can be integrated with different lightbox extensions:

   ARI Sexy Lightbox -
   ARI Colorbox -
   ARI Pretty Photo -
   ARI Fancybox -
   Ninja Shadowbox plugin
   Core Joomla! lightbox

* Works in all modern browsers.

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Reviews: 3
I wanted a module which could speed up the website and keep it lean of photo bloating download problems. SEO fast loading pages with compact and easy display for a photographer. This module is going to have a hard life with many pictures so it has to be good.

I tried some of the others and they all simply looked bad with few options.

The new website is a rush job after another hosting supplier had a crash on their servers. It's a WordPress to Joomla+EasyBlog conversion.

Everything works well and then we hit the problem of what to do with the photos under real life editing. This module solves the problem for me.

I would like one feature: integration into EasyBlog. Each blog entry can be associated with a directory perhaps by the ID number of the blog. The photos can then be picked-up by a sub-directory of the images folder.

I could then just say to the photographer: Go populate your associated media blog sub-directory and the photo display will just work in the module position you want in the blog.

I may well code this myself but I would like any such code to be feed back in to this module.

The is a total dream to implement for almost any level of Joomla novice. I do develop my own plugin modules and can appreciate the quality.

Many thanks for GPL on this module.
Reviews: 1
Hi Guys,

The module is simply excellent and the developer support is more than excellent and you get a response in miniutes when you drop them an email and they are really very nice guys and helpfull.

I would personnaly recommand this
Reviews: 6
I've been able to style it to feet all my nedds, but there is only one little thing : if the INI file could be integrated into de administrator area, it would be perfect. Thanks fo this great module.
Reviews: 33
This extension took some time and effort in order to get the best from it but it really is worth the effort.

Once I worked out how the various settings work and the numbers that relate to them, the module did exactly what I wanted. The ability to add a background image is also useful and the amount of control is impressive.

However, the very basic instructions are helpful to get started but they don't offer much help with the finer points which is a pity - a brief manual would make it much more appealing.

For instance, the INI file holding titles, descriptions and links must be in the same folder as the images - there are no instruictions for this. Similarly the speed is set between 0 and 0.3 whereas the numbers relating to offset and radius are in (?) pixels so you need to keep this in mind when positioning the carousel since they default to 0 for automatic setting.

This extension has huge potential and it is good to have such an extension that doesn't use Flash, especially now that websites are starting to leant towards handheld devices - Android etc.

I give this full marks because it does exactly what it claims and it works :-)
Reviews: 2
This is a wonderful module. I want to limit the use of flash on my website and it's perfect. But I would be perfectly pleased if the module could display in a vertical way... But anyway, it works perfectly (even in IE6...)
Reviews: 1
Great Product and Great Support THANKS ARI !!!
Reviews: 3
Very nice extension.

Lot´s of options, and a very good look working sweet!
Thank you.. ARI ;)
Reviews: 2
I use multiple modules of ARI-soft - this is one of them. They work great - fast and highly customizable via CSS rules!
Moreover, outstanding, fast support - even in weekends! Certainly worth looking into!
Reviews: 5
This is a fantastic module. It takes a little understanding of all the parameters you can set, but their tech support is fast, patient, and wonderful. I don't mind having to learn something if I have an willing teacher, and with ARI-soft I do. I have now gone on to purchase their Sexy Slideshow so I can put images behind the carousel. Could have used a free one, but wanted to put some money in the pocket of this developer. Kudos!
Reviews: 1
It is so easy to use, no hidden features, no extensive customizations, no logos or watermarks so the module looks crystal clean on your webpage. Congratulations to Ari cloud carousel team.
Reviews: 1
This is a great product!!!!!

i installed the module with no troubles at all..

i had a few questions and ARI was on top the it.. there was no question that went unanswered.

the support is AA++++++ people pay big money for this kind of response and support..

i would not hesitate to buy anything ARI puts out!!!!

Great Product and Great Support THANKS ARI.

Reviews: 1
It's what you expect for a module. Completely straight forward, install and use it! Lots of parameters to make it work the way you want

And their support is simply amazing! Got my issue fixed in minutes.

Definitely my choice from now on!
Reviews: 2
Iam from Germany -> Service = Wasteland !!

I take some Products from Ari Soft and have some problems with it.
There Help is wonderful and the Software is excellent.
Before I have never seen that Support is so quickly and so good. After a few Minutes my Problems are blowing in the Wind.
ARI SOFT...ever and ever again!!!!!!!!!!
Greetings from Hamburg - Germany
Reviews: 1
excellent module. brilliant customer service. These guys are hungry for success and they deserve it!
Reviews: 1
This is one of the best extensions and I strongly recommend to all. Their support Second to NONE! Thank You!
Reviews: 1
I am really pleased with this extension. It does everything is promises and is a real eye catcher for my clients. Not only that, but the level and speed of help is remarkable. I got help even on a Sunday afternoon. How about that for service. This is a really cool and efficient device for displaying pics. I can thoroughly recommend it.
Reviews: 5
Installation was piece of cake and for linkin other modules to this one, I get great help from the helpdesk. Thanks again!!!
Reviews: 6
Very elegant module!
easy to install, easy to use.

thanks a alot
Reviews: 1
This plug-in worked first time, sat the same in Chrome, I.E., Firefox, Safari and Opera and was flexible enough to make all the changes I need to get it to fit it with my website.

I had a problem and contacted ARI. They responded VERY quickly and sorted the issue.

Highly recommend this plug-in AND the developer!
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent extension that really adds top class style to a website. And the support from ARI is superb. I needed to tweak the extension slightly for my own needs, and had an updated version back from ARI support, that included the changes I needed, within an hour. These guys cannot be faulted, best support I have ever known.
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